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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Beauty of Beltane in Tarot

Beltane is a glorious time. It is on the opposite side of the Wheel to Samhain, the festival of darkness and death and balances this by being a celebration of fertility, sensuality, creativity and all living natural things. The veil between worlds is still thin but the energy is remarkably different. Rather then feasting with the dead and retreating within for solitary introspection, we are more likely to be frolicking with faeries and gathering with our clans for feasting and merriment.

One of the great gifts of the Goddess is the power of the Earth to grow and blossom for it is her body we live on and grow our food from, all creatures are part of Her and it is our job to protect and defend Her, tend to Her plants and animals, and to thoroughly enjoy the privilege of our existence on and with Her.

On Beltane, we also celebrate all the different kinds of human fertility and creativity. We give thanks for the power women and men have to make babies, to bring new people into the world. But people can create in other ways as well. When we paint pictures, make up songs, tell new stories, plant a garden, or cook a dinner, we take part in the fertility of the Goddess.

Beltane is also the time when we celebrate the joys of being alive. We give thanks for all the different kinds of pleasure our bodies give us, for without our bodies we couldn't see, hear, touch, taste, smell, run, dance, jump, sing or swim. Many adults celebrate sexual pleasure at Beltane. The good, loving feelings that people can give each other (or even to yourself ~ none of my business) with their bodies are special gifts of the God and Goddess. When we give each other (or ourselves!) love and pleasure, the whole Earth is pleased.

There are beautiful energies at work during Beltane. Three cards in the tarot that I love and believe display these wonderful energies are The Lovers, The Empress and the Two of Cups. There is also an amazing spread using the Major Arcana and Court Cards that can guide you with using the energies of Beltane for your growth.

The Lovers ~ Druidcraft Tarot
The Lovers
All Beltane celebrations celebrate love in all it's forms, as does the Lovers card in the tarot. The Lovers card is a virile, potent symbol of physical union and spiritual integration. Union is an urge so strong sometimes that in it's most powerful form it can take us outside of ourselves. The Lovers card represents the force that draws any two entities together in a relationship, be it people, ideas, events, moments or groups. Inspiration is all around you at all levels and you are in harmony with those around you. Your relationships are balanced.

Union occurs on two levels in the Lovers card of the Druidcraft tarot ~ there is the physical union between lovers (which applies to the experience of love for the same sex, opposite sex or both) and the union of the Divine Self (represented by the White Hind) the conscious and the unconscious.

Love is at the heart of life and at the heart of life is choice followed by surrender. To find fulfillment, purpose, meaning enlightenment, wisdom and our full worth as individuals, we need to go beyond the confines of our self, to surrender to something higher then yourself. When we experience love, you are open to something more then yourself, higher then yourself ~ true love opens us to the life and being of your lover ~ this lover could be a person, a creative project, a new spring garden ~ anything that takes you out of yourself and gives you union with the divine.

The Lovers ~ Mythic Tarot

The Lovers is also about choice. In the Druidcraft deck, the man and woman pictured have chosen to surrender themselves to each other. In many decks, such as the Mythic Tarot, one man is pictured with more than one woman, usually one a virgin, the other a temptress.

Taking into consideration the introspection that has been happening for many of us while we have been dwelling in our winter caves, the Lovers can represent your personal beliefs and the choices you have made and will now carry out. Following your own path can mean going against those who are urging you in a direction that is wrong for you while you are making choices and decisions for the highest good in your life.

At every moment we are making a choice. We make choices about who we are in a relationship with, what we do in our lives that gives us pleasure and joy ~ what choices have you started making to bring pleasure and union with the divine (as you experience it in this world)?

The Empress

The Lady ~ Druidcraft Tarot

The Empress is such a fitting tarot energy for Beltane, the festival of fertility, because the Empress herself is the archetypal Earth Mother who represents fertility with her pregnant belly, as well as nurturing and abundance. The Empress sits on her throne, the embodiment of Mother Nature and assures those within her realm that she can be of service to the Earth and humankind. Isn't that something as we, strong, beautiful sons and daughters of the God and Goddess, should make a principle to live by ~ after going through the introspection and hard, long inner work that comes with dwelling in the winter cave, we are ready to sit on that throne and rule our realms with the wise benevolence of the Empress.

The Empress and the High Priestess are two halves of the female archetype in the Major Arcana of the Tarot. The Empress represents the fertile, life giving Mother who reigns her realm, nature, and the rhythms of the Earth. From the Empress comes the joys and pleasures of the senses that we explore with the Lovers card. She encourages you to strengthen your connection to the natural world and its rhythms. There is no room for false pleasures here.

And yes, the Empress does represent Motherhood, but as she comes to us from the Major Arcana, she goes beyond the surface meaning of the Motherhood archetype to it's pure essence ~ the creation of life and it's nurturing through love and attention, always remembering that life is not just the creation of human life, but the life we give to our creative endeavors or other passions.

The Empress ~ Legacy of the Divine Tarot

The Empress asks you to embrace the principle of life and enjoy it thoroughly! You are blessed with abundance and fertility. Nature, sexuality and sensuality are not to be avoided as some in society preach, but to be enjoyed and respected. She shows us the flowering of our potential in the flora around her ~ this was touched on in the Star card from Imbolc. What was also touched on in the Star was the urge to bring your gifts into the world, and this is further shown in the pregnancy of the Empress.

The inner process of deepening and introspection of winter now bears fruit in creative projects, fulfilling passions and/or relationships. You may be living life through your feelings and sensuality rather then your intellect during Beltane, and isn't it fabulous? Liberating even?

The ultimate lesson of the Empress is to open yourself to the nurturing fertile power of the God and Goddess ~ this power will fill you with passion and a lust for life!

2 of Cups

2 of Cups ~ Druidcraft Tarot

As Beltane is a popular time for marriages, I couldn't go past the beautiful 2 of Cups to round off the energies of Beltane in tarot. The premise of the card is simple and universal throughout tarot decks of any creed ~ a beautiful union of commitment, sharing of feelings ~ the energy between the two are palpable, they almost jump off the card! The 2 of Cups shows the beauty and power that is created through union, be it inner or outer. The 2 of Cups entreats you to look for connections in your life ~ now is not the time to separate yourself from others. We had enough of that throughout our winter dreamtime! The 2 of Cups is about the power of love and how it brings opposites and polarities together ~ it may not necessarily be romantic love for there are all kinds of love that bind us in this life, but could be the union of people, groups, ideas or talents. Expect to feel strongly connected to others, to want to socialize and bond with the ones you love, even if there has been a falling out. Now is a time of reconciliation, within and without of yourself.

2 of Cups ~ Robin Wood Tarot

Something that people forget sometimes is that in order to love and be loved, we have to love ourselves. We can spend so much time and energy on outward pursuits and nurturing others and we forget to tend to our own needs. Think of it this way ~ when we are striving for self love, we are holding our inner nature in high esteem, and treat ourselves with respect. Those around can't help but follow stead with such an example!

The 2 of Cups says to pay attention to the moment, leave the past behind and be free to enjoy everything that comes your way beautiful sons and daughters of God and Goddess!

Beltane Spread

Here is a lovely spread that can help you realise the energies that surround you this Beltane and how to use them to their full potential. For this spread, you only need to use the Major Arcana and the Court Cards. Happy reading!!!
1          2

3                  4 

6        7          8

9        10       11

12           13 

Cards 1/2: Crossing at Beltane. Your general state of being and how it is expressed

Card 3: Major Inner Forces. What is moving in me right now

Card 4: Major Outer Forces. What is moving outside of me, outside forces in play

Card 5: Their Meeting. How these forces interact, how you deal with and express them

Cards 6,7 & 8: Joys and Challenges. Major tasks for this time of Beltane, issues that will come up and need to be dealt with

Cards 9, 10 & 11: Best tools. The skills you have or can develop in order to make the most of Beltane's opportunities

Cards12 & 13: The End of Beltane. Your general state of being at the end of Beltane and how it will be expressed.

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