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Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 ~ The Year of the Hierophant

Rider-Waite/Smith ~ Hierophant
In numerology, 2012 is a 5 year. In tarot terms, 5 is the number of the Hierophant in the Major Arcana, making 2012 the Year of the Hierophant. Let's take a look at what that means for you...

What energies can we expect to see around us in the year of the Hierophant?

Learning is a major theme of a Hierophant year. Starting or completing courses of study (both spiritual or mundane) or job training could be in the offing. Alternatively, if you are a teacher this will be a year that sees you shine ~ you will become established in your field and develop your professional skills. This year could see you become recognized as an expert in your field of practise, and could see people coming to you for knowledge and learning. Nice!

This will also be a wonderful period of inner learning, cultivating inner wisdom on a deep level. Be guided by your inner counsel this year.

You may find yourself confronted with the “shoulds” and “oughtas” of the world, and you are going to have to navigate what sits with you, and what doesn't. This will be a good year to explore your spirituality and all aspects of your world, both inner and outer, and find what fits with your value systems. Sometimes what fits with you doesn't fit with the rest of the world, or the people in your circle, or your family ~ but that's cool. It's territory you have to navigate through to get to the place where you can Be. This is the year to examine your values and beliefs, and figure out which ones do and don't apply to you and your life.

The Hierophant year sees you seeking knowledge and wisdom from a teacher/authority in a field of interest, or you may find people coming to you for such teachings. Causes, learning, attaining goals of both the spiritual and physical worlds are a big theme of the Hierophant year.

The Hierophant refers to traditions within society, so you may find yourself taking part in some of the traditions held in society, for example, graduation, marriage, children, religious or cultural ceremonies ~ things of that nature.

The time of the Hierophant is a very spiritual time. Studies and pursuits of a spiritual nature could take on some prominence in your life. The spiritual quest is often compared to the quest for inner marriage ~ the union of the inner world and the outer, the God and the Goddess within, the spiritual and the mundane. Passion and intuition will be what guides you, as will the wisdom of others who have walked the path before you ~ the Hierophant can be seen as the people, books, internet sites, blogs, groups, circles, religious/spiritual systems that have evolved over time through the quests of others.

DruidCraft tarot ~ High Priest
The year of the Hierophant also speaks of a time when your inner wisdom becomes an outer reality. Your inner gifts will become a prominent part of your life; if you're a reader you may start making it a profession, if you're a writer you may start publishing or displaying your work, if you have contemplated teaching or expanding your spiritual path/interests this will be the year to branch out and gain recognition.

But it's not all sweetness and light! This year may be a year filled with a significant amount of stress, as 5's in the Minor Arcana and the Hierophant's connection to Taurus, are all about learning through adversity, being faced with problems to solve. How you respond to this stress is up to you ~ you can stick to rigid routines and stifle your growth, or you could embrace the challenges and their lessons.

So, this year is very much about your inner world becoming part of your outer, part of your known identity. It is about society's structures and traditions. It is about learning and growing, trusting yourself and finding your place in the universe. All with a side serving of stress.

Sound like fun?

Of course it does. Get into it, love it and see what happens.

The author wishes to acknolwedge the amazing book "Who Are You in the Tarot?" by Mary K Greer as a source of information for this post.

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