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Monday, May 3, 2010

Samhain Down Under

What an amazing Samhain we have had Down Under! I was privileged enough to be part of a beautiful ritual held at the glorious Lady C's house where the energies of the people and the sabbat were hard at work creating an otherworld sacred space.

I was also privileged to witness one of my best friends make her dedication to the Morrigan. Such a beautiful verse, I was honoured to be there to watch you make that vow.

And on the subject of vows...I also re-dedicated to my own patron Goddess, Hecate. I took my inspiration for my dedication from several different places and just "mashed it up" so to speak.

Dedication to Hecate

Hecate, radiant ancient Queen,
You are the Maiden who gives strength, courage and freedom
You are the Mother who brings love and life
You are the Crone, the Dark Mother, Queen of the world of spirits, Guardian of the crossroads, Carrier of Wisdom, Lady of the Wild Beasts, Keeper of the Keys
A light in the darkness with torches held high,
You are the mysterious Queen with hounds by your side,
You are the Goddess who knows your way in the realm of spirits, who has dominion over Earth, Sea and Sky
All the secret powers of nature are at your command
You are justice, death, vengeance, wisdom
I honour you Hecate, and am conscious of you each day in my life.
The flame to guide, the flame to purge, walk at my side yet with shadows merge,
Illuminate the path to my hidden soul.
Hecate, Hecate, holding the key, guarding the gateway inside of me
Beautiful Maiden, Mother, Crone
tearing away blood, sinew and bone
Rip out what's decaying and holding me back
Hecate, mother, sister, friend, I follow your ways and the wisdom you lend
I am your daughter; I am your priestess
Join me in this rite tonight, guide me, show me new paths, inspire my life, share with me your wisdom, hear my call.
Hail Hecate!

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