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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Full Moon Reading

It occurred to me that seeing as I've chosen to name my blog after the Full Moon, it would be incredibly ironic if I didn't perform a reading during the Full Moon every once in a while :o)

The Full Moon is an incredibly intuitive time for the three nights that the Full Moon's energy is in play ~ the night before, the night of, and the night after. I have to confess that before I went into this reading I was not prepared for how profound it would be. Incredibly ignorant, I know! Please feel free to finger wag at me the next time you see me! I thought I would receive some gentle guidance and be on my way, but alas, the universe has seen fit to let me know there are still a couple of big lessons out there just waiting for me to learn them. 

I am completely entranced by the Druidcraft Tarot at the moment and have been finding these gorgeous cards provide a wonderful depth to my readings so will show you the cards from this deck as they came up for me in this reading.

The spread consists of 7 cards that are placed before you in the shape of the full moon starting with the first card at the top and the next six following clockwise until the seventh card is parallel to the first. I would try and illustrate this but I am just not that technologically savvy ~ and I am sure you're smart enough to have figured out what I am trying to illustrate with words in any case :o) This wonderful spread comes from "Tarot for all Seasons" written by Christine Jette.

Position One ~ Relationships.
What do you need to know about developing your potential in relationships with others. The truth of your current relationships, be they lover, co-worker, family or friend.

I drew...3 of Pentacles
3 of Pentacles ~ Druidcraft Tarot

To me, the 3 of Pentacles is about hard work with a solid foundation to work from, symbolised here by the man literally working his shirt off to create something beautiful on stone based on solid ground. he is surrounded by support and encouragement, as is anyone who draws this card. But, there is a test to be passed. I can relate this to both my personal and my work life ~ at work I am constantly tested but have been feeling more supported through a recent change in management structure. At home, my wife and I are being tested as well through her illness but we are fortunate enough to have a solid foundation to our relationship and the support of good friends and work which are both helping us move through this testing time with flying colours. Tough times like the one we are going through right now are the type that can make or break a relationship ~ the foundation will either hold up to allow more building or will crumble and turn to dust. I have a feeling we're on the solid foundation side of this one :o)

Position Two ~ The Power of Choice
What decision needs to be made now to fully express your potential? What will free your creativity?
I drew...6 of Cups
6 of Cups ~ Druidcraft Tarot

I have to admit, the 6 of Cups is a card that, before I read more into it with this deck, often left me a little cold. What this card says though, is this ~ time is linear only because the human mind divides time into the past and present to fully comprehend it. To the heart and soul, time has no real meaning; past and present merge and at the heart of everything, of life, is nothing but pure feeling. To receive the 6 of Cups in reading means that I am integrating the gifts of the past and experiences ~ be they from childhood or from past lives ~ with the consciousness of my present. This has been the focus of my work in the 13 Moon Course I am lucky enough to do at Mt Tamborine ~ choosing to bring the gifts from my past lives into this one, being fully aware of them and standing in my own power as a Sacred Woman. Roar! As I was born under the Dark Moon Lunar cycle, this is exactly what my life is supposed to be about, particularly after having my Saturn Return when I turned 30 a couple of years ago.
6's are always about balance so to me, this could be about integrating balance into my life. Less work, more tarot (which is always a good thing!)
This card is also about the exchanges happening on two levels of awareness within me. To me, this is about weighing up the decision to take my tarot practise further "out there" so to speak.

Position Three ~ Manifesting Goals
What action do you need to take on the physical plane to reinforce your magickal workings? What can you do in the mundane world to support your spirit's desire?
I drew...Justice
Justice ~ Druidcraft TArot
Another balance card! I also see Justice as a big Karma card as well, relating to past lifetimes, so it is interesting to see this card come up after the 6 of Cups. (Always remember, it's one thing to note in which position in a spread a card comes up, but look elsewhere in the spread for patterns and anything notable that also ties the cards together) It is also interesting that Justice came up in the manifestation section of the spread, as Justice is all about the power of true understanding that leads to the right choice and action. Consider where Justice comes in the Major Arcana of the Druidcraft Tarot (and many other decks based on the RWS system, but not ones that follow the traditional order). Justice follows the objectivity of the Hermit and the reflection of the patterns and cycles of nature of the Wheel. Justice is calling on me to act with integrity and honesty regarding the manifestation of the goals I made for myself this year. I am being called on to be my true self and present myself with the honesty and integrity demanded by this card.
The sword Justice is wielding represents the element of Air; intellect. When a decision is made, like the sword, it is double edged; it has to cut one way or another. When you make a choice, saying yes to something often comes at the price of saying no to something else. in this case, I am saying yes this year to delving more into the world of tarot and continuing with my Lilywomyn 13 Moon studies and saying no to a lot of other things that I am being asked to do. the Owl on the left reminds us to look into the dark and divine hidden causes/effects of the choices I make, the manifestations I choose to bring into my life whereas the spider on the right reminds me of the web of life and interconnectivity of life; that nothing decided on has an effect in isolation. Justice is letting me know that I need to make decisions carefully but ultimately, the time has come for a choice to be made. I know that this relates to the decision I am making about tarot and the role it has in my life, and whether to take this to the "next step" of professional reading and teaching, complete with a revamped website (that even has it's own domain, oh my!) and much more regular blog. This would be a huge move for me and would involve a lot of hard work and changes in my life. What is interesting to note is that in a few weeks, I move from the second Dark Moon phase of my life into the second Crescent Moon phase, which is all about inspiration. There is no such thing as a coincidence in my world!

Position Four ~ Creativity
You have been given gifts, talents and abilities. What must you do to fully express them? If a card you don't like comes up, it means there is a blockage to address.
I drew...The Lovers

The Lovers ~ Druidcraft Tarot
 To me this represents the union of aspects within and without that need to combine for me to reach any creative potential I may have; the union of the conscious and unconscious (this is represented by the White Hind in the distance). The Lovers also speaks of surrender and vulnerability ~ when you surrender yourself to a lover, to the Divine, to creative force, to anything that is higher then yourself, you make yourself vulnerable. Vulnerability is incredibly confronting but to fully express creativity, I need to surrender to the Divine inspiration that is coming and the work that needs to be done. I can not be afraid to be vulnerable, which of course, I am. The only way to manifest and create is to be open to the lessons the universe has to teach. Yet again, another choice card ~ I am obviously at some sort of crossroads spiritually, which I believe might come with the impending movement from the Dark to the Crescent Moon phase of my life. 

Card Five ~ Protection
Shows where to establish personal boundaries so you don't give your power away. 
I drew...9 of Wands
9 of Wands ~ Druidcraft Tarot

When the 9 of Wands comes up in a reading, to me, it is always about going through a period of struggle that sees you emerging defensive, cautious and waiting for the next "battle"; this is a frame of mind that resonates with me at the moment. Look at this fellow ~ he's tired, he's been "through the ringer" so to speak (note the arm sling and his facial expression, his body posture) but he is ready for the next challenge. When you are going through a tough time, there is always the worry that there is something worse just around the corner, especially if things look like they may be calming or getting better.
This to me is also a message that I need to drop my defenses; anyone who knows me knows I can be incredibly defensive ~ quite often when this card comes up for someone it can indicate this, that due to past experience and hurts, the "walls are up"; looking at the way the wands are positioned here, you can see how well this fellow has defended himself against any further attack.
Another danger with this card is the instinct to isolate ~ this is something I do a lot. I don't like letting people in and it is difficult for me to make true friends that I trust.
Most likely, when this card appears, the final battle that is feared is an internal battle where it is necessary to come to grips with the sources of fear and conflict.
Something the 9 of wands also offers is that something may have been accomplished but it is difficult to accept praise, which is also a difficulty of mine. It is hard for me to accept praise for anything that I do. The problem with being unable to accept praise is that I can't fully accept any gifts I may have until I accept any praise.

Position Six ~ Psychic Gifts
How can you best develop your intuition?
I drew...Queen of Cups
Queen of Cups ~ Druidcraft Tarot

I adore the Queen of Cups in this deck, she is one glorious woman! She if out of her throne and stands in her power as Sacred Prophetess, her heartspace is filled with her sacred women's knowledge of intuition and divination that comes directly from the Moon/Divine. She closes her eyes and surrenders herself to the wisdom of the Moon. She is in touch with the most profound aspects of the Divine Feminine and her an inner strength that is not immediately obvious. She does not depend on the outside world for validation of her purpose in life ~ which is something I need to start doing. This woman has gifts that she is not afraid to stand in and work with. She knows who she is and what her place in the world needs to be.

Position Seven ~ Blessings and Spiritual Directions
What do you have to be thankful for? How can you best express the divinity within?
I drew...The Fferyllt

The Fferyllt ~ Druidcraft Tarot

This card is about fluency between the worlds, the physical and the spiritual, the mundane (work) and the magickal (tarot & Lilywomyn) It is about no longer feeling uncomfortable in the physical world or yearning for an inner world ~ but instead is the ability to allow my awareness t flow between both worlds naturally. This is something I have been gradually coming to in the last year through Lilywomyn and immersing myself in tarot. 
One of the characteristics of this card is the ability to produce beauty,balance, harmony and peace ~ not a small workload! 
The Fferyllt heralds a phase of successful creative endeavor, which is a wonderfully auspicious sign considering the phase of life I am entering into. The inner and outer worlds flow freely and it is incredibly important for me not to compartmentalise my life and aspects of myself so that channels are opened and essences blended.

I have been a lot more moved by this reading then I expected to be ~ it is so wonderful to have such validation and so much positive energy surrounding the reading.

At the end of the day, isn't that really what a good reading should do? Point out aspects that need to be worked on while showing the way to fully express your potential? This is something I believe a good reader and reading will do as opposed to the "You will meet a tall dark stranger" type of reading.

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