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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Tarot Thought for Imbolc

Rider Waite-Smith

Samhain and Yule are incredibly emotional, transformative times that see our spirits delve to the depths our of souls, find our true selves and rest in the womb of the Mother, waiting for the time when we can come back up to the light of the world and start living the plans and promises we made while resting in the darkness.

Imbolc is the time when the seeds of our plans start to bud and reach to the light from the womb of the Mother we have been laying in through the darker months ~ it literally means “in the belly” because our souls are starting to stir with the planting of these seeds, and these stirrings can be felt all around by those who have a strong intuition.

Are you inspired toward a new creative path, be it artistic, spiritual or entrepreneurial? This could be because after this time of dark introspection, of vulnerability and genuflecting, you are starting to see the world so differently that it inspires you to create or do something different. A new idea of how to live or where to take your life may have dawned during the dark months ~ take a chance, reach for the stars and let yourself shine!Your horizons have been broadened and the promise, fulfillment and inspiration filling you now can neither be denied nor hidden! You are realizing a new strength that stimulates you to higher levels.
Druidcraft Tarot

What will you make of what is inspiring you?

A beautiful tarot card to meditate on during Imbolc is The Star. Throughout this peice are The Star cards from the Rider-Waite/Smith, Tarot of Dreams, Legacy of the Divine Tarot and Druidcraft Tarot decks. What immediately comes to mind when you see any of these images?

Behold the woman at the center of these images ~ isn't she a glorious child of Goddess (just like you)? She is naked, which is to be in your natural state and facing the world as you truly are with no artiface, being stripped bare, and all of the water and fresh green vital Earth around her symbolise the spiritual emergence and healing that is taking place for you now. The water also symbolises your emotions and the tears that have been shed during this emotional time and the gifts that you are pouring into the collective unconcious.

The Star is bringing you pleasure in nature, intuition and hope. For the darker months that have just proceeded, many of us have been on a journey that has been very emotional, opened up soul wounds and spent a lot of time with our shadow selves. Such journeys can be incredibly draining and the Star promises healing and hope.
Tarot of Dreams

Turn your eyes heavenward and bask in the light of the Star for it is the Goddess letting you know that she loves and believes in you. This is a time for the calm and healing power of the Goddess and Water to enter your life ~ it didn't leave you during the dark months but now you are open to this on a deeper, inner, spiritual level. It is interesting to note that the Ancients viewed water as the manifestation of Goddess.

Trust and have confidence in the future. See the wonders that life has to offer. Take this time to heal and reach up from the dark, from the womb and get ready to re-join life again at Imbolc!

From the Druidcraft Tarot Workbook ~ the message of the Star is:

Inner and outer are connected in perfect harmony. All you need to do is to be.
Legacy of the Divine Tarot

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  1. Michelle GudmundssonSeptember 4, 2011 at 9:45 PM

    i feel like i'm getting my tarot done each week when i read these! i feel them resonate with me so much, it helps me understand my situation, current, past and future. So fulfilling!