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Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year's Release ~ The Star

This year as well as making the usual New Year's resolutions of working smarter (meaning, not doing unpaid overtime and still getting everything that needs to be done done) losing weight and devoting more time to tarot, I decided that this year I was going to release something from last year.

The Star ~ Legacy of the Divine Tarot

Every year we make resolutions that will ultimately gain something, such as time, power, beauty, a long awaited finished product, and that is wonderful ~ we all need something to dream for and strive towards, for without dreams we are tusks of human beings.

But every year I make the same resolutions ~ surely if I was really sticking to them I wouldn't have to make them over and over again! This year I decided that as well as looking to gain, I should look to lose. I should look at what needs releasing in my life in order for growth to occur. I want to dump the garbage from the past year, not bring it with me into this one!!

Continuing on with my new found love of one card readings, I decided to draw one card to symbolise what I should release in order to attain some growth and achieve my goals in the coming year.

I drew the Star, one of the most beautiful cards in most decks. I adore her.

In terms of needing to release something from my life, the first thing to look at is the fact that the Star is a Major Arcana card, so that means that what I need to release is both karmic and incredibly significant to my growth.

The second thing to look at is what this card represents in a reading and how do you apply that to the principle of release in your life?

The Star always speaks of healing principally, and in the Legacy of the Divine tarot deck even hints at freedom (isn't she absolutely divine?) so at first glance, the Star coming up as a releasing card would indicate that I need to look at what I am holding on to that needs healing in my life and releasing so that healing and growth can begin.

The Star ~ Druidcraft Tarot

Now let's look deeper...

All Star cards have a significant water aspect and usually depicts a naked woman pouring water into a stream. The Star talks about calming waters entering into your life, and you being open to an inner, deeper, spiritual understanding of this experience. Being naked shows that we are as natural as can be, but nudity also represents vulnerability and this makes sense ~ when we are naked and natural, we are also vulnerable because we are showing the world our true authentic selves. It's a lot easier to say "Be yourself" and "Stand in your own power" then it is to actually do ~ sometimes we face obstacles such as the opinions of family and friends, hectic home lives, lack of confidence in ourselves that can be hard to turn around, high maintenance professional lives, bad habits that are difficult to kick ~ but that Star tells us that when we let go of these things, we can achieve this and live our lives the way we always dreamed we could. Who cares what the perceived notions of perfection are in our society when we can be spiritually free and happy in our own skins? The Star's gift of confidence and tranquility allow this to happen, and actively invites it!

The pouring of the water is something that particularly stands out to me. The water flows both into the pool and onto the land, symbolizing the life giving and healing power of the Goddess (or Divine or whichever term suits you) The pool reminds us of the still pool of spirit that refreshes us in our inner world. The water is flowing with no interruption or blockage and all the Star asks of you is to be and bask in the knowledge that you are connected to the Goddess, Divine, whomever, that flows through all existence. To me, the pouring of the water is the releasing of all the hurt and feelings of inadequacy that haunt me well after they should and make permanent stains on my soul. It will only be after releasing all of this that I will be able to release my gifts into the world, which is my other interpretation of the water flowing from the jugs into the pool.

One way of doing this will be for me to tune into the bright yet tranquil energy of the Star. The Star is all about the inner world as opposed to outer events. Water symbolises the unconscious and also indicates feelings of inspiration, which for me feels certainly true right now. Obviously the releasing of my spiritual garbage as I've come to call it will help the inspiration flow unblocked.

The Star is a deceptive card ~ it looks so simple on the surface but is indeed so much more. I am definitely going to do a New Years spread to build on this.

I hope you all have a prosperous and enriching 2011. here's to our tarot journey and the wonderful lessons we will learn along the way!

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