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Saturday, December 31, 2011

My favs of 2011

Well, it's that time of year when there are a million countdowns (ok, that may have been a slight hyperbole) about the best this and that of 2011, and I thought I woudl add my two cents worth into the mix ~ tarot style lol. I'm certainly not unique, every reader with a blog has done the same, but it's a lot of fun reflecting on the year that's been and the year to come.

Favourite Tarot Website ~ Tarot Professionals An absolute wealth of information presented in so many formats that there is something for everyone! The owners of this organisation, Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin, work so incredibly hard to live up to their tagline of “Restoring the Spiritual Dignity of tarot” that I can’t help but be inspired by them. There are video lessons, all kinds of courses that cater for every skill level from an interested beginner to a degree style course for professionals, a social networking component Tarot Town that is brilliant ~ it is full of groups catering to all kinds of interest groups in Tarot, free lessons and courses, a chat component, promotion of upcoming events, blogs, a marketplace and more ~ and is home to the best tarot magazine I have ever encountered. These people also publish books and have just completed some groundbreaking research for their latest release “Abiding in the Sanctuary” which is about the “secret” tarot deck A.E Waite produced with an artist in 1917-1923. In short ~ they fucking rock. They innovative, academic, practical and eclectic ~ and most of all, they truly value their members.

Favourite deck of 2011 ~ Easily, hands down The Wildwood Tarot. The people who created my beloved Druidcraft Tarot (the deck I primarily read with and completely love) created this incredibly spiritual deck. I can’t speak highly enough of the absolutely amazing Major Arcana cards, they are a work of genius. I have used the Major’s in a couple of spiritual based readings and they are a revelation. Absolutely love love love them.

Favourite Tarot Blog ~ An Aussie, Biddy Tarot is one of my absolute favourites. She is practical, down to Earth and has a genuine love for tarot that comes through in every post. This blog is interactive with readers invited to contribute to reading circles, and full of fabulous tips for readers and students on so many aspects of tarot such as the Court Cards, tips on how to be a brilliant reader, what are the best cards in readings for love/career/etc ~ Biddy is a treasure trove of knowledge and info on the tarot and I look forward to all of her posts.

Favourite Tarot Book ~ Who Are You in the Tarot? By Mary K Greer has been the most influential book for me this year. I adore the integration of tarot, numerology and astrology to give a personality/soul profile. I also love looking at the “card years” you live through each year and the lessons to be learned within them ~ fascinating stuff! I have tried the techniques on a few people and the feedback has been positive ~ the techniques in this book really do add another dimension to a tarot consultation and I know I will be integrating these into my tarot practice.

Looking forward to in 2012 ~ There have been a few decks that have come out recently that the tarot community has raved about but I haven’t personally connected to (which has made me wonder if I am a very bad tarot student lol) but I think the Steampunk Tarot due for release in 2012, is going to be a deck that lives up to the hype surrounding it. The images released from it so far look innovative, engaging and fresh, and there is a sense of difference that really attracts me to it. I have seen it in the cards ~ I will be putting in a pre-order for this deck!!

Tarot gadget I would most like to covert ~ The Tarot Game looks like it could be fabulous fun! A board game of tarot ~ how could you go wrong? Basically, you use a game board and dice to make your way through the cards of a tarot deck and create a reading. Something very fun and unique! You can even have a free trial on their website!

Favourite Tarot Moment of 2012 ~ Getting my Facebook page started. I’ve really loved getting into the Cards of the Day and running competitions and getting to know more tarot enthusiasts out there.

Have a fabulous New Year's Eve and here's to a wonderful 2012!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Bright Lights of Litha

Litha is the longest day of the year and is a day of power. This is the time where we pay homage to the Goddesses of Abundance, Fertility, Order, Hearth and Home. This is a beautiful time to work magick for purification and protection for the home, pets, divination and healing.

Litha is a time to rejoice in the strength of the sun, whose light gives us life. It is also the time to recognise that the seeds we have planted have come to life. Harvest time has come; the rewards of your intense work are there for you to enjoy. If things have not worked out as you had planned, there's usually a reason ~ once you planted the seeds, did you water them, nurture them?

Litha is also a time for illumination on our spiritual path, for the inner light to become the outer light. This is the tarot journey we will take this Litha. The Sacred Woman/Man (that's you by the way) in touch with your gifts taking the journey of nurturing your inner light with the Hermit and bringing that light without with the Sun so that you shine in your full glory.

The Hermit ~ Silver Era Tarot

The Hermit is the Virgin ~ complete within him/herself. The Hermit is the form we take through Winter and some of Spring. This is a card of introspection, analysis, peace and solitude. The Hermit announces a phase of your life that sees you focus inward looking for answers within. Your conciousness moves inward and you realise the truth and understanding you are seeking can only be found within. This period of soul searching serves to have you deeply contemplate your motives, personal values and spiritual principles. This contemplation of yourself as sacred woman/man, of your gifts and your path is a solitary quest because, as you well know, the answers do not lie in the external world and it's distractions. The wonderful thing about this time is that you look at your life with a deeper, more spiritual understanding of yourself and your purpose.

The time you have spent with the Hermit has taught you to honour the gifts and wisdom within yourself, let it shine on your soul and create your own path to dance upon. The Lamp carried by the Hermit is a magickal receptical of knowledge and wisdom ~ when we walk the Hermit's path we travel deep inside our souls, where we discover the name of the God/Goddess residing within and bring back the keys to self knowledge and mastery.

Sound like a Winter journey to you?

During the Winter, we travel the Hermit's path and light the flame of our souls with the intent of nurturing it, tending to it, allowing the flame to grow. It will warm your soul and illuminate your path.

Throughout the journey of Winter then moving through into Spring, this flame becomes ever brighter and bigger within you. It illuminates your mind, body and spirit until we reach Litha.

Now, with the Sun at it's zenith, the time has come when this brilliant inner light is too big to carry inside anymore ~ this wonderful light is now ready to be brought from within to without into the world around you, which is the essence of the glorious Sun card.

The Sun ~ Mystic Dreamer Tarot

The Sun card denotes a time when you are in tune and vibrating with your higher self and experiencing the inner bliss of the Goddess' summer kiss. This is a card of such vitality, it reminds us that now is the time for freedom from doubt and fear. The light within you, your sacred gifts, are pouring out, radiating brilliance and allowing you to shine at your best. You are heading in a new direction ~ so often we live life just “going through the motions”, wondering if our work is ever going to pay off. The Sun gives the clear message that yes, your work is brilliant, important, sacred and necessary. Radiate who you are and what you stand for; shine love on those you care about. The beautiful sunflowers in the card implore you to reach further, extend to greater lengths to meet the face of truth, clairty and spiritual illumination. Through Winter we struggled with our shadows ~ by this time of Litha you know yourself, where you're heading ~ the Sun illuminates the path. The message of the Sun and Litha is the value of simplicity. We live in such a “distracted” world ~ there is true freedom and liberation to be had by living simpler life, doing what you love, getting back to the divinity of nature. This is a time for invigorating elightenment. The Sun tims is a time of enthusiasm, attainment, success. You can see an amazing path before you, and you're confident because through the hardship of the winter caving you have attained a new level of understanding and insight. Walk this path with passion and purpose beautiful children of Goddess! Let your beautiful inner light shine and radiate on you and those around you. The light of course, is you and your gifts, and Litha is your time to shine and dance your merry dance. Now is your time to shine!!

Here is a wonderful Litha spread. Litha is the perfect time to open up your intuition and crack open the tarot deck!
Lay your cards out in a circle to mimic the shape of the Sun in a clockwise direction. You will need 7 cards.

Position One ~ The gifts Litha brings to you this day

Position Two ~ Inspiration to draw upon
Position Three ~ The part of you that shines to the world

Position Four ~ Your biggest strength

Position Five ~ Where your inner light comes from

Position Six ~ Trials before you this summer

Position Seven ~ The answer card

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Knights, ducks and cravings for bacon

Something I love is the universe showing us Signs ~ you know, those little happenings that may not mean much to the casual observer but add up to Big Things for you.

There's been a lot of activity going on in the cosmos ~ we had Neptune going retrograde for a while, then coming back direct, which led to a lot of dissolution of boundaries and questioning of beliefs, particularly in regards to long held rituals and ways of seeing ourselves and our place in the order of things. I spoke in my last post about a lot of the re-evaluation I am doing, and in speaking with others, I know a lot of other women are doing the same. And that's cool ~ isn't that what life is all about, constant growth and questioning and reaching?

And now Mercury is going retrograde ~ batton down the hatches! Just be sure to have a  plan B in case of delays in travel (yesterday's issues with the Cabolture line being a prime example!) back up everything on your computer and read all the small print in contracts or agreements you sign. And don't be surprised of your electronics play havoc on you for a little while. A lot of people panic when Mercury retrograde is about but I don't think it's that bad. I went through more emotionally and spiritually with the Neptune retrograde we had this year then I ever have with a Mercury retrograde.

We're also about to enter a season of a few lunar and solar eclipses so there will be a lot going on this summer!

I attend a women's sacred circle at Mt Tamborine once a month, and we were talking about sacred medicine. Everyone has this within them ~ there's a certain type of environment that some people feel at home and spiritually at peace in, like a rainforest or a dessert, or there are animals people particularly connect to. These aren't just places or animals you connect to; they also represent aspects of your Self, and lessons you are here to learn in this lifetime. After a bit of exploration, I found my medicine ~ the Duck.

Oh yeah, the Duck. As in Donald and Daffy. My sister now affectionately calls me "Quakie"

A lot of people love to have strong totems ~ owls, panthers, eagles, wolves. And absolutely they exist for a lot of people and serve wonderful purposes. But there are lot of lesser known animals that are strong in their own right. And I suspect the humble Duck is one of them.

Ducks are more then just the birds you feed at the pond on a summer's day. Ducks are family orientated and quite loyal. They are content on their own or in a group, and one of the lessons of Duck is not to hold grudges, to live in the moment and let go of the past. This is a huge lesson that has reared itself in my life over and over.

The most obvious element to connect with Duck is Water, and indeed, Duck is there to teach us to drink deeply from the waters of life, and to maneuver through these waters with grace. Have you ever seen a clumsy duck?

But there's more ~ I connect Duck with Water, Air and Earth. Duck is Feminine, and Shamanic. When you watch a duck on water, they both skim the surface and dive deep into it ~ which is exactly what I do with my readings. In her Shamanic aspect, Duck flies through the air and migrates, bringing messages from other places and times, another aspect of tarot reading I engage in. And She also treads the Earth, letting it support her and nourish her.

Duck may not be a Warrior, but she is definitely an embodiment of Sacred Woman, and I've kinda fallen in love with having her as my medicine. Also explains why I've always felt sick at the thought of eating duck!

I've spoken before about an international tarot project I'm involved in. I've got to chance to do another part in it, and received my allocated card (this will all make sense in a month or so, I promise) to work on ~ and I got the bloody Knight of Cups reversed. I won't lie ~ I rolled my eyes and groaned at the email when I read it. Court Cards are difficult for me (and in my defence, a lot of other tarot readers and students!) but I determined to take on this challenge, so accepted ~ with something less then pleasure :o)

I was doing some research on our Knight after having a few words with the missus about the lack of annual leave I've taken this year. I've had two days off since last December and I guess I am a little tired and cranky. While I was researching the reversed Knight of Cups, one of the biggest meanings that came from the card was this ~ that you are resentful of the pressure being put on you by the demands of work and need a break. 

Yeah, I know ~ holy tarot card serendipity Batman.   

I booked two long weekends for December the next day.

And yes, I have an intense craving for bacon. It's breakfast time on the weekend and I'm dieting. You know it's bad when you envy the women on the old TV show Prisoner the breakfast that they are having! I'd consider selling my soul for some crispy bacon right now....

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thoughts, inspirations and stuff

I am going through a period of my life that is proving incredibly fertile, thought provoking and maybe even path changing. I was really unsettled by this because there was a great deal of disconnection involved to the point I wasn't feeling grounded in some aspects of my life.

I started to contribute to Tarot Town's Project X. I can't reveal too much about it yet but I can say it was a much deeper experience then I envisioned when I put my hand up for it. I had to live and breathe tarot for a period of time much more then I have ever had to before ~ I worked my considerably sized buns off on this one! It was while I was writing the manuscript (the project is a book with many volunteer co-authors) for Project X that I realised a lot of people are going to be reading this and I am going to be judged in one way or another, which sent me into a bit of a self reflective spiral. What of me is coming through this piece of writing that will be published for all the world to see and judge? What of me do I want to come through this?

And more importantly, what is my philosophy, my view on all this? I had an idea of how I saw the world, and my place in it, but lately, that idea hasn't worked, what I thought I lived and breathed isn't sitting with me very well.

Halfway through researching and writing my contribution Project X, I attended the Goddess Conference put on by the amazing Goddess of Association of Australia (http://www.goddessassociation.com.au/) I felt disconnected throughout a lot of what should have been a brilliant experience ~ the group opening ritual, the international guest...I just couldn't get into it. I didn't feel like I belonged there anymore. At one point I even felt like everyone else knew this and was watching me, wondering why I was there when it was so obvious I didn't fit in.

Then I went to Lucy Cavendish's workshop on Walking Between the Worlds and things started to make some sense. As I listened to all the women in the darkened room with their eyes shut talk about how they walk between the worlds and their experiences of such, I started to realize it's not about belonging to a philosophy or a group because we are all navigating our way through the darkness to find our own light and way, so to speak. You can belong to or subscribe to whatever it is that gives your identity some semblance of solidity, but once you start walking between those worlds, you and your gifts, talents, abilities and challenges are all yours and all you have. At the end, we had to do quick readings for complete strangers with the choice of using Lucy's new Oracle of the Shapeshifters deck as a prompt ~ I am not ashamed to admit I prematurely evacuated my pants. The next ten minutes were fabulous ~ one of the amazing Desert Moon Dancers, Dani (an AMAZING belly dance troupe from Newcastle http://desertmoondancers.net/) came straight to me and we had a wonderful exchange. I came out of that feeling brilliant ~ her words were such confirmation, it was such a confidence boost!

And I had a wonderful experience with the drum troop Alchemy of the Hearth. We were supposed to go on a journey but all I felt from their amazing Mother Drum (that I dubbed "Big Mama") was the rhythm of the universe just taking me along for the ride. So I thought "Ok, I'm hanging out with a big drum and getting funky with it, that's cool. But why didn't I get as far on this guided meditation as I was supposed to? What's wrong with me that I didn't go there, that I went on my own little ride?"  

Then came Hollie B (http://www.lunationonline.com/) on the Sunday morning, who explained that the disconnection, the going on your own journey ~ that's all cool. You've got your own rhythm and it's perfectly ok to just Be. As long as you're Be-ing you, who the fuck cares? Want to dance naked under a full moon? Fine, do it, get funky. Want to study and be surrounded by books and be correct with every single thing? That's cool too. Not following the group meditation, going on your own journey? Cool, tell us about it, you might have gone somewhere interesting.

The point is that you don't have to connect to anything other then yourself. Your Truth, your Self ~ if you are coming from a genuine place with it all, you're probably doing ok. And nothing is static ~ the beauty of it is that it all moves around, gets re-arranged, put back together in it's own time and way.

I found this amazing quote by a Tarot expert I really admire, Wald Amberstone, co-founder of the brilliant Tarot School:

The stories of tarot are the reason for its existence. With a deck of cards, we can tell the stories of where we come from, how it is that we are here, what awaits us, and what we will or might become. Tarot tells the story that we are made in a divine image, and that the world (at least the world as we experience it) is made in that same image, so that in some subtle way God, humanity and the world are all the same shape and are made of the same things. If that is true, then to be a student of tarot is to be a student of everything. ~ Wald Amberstone
 And it made me reflect more on "Why Tarot?" Cos I love it. Because there are decks that incapsulate every imagineable walk of life, philosophy, culture. Because you can live and grow with a deck, have them be like 78 friends that don't bullshit you, nurture you when you need it, and never leave you.
There is so much inspiring work going on in the tarot world at the moment ~ a lot of bloggers and authors producing amazing work, a lot of them in my blog roll. Associations like the Tarot Professionals working hard to "restore the spiritual dignity of Tarot" or the Tarot School and their brilliant teachings.
How can I not reach out and want to be part of it? So much of me wants to drown in it and come back for air in the real world only occasionally. Maybe the trick is just to Be, and see what happens, what and who fits in with my life, and what and who doesn't. Kind of like the Two of Swords reversed ~ integrate opposites that work for you, cut what is deemed irreconciable ~ just do it all with clear sight.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ostara is the wonderful blossoming of Spring on the Wheel of Life ~ it is the youthful, exuberant life affirming joy that comes with the Goddess throwing off the ice shackles of winter and re-entering the world in her Maiden form. She is rejoicing in the abundance of nature and inspires all living things to reproduce. Ostara is the time of the year when the energies of the Earth are awakening and we begin to act on all that you planned during Samhain and Yule. Ostara is a time of beautiful beginnings and is such an exciting time!

This Ostara we are going on a journey with the Maidens of the Tarot ~ the princesses in the Tarot court. Not all decks have Princesses, in a lot of other decks their equivalent are the Knights. The deck that I use (but by no means the only deck I have; my wife has finally come to terms with the fact that I will collect as many decks as I possible can!), the gorgeous Druidcraft Tarot, has some beautiful Maidens as Princesses in it's court that we will be exploring. Each has the beautiful mix of the Maiden energy of Goddess and the elemental energy of their suit.

Even though they are titled Princesses in the deck, for the purposes of the article I am going to refer to each as a Maiden. Each of us will relate to one of these gorgeous girls and see Maiden aspects of ourselves in them, which is wonderful! I personally don't subscribe to the idea that we move through each of the stages of Goddess 1) in a lineal manner and 2) in strict order of Maiden, Mother, Maga, Crone. Some days I feel the exuberance of the Maiden singing in my blood; other days the patient benevolence of the Mother. I believe that is one of the gifts Goddess gives to us sacred women ~ the ability to be all.

Maiden of Cups

Maiden Of Cups ~ Druidcraft

The Maiden of Cups personifies the element of water ~ she is endless tenderness, kindness and love whose drive is to explore her inner world. This Maiden is artistic, intuitive and has a rich imagination. Because she is a Cups girl, her high level is intuition gives her a heightened sensitivity and perception to those around her ~ the down side of this though, is that she is incredibly sensitive to conflict and does everything she can to avoid it, because love, tranquility and harmony are high priorities for her. This Maiden displays the tenderness and beauty of a maiden who is sensitive to the inner world, the world of feelings and dreams, and should she come up for you in a reading, is bringing you the message that you should follow your dreams so that you are emotionally and spiritually fulfilled.

Have a look at the stance of this Maiden. She hasn't yet mastered the control of her emotional world that the Queen has, which is why she has her eyes closed to the world and is holding her cup (which can be seen to represent her heart) so close to her. She seems to be in a meditative state and indeed, meditation and internal creativity such as journaling, writing and painting are favored activities. This beautiful maiden is highly intuitive, emotional and moves beautifully and with ease in the emotional and imaginative realms. To be in touch with herself emotionally, creatively and to live from her heartspace is her truest expression of her sacred gifts. As a friend she is an emotional stabilizer and supporter with the ability to take you from the harsh realities this world sometimes gives us into her own amazing realm ~ she is the sort of person you intend to spend “a quick coffee” with then end up spending the good part of the day with her with no idea how all that time has gone by!!

Like everyone we meet in the tarot, this Maiden has a shadow side. She may spend too much time in her own world and lose touch with this one thus being unable to relate to the “real world” and the people in it because she has been seduced by the romanticism clouds their intuition. Emotional manipulation and temper tantrums are also some of the nastier traits of a Maiden of Cups in her shadow aspect can display. She may also try too hard to please others at the expense of her spiritual growth. On the other hand, she may become quite insensitive others because she is trying to avoid the vulnerability of being so emotionally open and honest.

Maiden of Pentacles

Maiden of Pentacles ~ Druidcraft
Here we see a studious, self reliant Maiden who is intent on study and would rather spend time alone in her pursuits then with a crowd of people. The Pentacles Maiden is generous, warm hearted, sensual and practical with an unwavering focus on her goals and the patience to see them through. She is driven by creation, growth and to understand her place in the Natural world. She is gentle, reliable, diligent and trustworthy but despite her quiet exterior she has an amazing resource of inner strength both for herself and for those around her whom she values. This Maiden works hard and confidently to seek material success and personal growth by taking practical and realistic steps in an orderly fashion, which is her nature.

The Pentacles Maiden has a deep connection with the Earth, and this is how she experiences divinity. She is in touch with the tiny and seasonal changes of Mother Earth and her seasons and is aware that she is an important and integral part of the living being that is the Earth. This gives the Maiden her sense of self esteem and personal security, she draws on the Earth for strength. Not surprisingly, the Pentacles Maiden loves physical exercise, work and the outdoors. Being so close to nature and the incredible abundance of Mother Earth is what gives her the feeling of how rich she is just to be alive and healthy. She can trust the Earth to be her Mother and home.

The Pentacles shadows at work here is that work and the home take precedence for this Maiden, and she will likely work hard without taking proper breaks to recharge her batteries. Work must be balanced with play after all! This Maiden can be wasteful, illogical and stubborn.

Maiden of Swords

Maiden of Swords ~ Druidcraft
Notice that this Maiden does not face you in the card ~ this is because the Swords Maiden takes a detached view of life. She is an intellectually inclined, perceptive and intuitive young woman who uses her sword to see through the illusions and masks and “tell it like it is” with a frank honesty that some find hurtful. This Maiden cuts away the un-necessary in all situations and uses her words like swords to cut through deceit and confusion to the truth and heart of the situation. She is a very spiritual person whose search for truth is her way of experiencing divinity. Honesty is incredibly important to her, as is her intellectual prowess which she uses to find order in the everyday world as well as traveling through the Otherworlds. This Maiden has a mastery over communication and uses language skillfully to describe her experiences. Her strong connection with spirit gives her a sense of her own value and the confidence to teach what she knows. Her clear view of the web of life with it's many dimensions means she can be an inspiration to others because her search for truth and desire to live honestly means she is quite courageous and adventurous.

As a friend, her keen mind can help you plan through your dreams and get started on the road ahead. The Swords Maiden knows that if she has the right plan for her growth, the Divine can be trusted to support her in her quest. This is the gift she can offer you ~ she can convince you on the true plan for your growth and convince you that the Divine will be with you.

The Swords Maiden shadow can be a very nasty and spiteful one, even malicious. Her detatchment can lead to a discerning view of others ~ what her detachment also serves to do is lead her to seeing life as a curiosity to be observed rather then a joyous experience to be lived. Because she hasn't yet mastered the art of diplomacy the way the Queen has, she can be frightfully forthright. If the Swords Maiden is living through her Shadow and is crossed by someone who has not been honest with her, watch out! After the anger will come the viscous, spiteful and even heartless girl who will be cruel in her quest for revenge.

Maiden of Wands

Maiden of Wands ~ Druidcraft
Look at this confident young woman in this card ~ here is a young girl standing in her truth, absolutely convinced in herself and her path, one foot out the front eager to step in and get into the action. The Wands Maiden is a lively, playful, outgoing young woman with a larger then life personality with an easy flowing energy whose drive is to experience life and try new things. She is a loyal friend & lover with an infectious enthusiasm and burning (pardon the pun, Wands being fire and all ha!) desire to achieve. This maiden is a charismatic, honest, decisive, faithful and trustworthy girl who is outspoken and certainly not afraid to voice her opinions! Morality and ethics are incredibly important to this Maiden, who holds high standards of herself and those around her ~ it is these high standards that lead her to place the high expectations on herself that drive her to continuous spiritual growth. She openly and confidently faces her fears (her biggest fear being that she is “not worthy”) with courage for her spiritual development. She does not rest on her laurels or expect past achievements to define her ~ she is constantly striving for the next challenge, looking forward to the next achievement.

Her optimism and energy means she will overcome obstacles that stand in her determined way, which alone with her insight and wisdom, inspire others to follow her brave example. Her passion and joy for life is what drives this Maiden; her experience of the Divine is through the pure joy of being alive and surpassing the constant challenges she sets for herself.

The Wand Maiden's shadow can be an overwhelming one to deal with ~ think about this in terms of balance. If she is larger then life in her generosity and personality, imagine what she would be like to deal with when she is in a not-so-fabulous mood? This maiden does not go quietly into the night!! She can be selfish to the point of gross self-indulgence, not to mention cold, domineering and arrogant. If you don't meet her high standards, you will cease to exist to her ~ but not until she has thrown a tantrum full of theatrics and melodrama. In her shadow aspect the Maiden of Wands can be wishy washy and not follow through on decisions, existing in a temporary limbo that leads to self pity.

Each of us has one of these Maidens within us, just waiting for Spring so she can come out and be expressed! Enjoy this trip through the Maiden court of Ostara find your inner maiden and let her live a little!!

Here is a gorgeous spread called the Wheel of the Star Maiden spread which is from the companion book to the Swedish Witch Tarot. It's a lovely spread for us coming into Spring; nothing too heavy the way the winter spreads can be, but enough food for thought that you should be able to contemplate the seeds you have sown and what direction you are going in with regards to these.

*** 9 *** 5 *** 10 ***

*** 4 *** 1(2) *** 6 ***

*** 8 *** 3 *** 7 ***

1. This card represents what is in your heart right now.

2. This is how others see you.

3. This is your inner maiden or your past.

4. Your body and physical health.

5. Your self-belief.

6. Your (sex) drive and motivation or the relationship you are currently in.

7. Relationships to everyone other than your significant other.

8. Your hopes, dreams and aspirations.

9. Work.

10. Where you're heading, the future.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Feature Card ~ the 6 of Cups

6 of Cups ~ Druidcraft Tarot
This card has always been one of the cards that I have always been a bit “meh” about. Don’t get me wrong, I love and adore the tarot, but every reader will tell you there are just some cards that you don’t connect with as well as you do others. For me, one of these cards is the 6 of Cups.

And what do we instinctively do when we’re faced with something we don’t understand as much as we’d like? We ignore it, we just glance over it and try to pretend it isn’t there, in this case by ever so gracefully paying attention to other cards that are also in the reading. And don’t lie, we all do it.

One of my best friends Candi and I were having a chat a while ago about this sort of thing, and going with the winter dreamtime theme we were in at the time came to the conclusion that the best way to face an unerring dislike of something is to face it head on and really sink your teeth into it. Candi then dared me to do the 6 of Cups as a blog post to prove that I was legit.

So here it is Candi, I am legit! Too legit to quit. Werd.

I have to say, I did make a few pleasant discoveries about the humble 6 of Cups while researching this post. I always thought that the 6 of Cups was a bit simplistic and just about the past still being a part of the present. But, as always with the tarot, there is more then meets the eye to this card!!

6 of Cups ~ Gilded Tarot
 The over reaching theme of the 6 of Cups is innocence, small joys, peace and different aspects of the concept of “past”

When you’re in a period of your life in which you’re feeling carefree, innocent, finding joy in small acts and feeling quite playful, chances are the 6 of Cups energy is around you.

Nearly all of the interpretations of this card I have seen contain children playing together, and this is important ~ think back to when you were a little kiddie playing in your back yard. How carefree and playful were you? When you were making mud pies or wrestling in the dirt, did you care about your clothes getting dirty and the considerable time your poor Mum would have to spend getting those clothes clean again? Nope, you just went right on playing and living in the moment. Did you care that those lego blocks weren’t building real castles and that your toy She-Ra doll wasn’t really the embodiment of the Princess of Power (who by the way, is completely awesome)? Of course not! You let your imagination take over and became a hero in your own bedroom!

Sometimes this is simply what the 6 of Cups represents ~ that feeling of carefree joy we experience from time to time where we are happy simply for being happy, because the various parts of our life are all working in harmony or we are dancing to the beat of our own drum and finding joy in that. Sixes in the tarot represent the place of balance, meeting and union, and I think with this card, the balance within comes from the simple goodness inherent in this card. The 6 of Cups encourages kindness, generosity and forgiveness ~ a beautiful balance to a lot of the destructive behaviour we see in todays world. I’m not talking just physically destructive, like violence or the slow strangulation of the environment, but also spiritual destruction like greed, selfishness and hatred.

6 of Cups ~ Robin Wood Tarot
Two of the words thrown around the most in association with the 6 of Cups were “innocence” and “past”. There is so much to these two concepts, especially if you take the view (as I do) that there is light and shadow in all aspects of the tarot, as there are in life.

Let’s start with innocence. Innocence is a word that has many shades. It can mean that carefree, trusting state that serves to protect you from the harshness of the world. It may also mean that you are innocent of wrong doing, innocent/unaware of a secret or the truth of a situation or you could be innocent of ulterior motives. Depending on your situation, this innocence can either serve or harm you. It could serve you in the way that you could be protected by something or someone that could potentially harm you, or it could harm you in that you don’t see the ulterior motives in others and could be taken advantage of.

The concept of past with this card has more dimension to it. The 6 of Cups can represent the past coming into your present for a variety of reasons ~ it can be a past lover or acquaintance coming back into your life, or a job opportunity comes up that arises from past connections (a past boss may have thought of you for a position for example) or a past hobby or passion such as writing or painting may come into your life again. On the shadow side, this card can also mean that you are living in the past, unable to move on and thus, have shut yourself away from the world.

There are other aspects of past that goes with this card, and it is this aspects that I find the most beautiful. The 6 of Cups coming up in a reading can represent that you are working on integrating gifts from the past, be they childhood or past lives, into your life in the present. You are reclaiming gifts and using them for your highest good. The other aspect tells us that for the heart, there is no such thing as linear time ~ the human mind creates the concept of linear time in order to understand time and experience in it's context. The heart is pure feeling that is not bound by time. That is why we meet people and instantly know sometimes that we know them ~ chances are we did in a previous lifetime and our heart remembers.

The Lovers ~ Gummy Bear Tarot
When a 6 of Cups combines with The Lovers in a reading, your relationship is one that is idealistic and playful, though there is difficulty setting limits and boundaries. The Lovers card is also a number 6, and thus, this card is the highest echo of The Lovers in the Minor Arcana. But interestingly, keeping with the number 6 theme, the 16th card in the Major Arcana, the Tower, tells you that immaturity on your part has led to you neglecting a situation that is due for dramatic upheaval ~ your behaviour will be under intense scrutiny.

If the 6 of Cups is paired with Temperance, you enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Combined with the King or Queen of Cups, you have an appreciation for life as an adult who has enough sense to remember to enjoy the little things and not be too weighed down with responsibilities. Paired with the Two of Pentacles, you spend money irresponsibly, whereas the Four of Pentacles with it mean you are holding on to something or someone for sentimental reasons.

I started out thinking this card was almost child-like in it's appearance and meaning, but it is so much more. And I think this is one of the things that attracts me to the tarot so much ~ there is always more to the eye, and sometimes the cards surprise you in the sweetest ways. I did this post as a challenge from my friend Candice, who told me that loving some tarot cards is fine, but it's the ones you don't like so much that may pleaantly surprise you. I'm really glad I did it ~ I won't be inwarding whincing the next time this little guy appears in a reading. You rock Candi!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Getting a tarot reading (or any other kind of reading) is a very personal undertaking. You're seeking guidance, or answers to pertinent questions and when you're handing your hard earned money to someone that you trust to help, you deserve an ethical, accurate and compassionate reading from someone who is genuinely interested in you and your spiritual welfare.

It's a sad fact of life that the psychic reading industry does have a few charlatans lurking around who are more interested in your cash then giving you the best reading they can.

Here are a few tips for finding those snakes in the grass.

What does a good reader do?

1. A good reader will charge a reasonable amount

Beware of someone charging too much or too little. Readers are like everyone else; we all have bills to pay, and like anyone else providing a service, time is precious. In a reading, an energy exchange is taking place and contrary to some beliefs, it is perfectly acceptable to charge for readings.

Someone charging exorbitant amounts is simply out there to make money off vulnerable souls seeking guidance. On the contrary, someone who doesn’t charge enough may not value their gifts and therefore may not give a confident reading.

2. A good reader will give you options to consider

An ethical reader will have a range of readings to suit your purpose and your budget. Sometimes you just want a confirmation reading, a yes/no answer, other times you may be looking for something with more depth and detail. There is no such thing as a “one reading suits all” kind of reading. A good reader will give you options that match your needs and will quote you a fair price ~ and will not add any hidden extra charges or change their quote at the end of the reading for any reason!!

3. A good reader will not keep you hanging

Readers are people, just like anyone else; sometimes we get busy and it may take us a couple of days to get back to a client. But you should never be waiting too long to hear back from a reader ~ it is disrespectful to leave a client “hanging”. If you haven't heard back from a reader you have attempted to contact, don’t be afraid to contact them to let them know that you no longer require their services and do not feel that you are being disloyal. There are too many wonderful readers around for you to waste your time waiting for one who can’t even give you a courtesy “So sorry, I am very busy but will get back to you in a couple of days” email or message.

4. A good reader will be good or correct most of the time

Everyone has an off day once in a while and readers are no exception. Reading takes an incredible amount of energy and there will be times when a reader is so wiped that no amount of money will convince them to read! Having said that, a good reader should be right about 75% of the time. There is no such thing as a 100% success rate, as lovely as that would be!

5. A good reader will genuinely want to help you

A reader, no matter the context of the reading, will give you positive and uplifting messages (and let’s face it, sometimes readings aren’t always about brilliant times ahead!) A good reader will be able to navigate these stormy seas for their clients and guide them on their path to self discovery with confidence. Even some of the most foreboding cards in the tarot have wonderful shadow gifts and a responsible reader will explore these with you.

6. Good readers are objective and honest

A good reader will never impose their will on you. The goal of most readings is to provide options, to help pave the way on your spiritual journey by offering tools without making you feel obligated to follow the advice or constantly come in for follow up readings ~ you should never be told by a reader what you should do, only what options are around you. The reader is skin to a spiritual advisor guiding you to empowerment by showing you how to look for your answers. You are the Master of your Free Will; a good reader understands that nothing is cast in stone and that we ultimately have the power of our destiny within us.

A good reader won’t tell you what you want to hear just to keep you happy. Readings should be approached with an open heart & mind and will walk you through a journey of symbolism that is mutually meaningful and satisfying.

Recently on my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/Full-Moon-Tarot) I asked what the most important attribute of a good reader was, and the overwhelming answer was honesty and integrity.

How to pick a dishonest reader

1. Beware of “Gypsy Scams”

The reading seems cheap (and who doesn’t love a bargain?!?) and it starts off well enough; then the reader's face contorts and their voice lowers, “You have negative energy around you and this has caused all the problems you have in your life” or “You are cursed, such a pity because you are a good person and deserve good things to happen to you” but all is not lost! For a “small” fee of only $200, you can be cleansed, or healed ~ but don’t forget to buy the “special” (and hideously expensive) healing oils or clearing candles just to be sure that pesky curse has been gotten rid of. And just in case, we better “change” your grim future ~ for only yet another “small” fee!

What a load of rubbish! Unfortunately, a lot of people fall for these “gypsy scams” and it gives genuine readers a bad name.

2. 100% Accuracy Guaranteed!”

Again, a load of rubbish.

No reader, no matter how spectacular they are, can possibly be 100% accurate 100% of the time. That's impossible people!! Anyone making this kind of claim is trying to sell you something!!!

Even if someone could offer 100% accuracy, would you want your whole life mapped out for you in one reading? No free will, no surprises?

As discussed, a good reading shows pathways, options and possible consequences. Nothing in life carries a 100% guarantee and that includes tarot readings!

I read an editorial in a magazine once where the editor described the best reading she had ever had as being one that never came true. It was full of ominous cards that seemed to foretell nothing but doom and gloom ~ and it’s because those cards appeared that the editor was able to see the warning ~ her life was heading to a bad place but due to being forewarned in her reading, she was able to make changes in her life necessary to avoid the disaster the cards had shown. What an amazing exercise in self realisation and awareness that must have been!!

3. Reading from a script or set story

Every reading I do for someone is unique, because we all have our different stories and reasons for getting a reading. To me, there is nothing more insulting then handing over your hard earned cash only to hear an often repeated fairytale of a rich, tall dark handsome stranger or some such that has absolutely no relevance to your life.

Some (and I emphasise some, not all) telephone readers have a script they read from and are paid bonuses for keeping you on the phone longer. The mother of a dear friend of mine had a reading done while she was on holiday in a popular tourist spot and was told she would meet her soulmate and marry in the next six months (she was and has been married for over 2 decades) and that her oldest daughter would give her many grandchildren with her husband ~ she has since divorced, remarried and is working with IVF to conceive. Most would consider that a dream reading ~ a soulmate to marry and beautiful grandchildren on the way ~ but that particular script was written for the wrong movie this time.

4. Convince you that you need their help often

A good reading will generally tide you over for about 6 months, with the exception of a major change or some sort of pertinent question you want answered (and we all know the Wheel of Fortune can take some unexpected turns!) If you have a reader insisting that you need a reading once a week, once a month or whatever unreasonable time frame to clear “negative energies” or what not, you have stumbled onto a scam artist who is trying to make money out of your vulnerability. Give them a big wide berth!

There are some amazing readers out there who will give you a wonderful, honest, compassionate and insightful reading full of guidance and advice. Now that you've got a few ideas about what makes a good reader and what makes for a dishonest one, hopefully you can find your way to a reader that will give you the reading that you truly deserve.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Card of the Week ~ 10 of Swords

10 of Swords ~ Rider-Waite/Smith
Most decks show the same image for the Ten of Swords ~ a lone figure lays face down in a desolate environment with ten swords protruding at various angles from his back. A little nasty, yes?

The Ten of Swords is similar to the Death card in that it's appearance, while somewhat macbre, should not be taken literally. Both cards appear to auger death but should not be taken literally as such, more rather impending change that will be difficult to accept but must occur for growth. Endings and loss are always associated with this card but look in the distance; there is a beautiful sunrise, heralding the dawn of a new beginning, a rebirth, a rejuvenation of spirit. Remember that the Swords suit is all about the mental, should the Ten of Swords appear you can pretty much guarantee that the person receiving the reading is mentally exhausted, spiritually drained. Things will not be going smoothly in whatever arena you are dealing with because there are adverse conditions or obstacles. You are running on empty, bottomed out, at the point where things can't get any worse. You may be making a painful but necessary break from your past.

A difficult decision may have been pending for some time and action has finally been taken. There is no doubt that the Ten of Swords heralds a difficult period ~ painful loss or release, terrible misfortune, endings, ruin or in some cases hitting rock bottom ~ indeed, the Ten of Swords is the Swords suit taken to the nth degree. Nothing further can be achieved through either thought or aspiration; there is only room now for the new possibilities to emerge but it has to come from a different place ~ hence the sunrise (heralding the new dawn in your life) being in the background and thus different position to the central figure. The ending that is coming in your life must be accepted before the lovely new possibilities can show themselves to you.

10 of Swords ~ Druidcraft Tarot

The good news is though, that it can't get any worse, you have faced the worst that your situation has to offer and you've come through it. The only thing the fellow in the card can do is get up ~ staying where he is is going to achieve nothing, the same way that staying in a negative situation or mindset is going to bring nothing good to your life. Your hopes of the past may be dashed, but new ones will arise in time. One of the wonderful aspects of this card, and indeed of the tarot, is that even within the cards that show scenes of the utmost despair, there is still a beautiful blossoming of hope. Just look at Death and the Ten of Swords; Death rides through town with his scythe merrily taking the citizens with him to the underworld, the Ten of Swords has a figure lying face down in a desolate environment with ten swords poking out of his back ~ yet both have, in the corner, a pure, gorgeous sunrise, a breaking dawn full of the promise that new hope and new direction brings to your life. There is a sense of relief and surrender with this card too ~ you've done all you can do, matters have reached their conclusion, and now there is nothing you can do except explore the new possibilities are in the distance. Past obligations are now concluded; the karmic contract is fulfilled.

There is another side to this card that doesn't foretell of “doom and gloom”. Look at the card realistically; one sword would be enough to be the death of this figure ~ don't ten cards reek slightly of overkill??? The 10 of Swords can also talk about victim mentality and the lower vibrational martyr. You can almost see the figure in the card lifting his head and saying “You think you've got it a bad...I've got a big bunch of swords in my back...count them, ten! But don't worry about me, I'll be alright” We all know someone like this ~ being a martyr is a favorite activity for some people when they get the 10 of Swords. If you're not a martyr this card could be your Inner Guide gently having a joke with you about how you are handling a situation you are in right now. The troubles may be more melodramatic then real and while the suffering in sincere, there may be a hint of exaggeration thrown in. When you're in the midst of a situation in which you have assumed the victim mantle, you think everything is hopeless, hopeless and unfair. While remembering that the Swords suit is the suit of the mind, think of the power of the mind ~ what you visualize you quite often create. The Ten is the last number of the Swords suit, so literally the crappy, hopeless situation you are imagining you are in, you are actually in, most likely through your own creation. This isn't to say that we don't go through hard times that leave us in a state of despair, it just means that at times we can make the situation worse in our own minds, and that this manifests physically. What we think today creates tomorrow. Yesterday created today.

This card is also a kindly reminder that it is the moment that things appear at their worst is the moment when things get better. This difficult time is only a precursor to happier times.

10 of Swords ~ Mystic Dreamer Tarot

You may have literally been “stabbed in the back” or may be the subject of malicious acts or unmerited hatred.

Depending on what kind of spread you have set out for yourself, the Ten of Swords has the following implications:

Work: Your work situation is about to come to an end. Best to get yourself sorted in every way and think through the “next step” if you were to lose or quit your job, for any reason. Whatever situation is being indicated here ~ being badly treated by someone, dissatisfaction with your work ~ it requires no more energy then to get your affairs in order and get on with the next phase of your career.

Love: Sadly, the Ten of Swords is not a fabulous omen in love readings. Something about the relations/situation is not quite right ~ ask yourself a lot of questions, accept reality and don't close your eyes to the truth. You can't force someone to feel the way you do, or act the way you want them to. Someone is not who they say they are.

Finances: You are facing disappointment money wise. This is definitely not the time to gamble, but is the time to take stock. Try not to beat yourself up ~ this isn't the end of the world.

Health: Your health may not be as vigorous as you had hoped. Don't be afraid to call on any means of healing you feel necessary. There is much more to life then meets the eye and miracles happen every day ~ but you have to be doing your part in the healing process. It may be a time to consider alternative healing methods. There have been a couple of times that this card has appeared in a reading for someone and it has literally been acupuncture!

Spirituality: You may be spiritually exhausted through tests in your life that have tested your faith, or you may have let go of some long, deeply held spiritual beliefs that have been hindering rather then helping you. Be careful putting blind trust into spiritual leaders that seem to be acting in your best interests but are only lining their pockets.

The Wheel ~ Druidcraft Tarot

Something I think is a fascinating aspect of the Tarot is that the Minor and Major Arcana are related to each other. The Tens are the lower echo of the Fool, the Wheel of Fortune and Judgment. The Fool is about heading your fate straight into the unknown, which is shown in the Ten of Swords by showing that once the bottom has been reached, the adventure of living and recovery begin, and who knows where that will take you! The Wheel of Fortune serves as a reminder that all circumstances change, nothing is static in life, which is illustrated by the new tomorrow in the sunrise amongst the violent and desolate landscape of the card. Judgment is a card of heeding the call and deciding your path, sticking to it no matter what, which the Ten of Swords echoes in it's absolutist position.

At this time of the Full Moon in the Winter Dreamtime, this card is a timely call to have what is called “the final purge”, which is the purpose of this moon, the “Quiet Moon”. Look at what needs to be cut fro your life for once and for all, and be gone with it before the wonderfully bountiful and creative time of the spring.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Winter Solstice ~ A Tarot Contemplation

Winter Solstice is a time of beautiful paradox ~ a time of being still, immersing yourself in the Earth and the womb of the Goddess, delving into the darkness inside and discovering what lies in the soul while simultaneously shedding the extraneous and unnecessary from life, and making plans that are to be borne at the Spring Equinox. It is here that we stand on the horizon, during the darkest hour gathering warmth in the Sun's promise of growth and renewal in times to come.

Winter Solstice is a time of darkness, release, letting go, warming the heart, nourishing the soul and affirming that which is to come, a time of being still while taking an inner journey as we get closer to the Spring Equinox. We need to remember that life continues in the darkness and that light will always reappear.

The journey of Winter Solstice can be depicted in the tarot, whether by casting a spread and seeing what lessons the universe has in store for you, or by meditating on certain cards that represent the Winter Solstice journey. In this article we do both! I am going to explore a tarot journey using four cards that I feel are connected to Winter Solstice, and I am also going to give you a spread to use as part of your Winter Solstice ritual/celebrations.

2 of Wands

2 of Wands ~ Druidcraft Tarot
 To me, this card in the Druidcraft Tarot represents a gateway or a doorway, which is what the Winter Dreamtime opens for us. A gateway to a new life, spiritual resurgence, greater understanding of ourselves and our view of the world, and the action we take within it ~ this all starts by stepping through a doorway. The 2 of Wands in this deck has literally made a doorway in the way that the figure holds the two wands in it's arms. The fact that the figure appears blank, as an outline, says to me that, as this figure is you, you are the one to color and fill this figure with your spirit, your practices, your thoughts, your actions and your lessons gleaned from the Winter Dreamtime. By going into the Winter Dreamtime with an open heart and mind, you chose to create this doorway to the Tomb of the Goddess, because you are searching for deeper meaning, contemplating a journey. The 2 of Wands says you can stand in this doorway and always wonder at the possibilities of what the Winter Dreamtime has in store for you, or you can jump down that rabbit-hole and return forever changed. The 2 of Wands is about the personal freedom of conscious choice, for it relates to the way we live in accordance with our Will and the results of this. Don't sell yourself short or settle for less. The 2 of Wands gives us new inspiration and boldness, the ability to contemplate where we are, where we have been and where we are going ~ the choice is now yours ~ stand at the doorway and always ponder “What if?” or step inside the wonder of yourself and be amazed at where the Goddess will lead you in this Winter Dreamtime?

4 of Swords

4 of Swords ~ Druidcraft Tarot
 The Winter Dreamtime can be a tumultuous landscape to traverse, particular this year with the full lunar eclipse we have recently been blessed with. I don't know about your personal journeys, but I know that for me, that short time of the lunar eclipse introduced the ecstasy of creative potential and the compulsion to expand and the agony that only near madness can produce.

After such a harrowing time, it is important to revisit the revitalizing energy of the 4 of Swords. The card was traditionally known as the Lord of Truce by the Order of the Golden Dawn, but it must be noted that the word “truce” does not denote “peace” here ~ this is a respite in which we gather our strength and answer the call of silence. This can be a hard thing to do in our hectic modern society. But the Solstice's are all about balance, and while there is indeed a time for action and confrontation, there is also a time where we need to withdraw, retreat into ourselves to find our sources of inspiration and inner strength. The reward will be the fruit of greater inner strength and confidence. The 4 of Swords reminds us that this is so necessary during our Winter Dreamtime. The 4 of Swords urges us to focus on the spiritual practices such as mediation or tarot or whatever speaks to you that will help provide calm and healing. Your faith will provide support during this time of spiritual hibernation. The Goddess will honor this stillness by keeping events at bay while we take this time to cocoon our souls.

Even if you have a full time job and ten children, you need to find the time for this solitude and soul repair. It is so easy to say “I just have too much on, I can't, I have no time”; get creative ~ your time coming to or from work, be it in the car or public transport can be your time by reading a book or listening to music that brings you comfort. Your daily shower can be your time, and how perfect ~ water is the manifestation of Goddess, let her flow over you cleansing you while you are repeating a mantra or just having some quiet contemplation. We are all sacred beings and we need our sacred space, wherever it may be found! The 4 of Swords is telling us we need to have this space to get in touch with our soul and the universal energies that surround us.


Rebirth ~ Druidcraft Tarot
This card from the Druidcraft Tarot, the deck I primarily read with, is an interpretation of the card traditionally known as Judgment.

Once we have had our respite with the 4 of Swords, it is time for us to emerge from our spiritual cocoon and hear the call of Goddess urging us to wake and be reborn, which is signified here in the figure of the child emerging from the womb of Goddess (as temples were known as in ancient times) with the High Priest blowing the horn summoning the soul to be reborn to a new life cycle. Many Tarot authors and experts believe that the horn, while a small symbol in the card, is actually the key symbol ~ it's in the power of the call that we hear in the Winter Dreamtime, the call to our spiritual path, to change or renew, to rebirth into a life that is truly more your own.

This is also a call to embrace the world and your place in it ~ and you do have a place. A dear friend once said to me “The Goddess doesn't make rubbish” and indeed, She has a place and need for all of her sacred children. Rebirth is also about the initiation many of us go through during the Winter Dreamtime, whether it is the inherent understanding of the duality of living in this world while understanding the spiritual world or a literal initiation into the Crone's Mysteries or the Mysteries of a Goddess who may have chosen you.

Rebirth is also about acknowledging the past and leaving it in the past, absolutely and irrevocably. This is something that may take months or even years of work through counselling, strengthening of spiritual beliefs and practices and a lot of inner work, but, through the Winter Dreamtime and the showdown with our Shadows (as spoken of in “The Shadow of Samhain in the previous edition) this vital process of healing and wholeness has begun. Rebirthing your spirit is an incredibly empowering and healing experience, it gives you the power to make very hard and final decisions, and unlike the Death card, which brings change about whether you wish it or no, Rebirth is giving you the choice and the courage to recognize that you're holding onto something that needs to be let go and gives you the strength to do so.

You are awakening to a new life, assimilating past experiences, learning from them, understanding their value and confronting what no longer serves you. This is such an important part of the Winter Dreamtime. Know that the Goddess is with you and through Rebirth is giving you an inner awakening to set you on a new way of living and experiencing the world, a psychic rebirth and resurrection. It is time to heed our higher calling and use our Goddess-given gifts to answer it!


Justice ~ DRuidcraft Tarot
On the surface, Justice does not appear to be a spiritual card; in fact, it looks quite cold. But this is what is wonderful about the Major Arcana in the tarot, that there is so much dimension to them.

Justice follows on from the Rebirth card perfectly; with Rebirth we went on a journey of understanding our true place in the world, confronting our past and keeping it in the past, and being led through an initiation to be reborn again. Justice tells us that now is the time that true understanding of our place in the world will lead us to the right choice and action. Justice's sword is pointed upwards, showing us that the world of Air (reason and intelligence represented by Swords in tarot) is connected to Spirit. The pommel of the sword in the Justice card of the Druidcraft Tarot is two testes, serving as a reminder to us that the decisions we make sow seeds in the world.

With Rebirth, Justice tells us it is time to make a decision out of choice, not reaction like we would with the Death card. Through our Winter journeys we have been given the ability to act balanced with contemplation and inner knowledge ~ what is the next step in your life, and how will you make your decisions manifest? Think of the two cards that precede Justice in the Major Arcana ~ the Hermit can bring you objectivity that comes from the inner work of Winter and the Wheel gives us the sense of the patterns and cycles of life. The scales seem to be balancing the two worlds with the message “You've spent all your time in one world, now it is time to move into the other to balance yourself out” which makes sense ~ the Winter world is an inner one, the journey is internal, and come to the end of Winter, we need to make a decision about what we want to manifest in our lives in the coming year and how we are going to achieve this. We eventually have to step back into the world and start participating again, which is what Justice is all about.

Justice has, surprisingly, come to be a manifestation of the Crone to me. This is something I certainly didn't expect when journeying to be inspired and write this article, but so it has come to pass. Ponder this ~ Justice is straight forward, look at her posture, she faces you front on, hides nothing and has her eyes open wide, and to the point (literally represented by the Sword). There is no hiding, no procrastination, no making excuses. Justice cuts down all illusions and exposes the heart of the matter for what it is and demands action ~ sound like the Crone to you? Certainly does to me!

There is a wonderful spread that I have found that can bring some insight to you at the Winter Solstice called “Solstice Light”


                                                       2                                        3                   

                                                      4                              5


Position 1: Returning Hope

What are you hopeful about? If the card feels negative to you, it depicts painful issues that will be resolved or healed in the coming year. Remember, all cards show a spectrum of life from happy to sad and offer opportunities for wisdom and growth.

Position 2: Making Wishes

What does your heart desire? If you don’t like the card that has come up, it is because it is depicting a negative situation you wish were different

Position 3: Seeking Visions

What is your vision for the future? Where do you see yourself next year? If a negative card comes up this is an opportunity to avoid the disaster that may be showing

Position 4: Sense of Balance

What will restore balance to your life? If the card is negative it is showing a situation that is out of balance in your life and you need to focus your efforts on it to restore order

Position 5: Goodwill Toward Others

Your expression of love. In what way can you open your heart to others? If the card that comes up makes you feel uncomfortable, this represents a situation in need of repair, forgiveness or making amends. Note whether card 4 (balance) is related to this card in the spread

Position 6: Advice

The next step. Planning. The action card. What can you do on a mundane level during the winter months to make your hops and wishes real?

The Winter Dreamtime is intense but wonderful. My wish for you is that you find what you need, that your initiations are beautiful, and that you find what you need to serve your higher purpose and heed your callings beautiful sacred children of Goddess.