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Monday, March 12, 2012

Trim, Taut and Tarot-iffic!

I am not in any way a Craft person ~ I have no imagination nor inclination for it, I really am hopeless with the craft side of life. But yesterday, inspiration was mine to be had ~ I had an itch to scratch.

When I first heard about deck trimming in a meeting of a tarot group I used to belong to, I was horrified! How dare we presume to mangle the cards! How dare we take the guillotine or scalpel or scissors to these beautiful creations! Who did we think we were?

Then the readers in the group who trimmed their decks showed me the finished product, and I saw the value immediately. The images on the cards became more vibrant, less washed out by the borders, and seemed to have more clarity to them.

The deck I read with primarily is the luscious Druidcraft Tarot. Anyone who is lucky enough to own this deck knows that it is quite a large size ~ it hurts to shuffle! About a year ago I trimmed the borders of my deck but left the titles on ~ purely because the writing was “so cool”. This helped dramatically with the ease of shuffling, but it still wasn’t completely comfy to shuffle. I would get a little embarrassed sometimes when clients had difficulty shuffling the cards ~ and worse, I would get a little peeved if they dropped a whole section of the deck onto the floor.

And no one likes a cranky tarot reader.

I’ve been thinking about trimming the titles off the deck for the last couple of months and when yesterday proved rainy and cool (instead of the steam baths we’ve been living with in Brisbane lately) I just had an urge to get the guillotine out and trim the cards a second time. The process itself is pretty easy ~ you just need a craft mat, guillotine (mine is a steel and plastic ruler with a small guillotine and razor) a corner cutter and a table at a comfy height, because you’ll be bending over it a lot to make sure you cut the edges straight. All you need to do is line the edge of the card along a line on the mat, set your guillotine and let fly! After you have removed the edges, use your corner cutter on each corner (no one likes a tarot card that has sharp edges) and voila! Mischief managed!

And I have to say, they look and feel fabulous. As a dear friend pointed out to me, the energetic difference between the two “versions” is palpable ~ check out this comparison.

To me, these cards are now in their naked form ~ no borders, no titles, just essence. When I read, I have two main methods that I use ~ I use the positions of the spread to get to the heart of some issues that have appeared, and secondly I take a step back and look at the story that is being woven. I can’t explain it (and why would you want to sometimes?) but different cards in different positions/spreads connect and flow together, and it is different for every single reading I do. It’s just the way it works. With the deck trimmed I can really feel the flow of the energies in the cards a lot more smoothly then before ~ it’s almost like the borders and titles create little stop signs on the path to wisdom!

There are several videos on YouTube on how to trim your deck, here is one of them:

And here’s a great blog post by Donnaleigh Rose with a few videos on deck trimming. 

Here is a link to some images of what different decks look like when they have been trimmed:

I can’t promise that any of my other decks are safe from the guillotine for the moment, not when I get results like this, it's hard to resist temptation!

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