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Sunday, December 19, 2010

What Next ~ The King of Cups

Last Saturday the tarot group I am part of had our last meeting for the year and decided to celebrate tarot style ~ by giving each other one card readings for the coming year.

It's evident that we live on the edge.

This was a big deal for us ~ this time last year we didn't think we would even make it this far, so we were ready to do something special for each other to reward the hard work and dedication our members displayed throughout the year just to keep the group going. And thus, the round robin one card readings were born! The premise is simple ~ we each drew one card from our own deck and went around the room discussing each card and what that card meant for the person we were reading for. The whole exercise took around 2 hours for a little more then a dozen people and was an incredibly interesting and validating experience. One thing I particularly love about our group is the variety of decks we all use ~ it is absolutely fascinating to see so many styles and mythologies represented in the cards.

One card readings are a lot more insightful then the name suggests. When you do a reading using only one card, you still get the insight that you would from a small spread ~ the challenge is for you to look deeper, immerse yourself in the symbols and colors and characters of the card in front of you. Quite often when we have a spread in front of us, we can skip over cards that we are not entirely comfortable with (and you know you have a few that make you say to yourself “Oh come on!) and focus on the cards that we “feel” more comfortable with, that speak to us more (we all have cards that we feel more at ease with) There is nowhere to hide with a one card reading!!

I like to have a good spread of cards myself ~ I particularly love the 10 card Celtic Cross or the 21 card Storyboard spread. I am one of those readers who loves to focus on the cards that speak to her rather then challenge her, definitely!!!

But in the last year, I have made an ongoing commitment to myself that I would challenge myself with my readings and the cards. So with this in mind I took on the challenge of the one card readings with relish!

In doing so, I have actually become a fan of the one card reading. One card really can bear incredible meaning and insight for someone, and when you look deeper into that card, so much more becomes available to you as the reader. You notice a lot more about that card then you would have had that card been part of a larger spread because you are forced to look at everything in that card ~ the colors, the characters and their actions, such as which way they are facing, how are they interacting with their environment, what that environment actually is from the general landscape to the little bird at the back or the tree in the distance. I will blog about this more extensively very soon as this is one of the most fascinating factors of the tarot world.

The card that I drew as my “What next?” card was the King of Cups.

Oh yes, a court card.

Court cards are among the most difficult for many tarot readers to interpret. Many of us make a face or scream internally when a court card appears in a reading. I plan on doing a blog on the tarot court in the near future as well, so watch this space!

I did groan to myself initially when the King appeared. How was I supposed to interpret a court card as my near future? But, in the spirit of embracing tarot challenges, I took this on with an open mind. And the results were quite surprising. It turns out the King of Cups had great deal to say about the immediate events that have been set in motion and are going to shape my new year.

The deck I primarily use is the Druidcraft Tarot. In my opinion, the court cards in the Druidcraft Tarot are so much more alive, active and articulate then the Rider-Waite/Smith deck. A king in the tarot court is supposed to represent the mastery of the element of his dominion, and for me, the King of Cups in Druidcraft is much more representative of this concept then the Rider-Waite/Smith deck. In the RWS deck, he seems to be floating aimlessly on top of a turbulent ocean and in some reproductions of the deck, almost looks slightly confused whereas in the Druidcraft the King is planted firmly on the rock in front of the ocean and not only is he steady, he is looking forward in the card (in fact, he is almost leaning out of his chair in anticipation), showing that he is looking forward to the future, which is definitely something that resonates with me at the moment.

The King of Cups ~ Druidcraft Tarot

The King of Cups ~ Rider-Waite/Smith

The King of Cups is a heart centered leader who is devoted, kind in everything he does and a person of introspection. When he speaks, he speaks from the heart and has a quiet power to him. He can be a great leader in religion, arts or the home, and can be a great counselor (interestingly, the King of Cups came up in a reading I did for someone who was very seriously considering going to counseling). While the egotist in me would love to claim all of these traits as my own, the idea of the heart centered leader is one that appeals to me. At work I try very hard not to be black and white and analytical (which can be incredibly difficult as a resource scheduler in a call center) but instead work very hard to ensure that I do everything I possibly can to ensure that the people I work with are happy with their work/life balance, which fits in with the King's need to respond to the needs of those around him with compassion and kindness because he does sincerely care for them, just as I sincerely care for the people who are directly impacted by the work that I do. Coincidentally that is something I am also working on within myself ~ no more excessive unpaid overtime, no more feelings of inferiority and no more lack of respect for myself or the work I do.

The King of Cups is also a teacher or “way shower” who guides students with loving attention in an atmosphere of caring, tolerance and compassion. I am currently being mentored by someone who I think perfectly fits this description ~ she is an amazing woman who opens doors but waits for you to step through and find your own truth. I am also considering teaching tarot in the coming new year too so this aspect of the King of Cups is two-fold for me.

Many texts talk about the King's calm face in the midst of high emotion, patience and tolerance ~ these are definitely lessons that I need but also want to learn, and perhaps the King's appearance as my “What next?” card indicates that such learning will take place.

One point that selfishly does connect to me is the fact that because he is the King of Cups, this King is an incredibly intuitive and creative person (which comes from his mastery of the water element), but unfortunately, the responsibility of being King and what that entails keeps him away sometimes from the inspiration that drives him. I believe everybody feels this way at some time in their life ~ that they have the potential to be incredibly creative and yet “life gets in the way” due to the responsibilities of work, partners, children etc, and such inspiration takes a back seat. I feel like that too sometimes, that there is so much I want to do but I let too much “stuff” get in the way. My premature resolution for the coming year is make that time for creativity and intuition happen, even if it means I have to rearrange a few things in my life and perhaps even take a close look at my priorities and reassess them. This started for me during the Winter Dreamtime I have spoken about in previous blogs and perhaps the King has come up now as a manifestation of that principle to remind me and force me into action.

One of the tricky things about court cards is that they do not always denote a person (be it yourself or someone in your life) and this is where a lot of tarot readers (including myself) the confusion begins. Most of the time the situation can be determined by the the of spread you are doing and the surrounding cards, but nevertheless, court cards can still present problems when it comes to interpretation. This is something that I am exploring in a future post.

While the King of Cups may represent me, the events he represents also connect to me at the point I am in in my life as well. This card can indicate a spiritual group or path concerned with ritual or a project in the same stead. Both of these connect with me as I am part of two spiritual groups and am looking to work more in these fields myself. Spot on King of Cups! He is also about controlling your emotions, channeling your intuition and creativity to manifest something beautiful, using intuition more when making decisions and connecting with your Higher Self, all of which are lessons that I am wishing to master in the near future.

All of this came from one card. As you can see, a single card reading can yield wonderful insights and provide some luscious food for thought. Try some today won't you?

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