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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups ~ Doro Tarot
Cups is the suit of the emotional realm. In the Minor Arcana (or pip) cards, the Cups journey is one of the emotional bonds we create throughout this lifetime as well as the residue and most often inaccessible memories of emotional memories of other lifetimes (this is particularly seen in the 6 of Cups)., Visibly, this is a potent card.

In the Tarot, Aces represent the energy of their suit in their purest form. The Ace of Cups represents the bonding quality of love and our ability to make and sustain positive emotional contact with people, animals and things. But let's be clear ~ this is not the unconditional love that expects nothing in return and loves for loves sake. This is the type of love that anticipates something in return.

 This doesn't necessarily mean you are in love when you receive the Ace of Cups in a reading, although it often can, but can also mean that you are receptive and open to loving emotions and have a caring nature. It can also mean being open to exploring a new personal relationship or creative endeavor as the Ace of Cups is about the beginning of love, fertility and creativity.

Cards such as The Lovers, other good Cups cards (like the 2 of 10) can indicate romantic attachments where as good Wands cards (like the 6 or 8) indicate friendship. A pregnancy could be indicated if the Empress, Princess of Pentacles, Ace of Wands or 3 of Cups also appear and the beginning of a project could be indicated by the Star, High Priestess and Pentacles cards. If there is another Ace in the reading, you will have achieved success through a mastery of emotions. If the Emperor or the Magician make an appearance, a position of authority will give you great satisfaction. The Judgement card near the Ace of Cups in a spread shows that you are making great life decisions and the Temperance card uses the Ace of Cups to stay on a stable and sane path in life ~ accept the message of stability when this appears.

Ace of Cups ~ Guilded Tarot
Should there be a lot of other Cup cards in the spread, the emotional foundation for leadership, growth and spirituality is truly present. Many cards from the suit of Pentacles would indicate that you need to ask yourself if your love of material possessions is getting in the way of living your life to the full and impeding your spiritual and emotional journeys. An abundance of Wands indicates a business idea you have in your chosen field is exactly what is needed and will bring you great fulfillment. Swords appearing alongside the Ace of Cups means you will have the opportunity to use communication to get a deeper understanding of your feelings and spiritual self.

On a spiritual level, the Chalice in the Ace of Cups for me, as a Pagan, represents something akin to the Cauldron of Cerridwyn ~ the source of inspiration and the granter of wishes and dreams. Seeing this card, using this interpretation, is a spiritual step forward, a period where the deepest, most heartfelt desires come o the surface for the particular intention of being expressed and pursued. Should the Hierophant (High Priest in some decks), Sun, Moon or Death cards appear you are going through a major transformation period that will see you as never being the same again ~ you will emerge completely changed. It is these kinds of times that you get a hint of the spiritual power of the universe and your place within it.

If the Ace of Cups comes up in a postilion that pertains to issues that are crossing you, problems, the solution may be that you need to approach the issue from a place of love. That could be love for yourself because you need to stand up for or respect yourself, love for one of the parties in the situation or love for the creative process that may have stalled and needs to be rediscovered. The Ace of Cups in such a position can also question your motivations ~ is love something you pursue to justify a current lousy situation? Are you too picky and looking for a perfect mate when someones imperfections complement yours entirely? Expect to be confronted about an idealized notion you have of a situation if the Ace of Cups comes up in a problematic position in a spread.

Inner attunement and spiritual understanding is prominent in your life right now. The direct knowing that comes from the heart space means that you should trust your Inner Voice and what it is telling you. Seek ways to explore your consciousness and connection with Spirit/the Divine.

Ace of Cups ~ Druidcraft Tarot
Here's something interesting ~ some tarot readers consider aces so powerful that they aren't allowed to mix with any other cards during the reading and serve as a bit of a subtitle for the reading instead. In such a scenario, the Ace of Cups would give lessons about love and emotional maturity to give you a fuller understanding of the reading.

A lot of depictions of the Ace of Cups feature a hand breaking out of a cloud bearing a cup full of water with five streams teaming from it. The hand represents breaking into the consciousness of spiritual energy and influence. Trust your inner feelings or inner voice. The five streams represent the the abundance and power of the spirit and the effect of spiritual energy on our five senses, as well as the knowledge and experiences we gain.

 Aces quite often represent new beginnings in readings, and because Cups are the suit of emotion, an Ace of Cups tells us that everything starts with love. A relationship full of potential is about to bloom, the first stirrings of joy, passion and insight are here. A desire to start a new way of life, the energy for a new project are also present in this card. A fresh start in a new direction, perhaps a new job, new attitude to a situation or condition in your life is on the horizon. Remember though, Aces only show potential, not the final result! It is not a guarantee of happiness but a guarantee that you will have the chance to make happiness if you truly want it. A fresh start, spiritual breakthrough, the beginning of new desires, emotions, new ideas are all encompassed by this powerful card.

Ace of Cups ~ Rider-Waite/Smith
 The Ace of Cups is a blessing because a seed of emotional awareness has been planted and that seed can take any form ~ love is a plant with many flowers ~ generosity, forgiveness, peace, honesty ~ your inner voice will let you know what is called for. Look for ways to connect with others ~ do you want forgiveness or need to give it? Do you need to set aside your anger? Would you like to drop your reserve and let your feelings show? This is the time for it! Water is not just about emotions, it is also about dreams and inspiration ~ now could be the time for creative inspiration or fruitful dreaming.

It can be easy to set aside Minor Arcana in readings, particularly Aces as they can just be “conceptual” or “beginnings” with no specific form at the time of the reading. I think the Aces and the potential, and hope, that they carry with them is quite powerful and should not be denied. Every single card in a tarot deck is there for a reason, and each has a specific purpose. Half the fun of studying tarot is discovering such things ~ it opens up a world of possibilities!

Explore your inner world and see where it leads you in this winter dreamtime!


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  3. Emotion does not exist. You have meaning stored in your memory. Thoughts and environmental stimulus influence how are body reacts - biochemical sensation. You feel bichemistry.

    Very dragged out descriptions with little to no logic. Mainly opinion and personal philosophy. Maybe good for the writer, but not for the reader with self care and respect.


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