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Monday, June 14, 2010

A Tale of Two High Priestesses

“Trust your intuition,” the High priestess urges us,” trust your inner voice, open yourself to your dreams and imagination and become aware of a larger realty.”

The High Priestess is the guardian of the unconscious and is the feminine, inactive balance to the active masculine Magician. She is a passive well of wisdom & knowledge with a deep understanding of the inner mysteries, a magickal power of stillness and depth.

When she appears to you in a reading, she is challenging you to go deeper, look beyond the surface to see what is hidden or obscure. The High Priestess comes forward to remind you of your vast potential ~ that you hold unlimited possibilities within yourself. This is the time to use your intuition to connect to the deeper mysteries within yourself, in stillness through quiet contemplation, meditation and study. This is the time to use your dreams and intuition as a gateway to hidden wisdom. She is urging you to go deeper into yourself to further your spiritual development.

The High Priestess has always been my favourite card ~ I am only ever tempted to buy a new deck if I feel connected to the High Priestess card. In my first (and still most frequently used) deck, the Rider-Waite/Smith deck, the High Priestess is seated before a gateway concealed by a thin veil, holding the Tora (hidden knowledge) in her arms and flanked by either side by the pillars of Jachin and Boaz, representing the catabolic and anabolic forces of life ~ the Goddess/Universe/Lifeforce in her/it’s destructive and creative forms. She is the picture of serene wisdom and knowledge, the patient teacher waiting for her student to come to her. She has knowledge to impart, but only to those who seek her out. Her power is passive, but undeniable. She is confident in her power, but does not have to assert it, nor does she seek out her students. If you want her wisdom you have to seek it!

In stark contrast to this is the High Priestess from the Druidcraft deck, a beautiful deck I have started working with. In this deck, the High Priestess, rather then sitting patiently as the perfect sculpture of inactive wisdom, is standing at the entrance to the realm of inner wisdom, the Otherworld and the unconcious, arms upraised and standing completely in her own power, in a trance of ecstasy drawing down the power of the moon and the Earth. There is no doubting the magick in this woman’s being, nor the wisdom represented by her book of shadows on the altar before her. Her power is internal, channelling the power of the Goddess, the Moon and her altar; she is guided by the soundless voice, looks on only that which is invisible and wants you to realise that you are the Temple to your own mystery and initiation into the deeper wisdom. Her passivity is strong and fertile, and demonstrates the power of reflection and depth. She is so much more active then most traditional High Priestesses ~ she actively stands in your way, almost daring you to find your stillness, build your Temple inside and take hold of your passive power. Traditional High Priestesses are normally sitting in a cave, underground or in a room, waiting for their students to seek them out, whereas the Druidcraft High Priestess blocks your path to the Gateway, challenging you to find your depth ~ you can not ignore this lady!

I love the High Priestess because she encourages us to find the inner mystery of ourselves, to uncover all the hidden knowledge of past lifetimes, this lifetime, the world we live in, the spiritual path we follow. She encourages us, empowers us and always believes in our vast potential ~ something we ourselves often fail to do. Her lesson to us is to always seek, always remember the passive power of stillness and meditation, and to always reach the depths within ourselves.

High Priestess Spread
Card 1 & 2 ~ This is what lies beneath the surface, something that is beginning to become clear to you; a truth, a lesson.
Card 3 & 4 ~ This is what lies deep and hidden ~ you may just be touching upon this in your spiritual journey, most likely this is so deep and hidden that you have not yet touched upon this, but it is a lesson or truth that is waiting for you.
Card 5 ~ the Ultimate truth you are to learn in this time of your spiritual journey.


3 4

1 2

Learning the Tarot ~ by Joan Bunning
The Idiot’s Guide to Tarot ~ Arlene Tognetti and Lisa Lenard
The Druidcraft Tarot ~ Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm

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