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Saturday, January 7, 2017

2017 - Wheel of Fortune Year

We've emerged from the cocoon of the Hermit year, and now it's time to come out and get involved with the cycles of life again in a Wheel of Fortune year. 

Did you see what happened when we all did our Hermit dance? Some nasty little surprises came at the end of the year to shock us into conscious thinking and bring us back to life...

So here we are, on the precipice of a new year full of all the optimism and  promise this time typically brings. 2017 is a Wheel of Fortune year. Some are saying it's a Magician year because 10 breaks down further to 1, and that's cool for them. I'm more of a full majors kinda gal so here we are. 

What kind of energy does a Wheel of Fortune year have? Pretty groovy on the whole. Lots of opportunities for expansion (it is ruled by Jupiter after all) and new horizons being presented to you. 

I think globally 2017 could be a tipping point for a lot of future growth and movement ~ the seeds of new direction will be sowed, principally because we have seen what complacence can lead to (Donald Trump election anyone???) Contrary forces are being set in motion ~ the rise and popularity of harmful leaders and their ideologies is leading to the protest movement, and conscious awakening, against it. Think also of the Standing Rock situation ~ good old fashioned colonial capitalism taken down by the power of spiritually aware people (I know that's simplifying the situation, but you know what I mean) Be involved, be awake, move, just remember not to bring baggage and burdens with you. 

Movement and growth are also big themes in a Wheel of Fortune year. It's likely there'll be changes of job, residence, relationship status in a 10 Tarot card year ~ being Wheel of Fortune energy, even if the changes are shitty at first, the end result will take you to something better. 

New opportunities and options will also become available to you ~ woo hoo! Started some projects in the last couple of years that never really got moving? The Wheel will turn this year to get some major traction on these with some pretty groovy results, and it's also a great time to start new stuff too. There's also some recognition for your awesomeness coming this year too, and it will probably be more public then private so be comfy with that. You may find yourself flying high and wide this year. Soar you magnificent creature! 

2017 will also be a fabbo year for educational pursuits to expend your mind and broaden your horizons. Get learning! 

You may find a lot of things, physically, mentally, emotionally and karmic-ally, will be coming back into your life this year as a result of processes that started long ago. 

A Wheel of Fortune year is generally a fortunate one with growth and opportunity arising from both the shit and the sugar that life has to offer. Opportunities, new horizons, they keep life interesting. It's the soul's nature to want to evolve from time to time, so follow that. New directions are possible with this expansion and the new knowledge you'll be gaining from all your wide and varied experiences this year. If you pay attention of course ~ gather experiences from all areas of life and mold them into future prospects. This is the kind of stuff that keeps life interesting. Change and new perspectives are hallmarks of a Wheel of Fortune year. 

No ruts this year please ~ avoid that shit, it just keeps you stuck and you're better then that. Avoid getting bogged down, especially if you feel the walls closing in on you. The world doesn't stop turning and you shouldn't either. This year is a great chance to do things differently then you normally would, break free of old patterns because new ones can be so brilliant, especially in a Wheel of Fortune year. 

A Wheel of Fortune year is not a year to be critical or inflexible. Stretch those life experience muscles! Be open to taking more risks, trying new things, actually taking the opportunities that come your way, being flexible, abundance...all that good shit. 

Happy New Year Full Mooners. 

Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 - Year of the Hermit

In numerology, 2016 is a 9 year, and in the Tarot, that means 2016 is the year of the Hermit. 

The sterotypical image of a Hermit is someone binging on Netflix and pizza surrounded by 36 cats. Not so with the Tarot's Hermit. It's not a card of loneliness, it's a card of wholeness, of the maturity to be alone and comfortable in that space, to find fullfilment with yourSelf rather the depend on external validation. And after the energy we've just had with the Strength year, Netflix and chill doesn't sound like a bad idea. 

A Hermit year is a year of introspection, recharging, withdrawing from much of the world for a purpose but extending invitations to those close in your circle to stay with you, a year of reflection and completing of cycles, finding the freedom to draw outside the lines, getting close to nature and getting jiggy with the shaman within. 

Study and learning is also a big part of a Hermit year, and most likely the study will be either on your own or with a single teacher/mentor/guide, be it in person, through books or online. Watch and learn from examples not talk; someone walking the walk is much more authentic and important then a glitzy talker. 

You'll find this year that cycles will require completing - 9 is the last of the root numbers so any projects or cycles you've had going for the last couple of years need to be wrapped up in this Hermit year to avoid having unnecessary baggage follow you into your Hanged Man year. It's time this year to reconnect with long term goals.

Over the course of this Hermit year you may find yourself craving solitude, or feeling isolated. It might prove to be a pain in the arse to get together with friends and family, everyone's going to be busy, or moving, or working, or something that prevents get togethers. But you'll also find that you quite enjoy your "me" time. Alternatively this may be the year that sees your exploring your world on your own, being quite content to just get on a bus or train and become a tourist in your own city, or taking holidays on your own and hanging out with your awesome self. Go to a movie on your own and laugh out loud at everything you find funny - it's oddly liberating. 

Hermit is ruled by Virgo, so this year will see you working hard to prepare for the future - just don't forget that prudence can become over-cautiousness, persistence can become obstinacy and wisdom can become sanctimoniousness. 

There will be quite a lot of introspection over this Hermit year, reflecting on where you've been, the lessons you've learned, where you're going. The Hermit's lamp has been interpreted by Tarot peeps over the years as either the light of your own soul/heart or the light from the Star in the 17th Major Arcana card, the Star, and whichever it is, you're using it to light your way - what's illuminating your path? You are moving towards the light, to what your soul needs. You're lighting your own path and choosing a future direction based on past learnings. You're choosing what you will and will not allow in and work with. Embrace the energy of the Hermit in 2016 by lighting your lamp and walking your path - look into the dark corners and alleyways and see what's waiting to be illummated. 

Do the work. Be brilliant. 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Samhain Flooding and other sentimental shit

Here in Bris-Vegas we have just had some of the worst flooding in years caused by some kind of intense low that is still creating havoc down south. 

And I got stuck right in the middle of it on my way home from my muggle job. It took me 7 hours to get home. I drove through flood waters because the only way was forward, I stalled my car when the engine flooded, I made crying, screaming, swearing phone calls to my wife. And honestly, my beloved Full Mooners, I was seriously worried that this was The End. 5 people died in these floods, and for a short while I wondered if I was going to be one of them, the weather was that wild and the conditions so treacherous. I was not just scared guys - I was Fucking Terrified. 

After I got through what I now refer to as the Gauntlet of Water Near-Death, I was stopped for four hours at North Lakes, where we waited for the waters to recede enough in any direction for us to move forward. Or sideways, any way really. 

It was the most peaceful four hours I've had in a long time. The car was turned off, the rain had stopped, it was dark and it was quiet. 

6 of Swords - what Brisbane's roads looked like yesterday 

Down Under we had celebrated the holiday Samhain the day before. For me, it is not a celebration of the dead, only because I am incredibly fortunate that I have lost very few people in my life and I don't have much knowledge of my ancestry (I only know that my family has firmly entrenched Irish roots) but rather, it is the spiritual New Year, and marks the beginning of the underworld journey that will culminate in the Winter. For me, it is the going down of the Sun and the beginning of withdrawal, new learnings and germination. 

Those four hours waiting for a road to become clear became a physical Long Night of the Soul, something I haven't done in too long. Well played universe. Instead of being impatient and panicky, I was calm because I was on a hill and the water wasn't rising, I was safe, warm and dry. So I decided to go within and see what the time that was being given to me would bring. 

And it brought up some pretty cool, but hard, truths and breakthroughs. 

It was not just the practical stuff like having a plan for the next time this happens (it's Brisbane, there will be a next time, our infrastructure has been totally fucked since the 2011 floods) but really deep shit I have been holding on to that is, like the cliche says, holding me back. 

Like my attachment to work and money. 

Work is just work. I'm not a life saving heart surgeon, I'm an office monkey. A really freaking funny and efficient office monkey, but, it is what it is. I'm so addicted to the idea that I need to prove myself to be hard working and indispensable that I show up no matter what, and this time it cost me. Next time it could be worse, so the next instance that sees a warning of these weather conditions - I'm taking an annual leave day and honouring myself and my safety. 

And money, you arsehole. I let you have such a hold over me. I let myself be defined by the lack I perceive myself to have, and to resent anything that cost money, like car services, physio, groceries, and severely limited the purchase of luxury items like books and clothes because it took me away from "my money" What a stupid notion, what a limited and Four of Pentacles mentality. You know what happens to the guy in the Four of Pentacles? He ends up a miserable miser with nothing but his precious treasure chest, and it doesn't make him happy anyway. I'm heading for a Four of Pentacles life and I really fucking hate that. You know, I've been really falling in love with bone reading, and found two highly recommended books - and promptly got the shits because the shipping from Amazin costs as much as the books. My attachment and attitude to money has to change - it's just money. It's just an exchange. If there's not a lot but I have a rich life, am I really broke? Nah. Not likely. 

I always knew how much I love the special peeps in my life - my wife, my sisters, my few but very close and wonderful friends. But I honestly didn't think I meant as much to them as they did to me. Last night they stayed up late, refusing to go to bed until they knew I was safe. That's pretty fucking special. And it's not egotistical to honour that truth.  

And there's so much I want to learn and delve into, and I keep telling myself I have not got the time, the money, blah blah blah. Bollocks to that, it's time to dive into this stuff and expend myself. I truly feel that time has come. 

All this from being stuck in a flood. I'm not normally one for confessional journal type entries but this really affected me. 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

So you want to date a Court Card...

I'm not normally a fan of Valentine's Day, but it got me thinking this year - what would dating in the Tarot world look like? Then of course, my one track mind went to the question of What would making sweet sweet love look like in the Tarot world? 

I know, burning questions that haunt us all. Fear not, Full Mooners, I have pondered this, and maybe fantasised a little, and come up with a theory on how to take any of the Kings or Queens from the Tarot Court on a date and a little more...

Grab a glass of wine, some choccies and be prepared to get comfy with the Courts...

The King of Cups
This is the man of romantic gestures. He likes to send lots of "Just want you to know I'm thinking of you" texts, maybe even write a poem or two. He's a sweet, dreamy romantic guy, and can be a bit of a brooder too. The King of Cups can be emotionally intense, so if you rebuff him, he can get sooky but if you're into each other, he will pamper you for hours on end, simply because he wants to see you enjoy yourself. On your date, expect star gazing, soul searching talks, lots of 'soulmate connections' made early on. If ever there was a court card who would propose Dharma and Greg style, it would be the King of Cups. 
This King views sex as a spiritual connection, so expect lots of foreplay and a slow glorious session of love making in a conventional setting like a warm fluffy bed, followed by lots of loving, clean pillow talk afterwards. 
Literary equivalents: Mr Bingley (Pride and Prejudice), Noah (The Notebook), Sir Lancelot, Dawson Keary (Dawson's Creek) Aidan Shaw (Sex and the City) Lloyd Dobler (Say Anything), Romeo Montague

The King of Pentacles 
This is the King who will take you to a lovely, cosy, expensive restaurant, buy you exotic flowers from a rare flower shop and gift you a small box of luxurious chocolates. You will be spoiled. This is a man who works hard, earns lots of money and loves material things - and needs to see these things valued and appreciated. So please do fawn over all he's doing for you if you want a second date. 
In the bedroom, the King of Pentacles is conventional but will take command. He'll rent a cabin in the woods, set a fire, make love on the bearskin rug then wake you up with a champagne breakfast. He doesn't mind taking a few risks and doing a few out there things but they have to be sensual and not completely "out there"  - feathers, food, but nothing too outrageous. 
Literary equivalents: Mr Darcy (Pride and Prejudice), Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby), George Tucker (Hart of Dixie), Mr Big (Sex and the City), Edward Lewis (Pretty Woman), Logan Echolls (Veronica Mars) 

The King of Wands 
This man is a showboat - he loves making grand gestures, but only in public and only for the attention he gets. The King of Wands is a risk taker, an adventurer who loves surprising his date, so expect a dawn wake up call telling you to get dressed because you're about to go bungee jumping or sky diving. 
In the bedroom, this King needs razzle dazzle and big sparks - he needs excitement and even a bit of a challenge. Play hard to get, then blow his mind with your wild imagination (think toys, karma sutra and role play) and you will have a brilliant time. 
Literary equivalents: Han Solo (Star Wars), Rhett Butler (Gone with the Wind), Don Draper (Mad Men), Tristian Ludlow (Legends of the Fall), Pacey Witter (Dawson's Creek), Wade Kinsella (Hart of Dixie) 

The King of Swords 
Oh this guy. It's all about 2 things for the King of Swords - conquest and domination. He is intelligent, cunning and quite masculine. You won't get any mushy romantic gestures with this guy, but you will get a man of stunning intellect & humour who will expand your world through new cultural experiences, stimulating debate and some high class wowery. 
In bed it will be all about him - this is the guy with mirrors on the ceiling. The King of Swords will be the dominant partner, and he won't be alone. He will have a range of toys and equipment, his own little Red Room, all to enhance the experience for both of you. You'll get yours but he will also get his. 
Literary equivalents: Dorian Gray, Don Juan, Dickie Greenleaf (The Talented Mr Ripley), Christian Grey, Eric Northman (True Blood) 

The Queen of Cups 
This woman is the epitome of femininity - beautiful, emotional, receptive, gentile. She's easy going when she she's happy - so as long as you're making a fuss of her and provide a fantasy date for her where she's the Queen, she will be content and a second date will be yours. This Queen prizes beauty and emotional fulfilment from her partner, but she also loves the intuitive, dreamy side of life, so getting a reading or going to a new age event or retreat as one of your date activitys would be something she'd be into. 
Sex wise, this Queen needs to be the focus of your undivided attention, and her pleasure your only objective. She needs to feel beautiful and important. She loves gentle foreplay, silk sheets and tenderness. A sappy movie or poem will help. 
Literary equivalents: Jane Bennett (Pride and Prejudice), Adrian Pennino (Rocky), Amelie (Amelie), Clementine Kruczynski (Eternal Sunhine of the Spotless Mind) 

The Queen of Pentacles 
This Queen is a real Earth Mumma, and a woman who loves her surroundings, and that manifests in 1 of 2 ways - she's either a full blown hippie living in a yurt off the grid or she's a lady of the house who has made the most of what she has by creating a loving and beautiful home. Either environment is one she has created out of love and one in which you instantly feel grounded and content. Rather then go out, she would prefer to cook you a scrumptious meal surrounded by candles and incense. This Queen uses food and comfort to show her love. 
On the intimate side of things, the Queen of Pentacles is sensual, open but likes to take her time and doesn't share with just anyone. Because she's so earthy, an outdoor picnic leading to shenanigans is a big possibility. Most likely to get her going will be a nice, slow massage with fragrant oils - it takes her a while to warm up but once she gets going it's a sleepless night ahead. 
Literary examples: Marmee March (Little Women), Dorethea Brook (Middlemarch), Mary Poppins

The Queen of Wands 
This is a lady full of charm and fire - others follow her because she's so damn charismatic and awesome to be around. She's a headstrong woman who knows what she likes - but you'll be so smitten with this Queen you'll want what she wants, her enthusiasm is infectious. This Queen loves celebrations so make your first date something to treasure - go somewhere and do an activity that will mean something. Make a fuss, go out somewhere fancy and lovely, hire a limo, drink champers. Be spectacular and interesting and a little quirky to keep her attention. 
The Queen of Wands has a very healthy libido and a lot of energy, so don't slack off. She isn't shy about what she wants and loves spice and variety so don't be surprised if a costume or some kinky toys make an appearance. She is very adventurous and not easily shocked - you won't be bored with a Queen of Wands in your bed, 
Literary equivalents: Lizzie Bennett (Pride and Prejudice), Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables), Princess Leia (Star Wars), Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones), Beatrice (Mich Ado About Nothing) 

The Queen of Swords 
This woman is intelligent, cultured and refined, and has a brilliant bullshit detector - you will have to be genuinely interesting and on the same level as her to keep her interest. You will win her through her mind first - she's not into cheesy romance. Take her to a play, an art or museum exhibit, or a philosophy lecture, than have a brilliant conversation about it while having a nice meal out. 
In the bedroom, this lady is the Boss and don't you forget it! She's the leather and chains kind of lady, she loves taking a walk on the wild side. Dirty talk gets her in the mood and she is anything but conventional in bed. Follow her lead...she'll probably give you one. 
Literary equivalents: Elphaba (Wicked), Lisbeth Salander (Girl with the Dragon Tattooo), Karen Blixen (Out of Africa), Ollivia Pope (Scandal) 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 - The Year of the Lion

Whenever a new year ticks over, I use it as an opportunity to take a peek at the energies that are coming up. 

The card for 2015 is Strength, the 8th card in the Major Arcana (2+0+1+5=8) For some, 8 represents Justice and Strength is card 11. The way I was taught and still use the Majors, I have Strength at 8 and Justice at 11. It's just the way I roll. 

I love it when Strength appears in a reading, it's such a powerful card. It's a fiery energy ruled by Leo, so you know it's about confidence, self awareness and figuring out how to be damn fabulous on the inside and outside. 

I always see the Strength card as one that denotes a coming into of Self, someone who is learning to stand in their own power and assert it without aggressiveness. Strength isn't a brutal energy; interestingly, it's actually quite innocent and compassionate. It's an energy that demands you learn to love yourself, have compassion for yourself and integrate with your shadow. Look at all that you are - your brilliant side, your dark side, your animal side - this is the year to acknowledge it and make them an active part of you. 

A Strength year is a year of shedding your skin to become who you really are. It's a transformative year that allows you to explore what inspires passion, creativity, excitement, lust for life and while we're at it, just plain old lust. Why not? 

There will be a lot of re-assessing who and what you're about. There will be no "shoulds" in a Strength year. None of this "I should be more this, less that, should do this, should wear that, should eat this, should be that" - that shit isn't going to fly this year. 

A Strength year is also a year that will see you learn to direct your inner strength and wildness and foster your own personal power. Again, this isn't an agressive show of power, it's more about confidence and assurity in yourself and being able to stand in that with conviction. It's a year where you will figure out how to live with passion while still being able to be at peace - passion doesn't always have to be chaotic. 

The Strength year is one in which there will be more power in the gentle touch then with rage and furious action. 

Have a fabulous Strength year in 2015 Full Mooners. 

If you're thinking of taking a peek at what the new year has in store for you, for the month of January I've got a special running on specialised New Years readings. Email me at tarafullmoontarot@gmail.com for more info 


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 ~ Year of the Chariot

Chariot ~ Deck Unknown

Another new year, another bout of introspection ~ how did I spend 2013? What can I change in 2014? As I’ve grown older (not quite sure if I’ve grown wiser though) I’ve decided new years resolutions are bullshit, but I’m not adverse to having a look at how the year could be shaping up using my beloved Tarot. Something I like to do is have a general look at the year ahead by looking at the energy for the year. This year it’s time for the Chariot, as 2014 breaks down to 7. Take that mathemagicians!

2013 was the year of the Lovers, a year in which you would have examined a lot of aspects in your life and the relationships you have with people, places and things (put succinctly) A lot of decisions would have been made regarding several important parts of your life; your relationship to Self, your significant other, family, friends, your relationship to your work and your relationship to your health and your body would have been among the more important “stuff” that came up for you in 2013. And now, with 2014 being the Year of the Chariot, you will find yourself much more able to move forwards with some of the decisions you made.
The Chariot year is the year to focus on your goals, harness your energy and make significant progress forward with your life. No more standing still and waiting for “fate” to make things happen for you ~ you are the driver in this here Chariot and you decide where to go.

Chariot Morgan Greer Tarot
The Chariot is number 7 in the Major Arcana, and this is the number of magic and initiation. This year is the year to take your abilities to the next level! No more plateaus, no more acceptance of “this is where I am and that's cool”, it's time to step it up. Of course, it won’t always be smooth sailing ~ I always see initiation as a difficult but incredibly enlightening and rewarding time. When you’re undertaking an initiation, taking yourself and your abilities to the next level of anything, it is challenging. You have to challenge your perceptions of yourself and what you can and can’t do ~ stretch your limits and go to places you didn’t think you could. You could be pleasantly surprised! When we embark on true initiation and change, our lives are altered and challenged, and different aspects of our lives come into focus and often contend with one another. One of the foundations of Chariot energy is the ability to harness conflicting or contesting areas of life and bring them together to create a cohesive direction.

In a Chariot year, true mastery of Self starts with working on self-control and self-discipline, so expect issues around same to crop up for you and test you. You’ll find that giving your instincts and emotions free reign isn’t doing you any favours in the long run, merely just temporary satisfaction(and let's be honest, sometimes a good vent feels pretty spectacular) It can lead to you eventually having some kind of breakdown or accident ~ which is not so good.

If you give yourself a goal/s and have a definite direction in which to move, you will find your Chariot year has a lot of meaning. I feel the need to say here that while direction and focus are valuable and necessary in a Chariot year, do be prepared to be adaptable while following your path. Chariot is ruled by Cancer, a water sign, and is often depicted in decks as having moons on his shoulders. Water is an element that flows with the rhythms of life but maintains a steady direction (water that stays still goes stagnant, and it’s both impractical to your growth and really gross) and the Moon is an entity that is always in our sky, but ever changing.
The Chariot year is also about creating and asserting your identity in the world. Branch out, be your funky self with no shame and let the world know you are fantastic. You can’t expect to be noticed if you’re blending into the background. Do beware of riding the Ego Train to the last station of Arrogant Arsehole though.

Chariot - Mystic Dreamer Tarot
As you start moving into the fabulosity that is you, you may find that some fundamental things about your appearance change ~ you may start wearing clothes that more reflect your ambitions or the direction in which your life is headed (for example, you may start wearing expensive suits to the office to show you’re keen to move up the management chain, or you may start wearing a lot more tye dye to reflect your new hippie lifestyle) While these kinds of changes reflect who you are they can also be a suit of armour to hide behind ~ be wary of the latter. Don't allow the outer to protect the inner to the point where you're cold and aloof to those around you, or you become a caricature of what you're working hard to achieve.

Quite often, travel and moving is heralded by the Chariot, so be on the lookout for more travel opportunities and the possibility of moving. Travel doesn’t always mean huge overseas trips either, you may be taking more weekends away or doing more domestic interstate travelling. Travel is a really good way to broaden your horizons and experience new things so don’t be afraid to embrace these kinds of opportunities.
A Chariot year is challenging and moving and pretty transformational. It will see you moving both literally and figuratively, and you should start seeing more of your awesome self come to realisation. Decide who you are and where you're going and be sure to enjoy yourself ~ it's going to be quite a ride!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

30 Day Tarot Challenge ~ final day! Yay!

So here we are, at the end of a 30 Day challenge that took just a little longer then 30 Days...mwahahahaDon't judge me ~ these reality tv shows won't watch themselves you know! Let's get into it my loves...

26. Have you ever regretted a particular reading, either for yourself or another?I have regretted elements of some of my earlier readings. When I was first starting to read for people other then my teddy bears, I was incredibly anxious that I shouldn't give bad news and I shouldn't have people leave their time with me with anything other then a great feeling and positive outlook. Sometimes I would see something I knew the person I was reading for didn't want to hear, and would ignore it in the hope that it would go away. I began to realise I was shortchanging both the querant and myself and started to read everything I saw. I felt much better as a result and I think that has allowed me to grow and develop. I'm proud that I have the confidence to tell what I'm seeing and can work with the reading to give an empowering message to whomever I'm reading for. 

27. Do you have a special time and/or place that you use your Tarot? If so, do you reserve the deck specifically for that purpose?Shit no, I don't hold my decks on a pedestal. I take care of my decks, and I love and respect them as valued friends. I have a tarot reading table that I use and store my working decks on, but I'm not one of those readers that can only harness my intuition at certain times or needs certain conditions/set ups. You won't see me losing my mind if a customer comes a little early and I haven't set up my 50 crystals and candles on my table yet (I've seen it happen and it isn't pretty) One of my favorite places to read at is a pub in Southbank and a cafe down the road from me. My decks and I work together wherever we're needed. We're tight. 

28. Does anyone you know not agree with your Tarot practices?In terms of other tarot readers and students, I'm sure there are, and that's fine. If this wasn't the case I would be incredibly surprised. I think tarot and other divinatory arts are as individual and unique as we are so there will be people who think I am too crass, too honest, too "common", too something something something, and I can live with that. In terms of people in my life that don't agree, I know there are, and I keep that part of myself separate from them. The end of the world isn't any closer for my reading tarot against the preferences of people I know. 

29. Do you have a Tarot mentor? Who are they (in relation to you) and how do they inspire you?I don't have an active, in person mentor at the moment, but I do consider a lot of the people in the Tarot world whose blogs and Facebook pages I follow and whose books I love to be mentors of a sort. I am inspired by the people in the Tarot world who are unashamedly themselves and who actively look to be challenged by Tarot not to master it. Those whose curiosity leads them and those who follow into some amazing territory. 

30. Do you practice any other forms of divination? If so, what is it, and do you use them alongside the Tarot as to gain more information and insight or as something separate entirely?I have been looking at expanding my readings to include more modalities. I love studying alternative forms of divination because it is a world that fascinates me. I've started studying Lenormand, which is a form of French cartomancy that is incredibly direct, but I'm not mastering it as fast as I would like (I'm a Triple Leo with a Sagittarius rising...perfectionism is kinda my thing!) I have also started working with Witches Runes, and I find they are really good at complementing Tarot readings by answering questions that may not have been as well covered by the querant as they would have liked. These too are quite direct and I just love them. I have also started using Crone Stones, which are simply stunning. I am finding that they are particularly effective for spiritual readings. Witches Runes and Crone Stones are definitely a part of my "toolbox" now. I am hoping to add the Lenormand in time. 
BONUS: If you could create one card to add to your deck, what would it be called and what would the card’s meaning be?In a hint of what's to come in the next year for me, I would add the Barefoot Gypsy, a magickal soul who is a nomad of spirit treading lightly on the Earth. Someone who hears the call of her nature and isn't afraid to answer.Her life is on her terms, for better or for worse.