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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Acting the Fool?

Gilded Tarot ~ The Fool

The Fool is the first card of the Major Arcana and according to many Tarot scholars, is representative of us  as we travel on our journey in life, which is why he is numbered as 0.

Ironically, I think there is a lot to the Fool that goes beyond his/her snazzy dress sense, and I thought it fitting to explore this often misunderstood figure of the Tarot on this, April Fool's Day.

I think the Fool is a brilliant card to receive in a reading, almost like a blank rune ~ the Fool serves to remind us that nothing is set in stone and life is full of infinite possibilities if we open our eyes. The staff and the little bag of tricks tells us we have everything we need. All we have to do is pick up and take off in the Fool's example ~ you'll notice in most decks the Fool has his/her face turned up to the sky; this is symbolic of trusting in the Divine and those unseen forces in the Universe that guide us. The Fool is a reminder that on this journey we need to release what I call “adult world” fears and expectations (But what if this/that/the other happens, looking down the road and seeing 10 different consequences to the one action and becoming frozen in inaction, that sort of thing) and trust our instincts and intuition. The Fool is often represented as being naïve, but I don't see this ~ the Fool just chooses to have an open mind and heart, and to follow his/her destiny with an openness of spirit that is sometimes difficult for us hard modern world types to fathom. Seriously, when was the last time you spontaneously picked up and went away for a weekend, just to spend time in nature and see where your mind took you? Or even took a risk, just to taste the experience? For some of us, it's been a while...and for some people I know, they are finally starting to follow their heart or soul calling rather then analyze every decision they make and are having some of the most amazing experiences they never thought they would have.

Mystic Dreamer Tarot ~ The Fool
The Fool is the most free of any of the figures in the tarot ~ s/he is completely unbound by anything except the limits of their imagination. Remember though that the key word here is carefree, not careless ~ the small dog/animal companion that always appears in a Fool card serves as a reminder to watch your step to make sure you don't fall off the cliff!

The Fool is youth, energy, revitalization, that second chance we never thought we would have on our set path. I saw a wonderful slogan about the Fool, “May innocence beget wisdom”. So true, I mean, think about it ~ if you were to plan every single thing in your life, all your journeys, all the steps within those journeys ~ how boring would life be? I'm not saying everything should be scattered to the wind, I'm just saying there's room for an open mind along the way, a chance to enjoy the world and all it has to offer.

The Fool is also about renewal and new beginnings ~ if this card pops up in your life, get excited! I've had some people get offended when the Fool shows up in a reading because they believe the modern connotations of the word Fool ~ foolishness, foolhardy, to be played like a fool ~ but nothing could be further from the truth. In medieval times, the Jester of the Royal Court, who some Tarot scholars believe the Fool is based on, had in a way a privileged position. The Jester was the only person in the entire land who could put shit on the King, or anyone, and get away with it, even be applauded for it! The Jester's insights were often shrewd and witty but taken in the jovial manner in which they were delivered. The jester was more then a Joker, he was a satirist who while often used for cheap amusement, actually saw a lot more connections in the web of life then he was ever given credit for; while he was perceived as a Fool, he was anything but. The same applies to the Fool card ~ instantly the negative connotations come to mind but we must always look deeper (as you do with any Major Arcana card) When you do, you see a rich depth of brilliance, renewal and optimism beneath the seemingly devil may care attitude.

For me the Fool also embodies potential, seemingly limitless and ever flowing. Each day is an adventure and each moment is to be lived to the fullest in the Fool's creed.

Sometimes I think the Fool appears to us when we need to take a new journey or search for a new perspective; it's so terribly easy to become bogged down in a rut, in a routine, that we forget that other options exist and that we're a lot more free to explore then we give ourselves permission for. The Fool is spirit expressed and experienced as wonder, awe, curiosity and delicious anticipation. I often see the Fool as a powerful card because it is all about possibilities that start in nothing and reach to infinity. No challenge remains unanswered, no journey untraveled. When the Fool appears in a reading it is a reminder to follow our paths with our hearts. Sometimes we just get too caught up in our headspace, which serves us well sometimes and other times, not so well. The Fool's time is a time to follow your intuition and in the wise words of Roxette, listen to your heart.

Tarot of Dreams ~ The Fool
One of the wonderful messages of the Fool is that we are reminded that there are new opportunities available in every stage of life, that at any moment we can connect with you true self. Sometimes these opportunities take us to unexpected places ~ keep an open mind and always remember the decision is ultimately yours thanks to this fabulous Free Will we all have.

The Fool is all about the winds of change; suspend what you think you know and go forth, experience something new or different, or rediscover something beautiful you let go because it didn't quite “fit” into your modern world. Be innovative, be shocking, flexible, innovative, try something new but above all ~ Be Yourself. Even if it's just for one day...do beware though, it can addictive!

Act the Fool today and see what worlds open up to you!
Gummy Bear Tarot ~ The Fool


  1. I have always wondered how people read tarot card decks. It's all Greek to me. So I just wonder in amazement at pepole who can do it. ;)

  2. Your wonderful skill of reading the tarot shines. I will keep your blog on bookmarks for regular visits.

    I like to incorporate, taro with psychic readings! A good combination.

    1. What a lovely thing to say, thank you so much :o)