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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Knights, ducks and cravings for bacon

Something I love is the universe showing us Signs ~ you know, those little happenings that may not mean much to the casual observer but add up to Big Things for you.

There's been a lot of activity going on in the cosmos ~ we had Neptune going retrograde for a while, then coming back direct, which led to a lot of dissolution of boundaries and questioning of beliefs, particularly in regards to long held rituals and ways of seeing ourselves and our place in the order of things. I spoke in my last post about a lot of the re-evaluation I am doing, and in speaking with others, I know a lot of other women are doing the same. And that's cool ~ isn't that what life is all about, constant growth and questioning and reaching?

And now Mercury is going retrograde ~ batton down the hatches! Just be sure to have a  plan B in case of delays in travel (yesterday's issues with the Cabolture line being a prime example!) back up everything on your computer and read all the small print in contracts or agreements you sign. And don't be surprised of your electronics play havoc on you for a little while. A lot of people panic when Mercury retrograde is about but I don't think it's that bad. I went through more emotionally and spiritually with the Neptune retrograde we had this year then I ever have with a Mercury retrograde.

We're also about to enter a season of a few lunar and solar eclipses so there will be a lot going on this summer!

I attend a women's sacred circle at Mt Tamborine once a month, and we were talking about sacred medicine. Everyone has this within them ~ there's a certain type of environment that some people feel at home and spiritually at peace in, like a rainforest or a dessert, or there are animals people particularly connect to. These aren't just places or animals you connect to; they also represent aspects of your Self, and lessons you are here to learn in this lifetime. After a bit of exploration, I found my medicine ~ the Duck.

Oh yeah, the Duck. As in Donald and Daffy. My sister now affectionately calls me "Quakie"

A lot of people love to have strong totems ~ owls, panthers, eagles, wolves. And absolutely they exist for a lot of people and serve wonderful purposes. But there are lot of lesser known animals that are strong in their own right. And I suspect the humble Duck is one of them.

Ducks are more then just the birds you feed at the pond on a summer's day. Ducks are family orientated and quite loyal. They are content on their own or in a group, and one of the lessons of Duck is not to hold grudges, to live in the moment and let go of the past. This is a huge lesson that has reared itself in my life over and over.

The most obvious element to connect with Duck is Water, and indeed, Duck is there to teach us to drink deeply from the waters of life, and to maneuver through these waters with grace. Have you ever seen a clumsy duck?

But there's more ~ I connect Duck with Water, Air and Earth. Duck is Feminine, and Shamanic. When you watch a duck on water, they both skim the surface and dive deep into it ~ which is exactly what I do with my readings. In her Shamanic aspect, Duck flies through the air and migrates, bringing messages from other places and times, another aspect of tarot reading I engage in. And She also treads the Earth, letting it support her and nourish her.

Duck may not be a Warrior, but she is definitely an embodiment of Sacred Woman, and I've kinda fallen in love with having her as my medicine. Also explains why I've always felt sick at the thought of eating duck!

I've spoken before about an international tarot project I'm involved in. I've got to chance to do another part in it, and received my allocated card (this will all make sense in a month or so, I promise) to work on ~ and I got the bloody Knight of Cups reversed. I won't lie ~ I rolled my eyes and groaned at the email when I read it. Court Cards are difficult for me (and in my defence, a lot of other tarot readers and students!) but I determined to take on this challenge, so accepted ~ with something less then pleasure :o)

I was doing some research on our Knight after having a few words with the missus about the lack of annual leave I've taken this year. I've had two days off since last December and I guess I am a little tired and cranky. While I was researching the reversed Knight of Cups, one of the biggest meanings that came from the card was this ~ that you are resentful of the pressure being put on you by the demands of work and need a break. 

Yeah, I know ~ holy tarot card serendipity Batman.   

I booked two long weekends for December the next day.

And yes, I have an intense craving for bacon. It's breakfast time on the weekend and I'm dieting. You know it's bad when you envy the women on the old TV show Prisoner the breakfast that they are having! I'd consider selling my soul for some crispy bacon right now....

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