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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Getting a tarot reading (or any other kind of reading) is a very personal undertaking. You're seeking guidance, or answers to pertinent questions and when you're handing your hard earned money to someone that you trust to help, you deserve an ethical, accurate and compassionate reading from someone who is genuinely interested in you and your spiritual welfare.

It's a sad fact of life that the psychic reading industry does have a few charlatans lurking around who are more interested in your cash then giving you the best reading they can.

Here are a few tips for finding those snakes in the grass.

What does a good reader do?

1. A good reader will charge a reasonable amount

Beware of someone charging too much or too little. Readers are like everyone else; we all have bills to pay, and like anyone else providing a service, time is precious. In a reading, an energy exchange is taking place and contrary to some beliefs, it is perfectly acceptable to charge for readings.

Someone charging exorbitant amounts is simply out there to make money off vulnerable souls seeking guidance. On the contrary, someone who doesn’t charge enough may not value their gifts and therefore may not give a confident reading.

2. A good reader will give you options to consider

An ethical reader will have a range of readings to suit your purpose and your budget. Sometimes you just want a confirmation reading, a yes/no answer, other times you may be looking for something with more depth and detail. There is no such thing as a “one reading suits all” kind of reading. A good reader will give you options that match your needs and will quote you a fair price ~ and will not add any hidden extra charges or change their quote at the end of the reading for any reason!!

3. A good reader will not keep you hanging

Readers are people, just like anyone else; sometimes we get busy and it may take us a couple of days to get back to a client. But you should never be waiting too long to hear back from a reader ~ it is disrespectful to leave a client “hanging”. If you haven't heard back from a reader you have attempted to contact, don’t be afraid to contact them to let them know that you no longer require their services and do not feel that you are being disloyal. There are too many wonderful readers around for you to waste your time waiting for one who can’t even give you a courtesy “So sorry, I am very busy but will get back to you in a couple of days” email or message.

4. A good reader will be good or correct most of the time

Everyone has an off day once in a while and readers are no exception. Reading takes an incredible amount of energy and there will be times when a reader is so wiped that no amount of money will convince them to read! Having said that, a good reader should be right about 75% of the time. There is no such thing as a 100% success rate, as lovely as that would be!

5. A good reader will genuinely want to help you

A reader, no matter the context of the reading, will give you positive and uplifting messages (and let’s face it, sometimes readings aren’t always about brilliant times ahead!) A good reader will be able to navigate these stormy seas for their clients and guide them on their path to self discovery with confidence. Even some of the most foreboding cards in the tarot have wonderful shadow gifts and a responsible reader will explore these with you.

6. Good readers are objective and honest

A good reader will never impose their will on you. The goal of most readings is to provide options, to help pave the way on your spiritual journey by offering tools without making you feel obligated to follow the advice or constantly come in for follow up readings ~ you should never be told by a reader what you should do, only what options are around you. The reader is skin to a spiritual advisor guiding you to empowerment by showing you how to look for your answers. You are the Master of your Free Will; a good reader understands that nothing is cast in stone and that we ultimately have the power of our destiny within us.

A good reader won’t tell you what you want to hear just to keep you happy. Readings should be approached with an open heart & mind and will walk you through a journey of symbolism that is mutually meaningful and satisfying.

Recently on my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/Full-Moon-Tarot) I asked what the most important attribute of a good reader was, and the overwhelming answer was honesty and integrity.

How to pick a dishonest reader

1. Beware of “Gypsy Scams”

The reading seems cheap (and who doesn’t love a bargain?!?) and it starts off well enough; then the reader's face contorts and their voice lowers, “You have negative energy around you and this has caused all the problems you have in your life” or “You are cursed, such a pity because you are a good person and deserve good things to happen to you” but all is not lost! For a “small” fee of only $200, you can be cleansed, or healed ~ but don’t forget to buy the “special” (and hideously expensive) healing oils or clearing candles just to be sure that pesky curse has been gotten rid of. And just in case, we better “change” your grim future ~ for only yet another “small” fee!

What a load of rubbish! Unfortunately, a lot of people fall for these “gypsy scams” and it gives genuine readers a bad name.

2. 100% Accuracy Guaranteed!”

Again, a load of rubbish.

No reader, no matter how spectacular they are, can possibly be 100% accurate 100% of the time. That's impossible people!! Anyone making this kind of claim is trying to sell you something!!!

Even if someone could offer 100% accuracy, would you want your whole life mapped out for you in one reading? No free will, no surprises?

As discussed, a good reading shows pathways, options and possible consequences. Nothing in life carries a 100% guarantee and that includes tarot readings!

I read an editorial in a magazine once where the editor described the best reading she had ever had as being one that never came true. It was full of ominous cards that seemed to foretell nothing but doom and gloom ~ and it’s because those cards appeared that the editor was able to see the warning ~ her life was heading to a bad place but due to being forewarned in her reading, she was able to make changes in her life necessary to avoid the disaster the cards had shown. What an amazing exercise in self realisation and awareness that must have been!!

3. Reading from a script or set story

Every reading I do for someone is unique, because we all have our different stories and reasons for getting a reading. To me, there is nothing more insulting then handing over your hard earned cash only to hear an often repeated fairytale of a rich, tall dark handsome stranger or some such that has absolutely no relevance to your life.

Some (and I emphasise some, not all) telephone readers have a script they read from and are paid bonuses for keeping you on the phone longer. The mother of a dear friend of mine had a reading done while she was on holiday in a popular tourist spot and was told she would meet her soulmate and marry in the next six months (she was and has been married for over 2 decades) and that her oldest daughter would give her many grandchildren with her husband ~ she has since divorced, remarried and is working with IVF to conceive. Most would consider that a dream reading ~ a soulmate to marry and beautiful grandchildren on the way ~ but that particular script was written for the wrong movie this time.

4. Convince you that you need their help often

A good reading will generally tide you over for about 6 months, with the exception of a major change or some sort of pertinent question you want answered (and we all know the Wheel of Fortune can take some unexpected turns!) If you have a reader insisting that you need a reading once a week, once a month or whatever unreasonable time frame to clear “negative energies” or what not, you have stumbled onto a scam artist who is trying to make money out of your vulnerability. Give them a big wide berth!

There are some amazing readers out there who will give you a wonderful, honest, compassionate and insightful reading full of guidance and advice. Now that you've got a few ideas about what makes a good reader and what makes for a dishonest one, hopefully you can find your way to a reader that will give you the reading that you truly deserve.

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