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Saturday, December 31, 2011

My favs of 2011

Well, it's that time of year when there are a million countdowns (ok, that may have been a slight hyperbole) about the best this and that of 2011, and I thought I woudl add my two cents worth into the mix ~ tarot style lol. I'm certainly not unique, every reader with a blog has done the same, but it's a lot of fun reflecting on the year that's been and the year to come.

Favourite Tarot Website ~ Tarot Professionals An absolute wealth of information presented in so many formats that there is something for everyone! The owners of this organisation, Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin, work so incredibly hard to live up to their tagline of “Restoring the Spiritual Dignity of tarot” that I can’t help but be inspired by them. There are video lessons, all kinds of courses that cater for every skill level from an interested beginner to a degree style course for professionals, a social networking component Tarot Town that is brilliant ~ it is full of groups catering to all kinds of interest groups in Tarot, free lessons and courses, a chat component, promotion of upcoming events, blogs, a marketplace and more ~ and is home to the best tarot magazine I have ever encountered. These people also publish books and have just completed some groundbreaking research for their latest release “Abiding in the Sanctuary” which is about the “secret” tarot deck A.E Waite produced with an artist in 1917-1923. In short ~ they fucking rock. They innovative, academic, practical and eclectic ~ and most of all, they truly value their members.

Favourite deck of 2011 ~ Easily, hands down The Wildwood Tarot. The people who created my beloved Druidcraft Tarot (the deck I primarily read with and completely love) created this incredibly spiritual deck. I can’t speak highly enough of the absolutely amazing Major Arcana cards, they are a work of genius. I have used the Major’s in a couple of spiritual based readings and they are a revelation. Absolutely love love love them.

Favourite Tarot Blog ~ An Aussie, Biddy Tarot is one of my absolute favourites. She is practical, down to Earth and has a genuine love for tarot that comes through in every post. This blog is interactive with readers invited to contribute to reading circles, and full of fabulous tips for readers and students on so many aspects of tarot such as the Court Cards, tips on how to be a brilliant reader, what are the best cards in readings for love/career/etc ~ Biddy is a treasure trove of knowledge and info on the tarot and I look forward to all of her posts.

Favourite Tarot Book ~ Who Are You in the Tarot? By Mary K Greer has been the most influential book for me this year. I adore the integration of tarot, numerology and astrology to give a personality/soul profile. I also love looking at the “card years” you live through each year and the lessons to be learned within them ~ fascinating stuff! I have tried the techniques on a few people and the feedback has been positive ~ the techniques in this book really do add another dimension to a tarot consultation and I know I will be integrating these into my tarot practice.

Looking forward to in 2012 ~ There have been a few decks that have come out recently that the tarot community has raved about but I haven’t personally connected to (which has made me wonder if I am a very bad tarot student lol) but I think the Steampunk Tarot due for release in 2012, is going to be a deck that lives up to the hype surrounding it. The images released from it so far look innovative, engaging and fresh, and there is a sense of difference that really attracts me to it. I have seen it in the cards ~ I will be putting in a pre-order for this deck!!

Tarot gadget I would most like to covert ~ The Tarot Game looks like it could be fabulous fun! A board game of tarot ~ how could you go wrong? Basically, you use a game board and dice to make your way through the cards of a tarot deck and create a reading. Something very fun and unique! You can even have a free trial on their website!

Favourite Tarot Moment of 2012 ~ Getting my Facebook page started. I’ve really loved getting into the Cards of the Day and running competitions and getting to know more tarot enthusiasts out there.

Have a fabulous New Year's Eve and here's to a wonderful 2012!

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