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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Bright Lights of Litha

Litha is the longest day of the year and is a day of power. This is the time where we pay homage to the Goddesses of Abundance, Fertility, Order, Hearth and Home. This is a beautiful time to work magick for purification and protection for the home, pets, divination and healing.

Litha is a time to rejoice in the strength of the sun, whose light gives us life. It is also the time to recognise that the seeds we have planted have come to life. Harvest time has come; the rewards of your intense work are there for you to enjoy. If things have not worked out as you had planned, there's usually a reason ~ once you planted the seeds, did you water them, nurture them?

Litha is also a time for illumination on our spiritual path, for the inner light to become the outer light. This is the tarot journey we will take this Litha. The Sacred Woman/Man (that's you by the way) in touch with your gifts taking the journey of nurturing your inner light with the Hermit and bringing that light without with the Sun so that you shine in your full glory.

The Hermit ~ Silver Era Tarot

The Hermit is the Virgin ~ complete within him/herself. The Hermit is the form we take through Winter and some of Spring. This is a card of introspection, analysis, peace and solitude. The Hermit announces a phase of your life that sees you focus inward looking for answers within. Your conciousness moves inward and you realise the truth and understanding you are seeking can only be found within. This period of soul searching serves to have you deeply contemplate your motives, personal values and spiritual principles. This contemplation of yourself as sacred woman/man, of your gifts and your path is a solitary quest because, as you well know, the answers do not lie in the external world and it's distractions. The wonderful thing about this time is that you look at your life with a deeper, more spiritual understanding of yourself and your purpose.

The time you have spent with the Hermit has taught you to honour the gifts and wisdom within yourself, let it shine on your soul and create your own path to dance upon. The Lamp carried by the Hermit is a magickal receptical of knowledge and wisdom ~ when we walk the Hermit's path we travel deep inside our souls, where we discover the name of the God/Goddess residing within and bring back the keys to self knowledge and mastery.

Sound like a Winter journey to you?

During the Winter, we travel the Hermit's path and light the flame of our souls with the intent of nurturing it, tending to it, allowing the flame to grow. It will warm your soul and illuminate your path.

Throughout the journey of Winter then moving through into Spring, this flame becomes ever brighter and bigger within you. It illuminates your mind, body and spirit until we reach Litha.

Now, with the Sun at it's zenith, the time has come when this brilliant inner light is too big to carry inside anymore ~ this wonderful light is now ready to be brought from within to without into the world around you, which is the essence of the glorious Sun card.

The Sun ~ Mystic Dreamer Tarot

The Sun card denotes a time when you are in tune and vibrating with your higher self and experiencing the inner bliss of the Goddess' summer kiss. This is a card of such vitality, it reminds us that now is the time for freedom from doubt and fear. The light within you, your sacred gifts, are pouring out, radiating brilliance and allowing you to shine at your best. You are heading in a new direction ~ so often we live life just “going through the motions”, wondering if our work is ever going to pay off. The Sun gives the clear message that yes, your work is brilliant, important, sacred and necessary. Radiate who you are and what you stand for; shine love on those you care about. The beautiful sunflowers in the card implore you to reach further, extend to greater lengths to meet the face of truth, clairty and spiritual illumination. Through Winter we struggled with our shadows ~ by this time of Litha you know yourself, where you're heading ~ the Sun illuminates the path. The message of the Sun and Litha is the value of simplicity. We live in such a “distracted” world ~ there is true freedom and liberation to be had by living simpler life, doing what you love, getting back to the divinity of nature. This is a time for invigorating elightenment. The Sun tims is a time of enthusiasm, attainment, success. You can see an amazing path before you, and you're confident because through the hardship of the winter caving you have attained a new level of understanding and insight. Walk this path with passion and purpose beautiful children of Goddess! Let your beautiful inner light shine and radiate on you and those around you. The light of course, is you and your gifts, and Litha is your time to shine and dance your merry dance. Now is your time to shine!!

Here is a wonderful Litha spread. Litha is the perfect time to open up your intuition and crack open the tarot deck!
Lay your cards out in a circle to mimic the shape of the Sun in a clockwise direction. You will need 7 cards.

Position One ~ The gifts Litha brings to you this day

Position Two ~ Inspiration to draw upon
Position Three ~ The part of you that shines to the world

Position Four ~ Your biggest strength

Position Five ~ Where your inner light comes from

Position Six ~ Trials before you this summer

Position Seven ~ The answer card

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