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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Samhain's Fruits of Wisdom

It is Samhain Eve here in the Southern hemisphere and as it is the time when the veils between the world's is thinnest, I thought it appropriate to do a spread for myself and see what the coming season brings with it's descent into the Underworld as Mumma Earth begins her slumber. 

The spread I have used is the "Fruits of Wisdom" spread from the amazing book "Tarot for All Seasons" by Christine Jett. If you practice within an Earth based spirituality and have a love of tarot this is definitely a book you should have on your shelf. 

I used the Tarot of the Vampyres deck (Ian Daniels) which I am finding incredibly potent ~ a raw, honest deck that is sensuous and jaw dropping in it's beauty. I am using this deck for my drive by sessions on my Facebook page and it is brilliant, a gloriously dark diversion from my usual deck of choice, the Druidcraft Tarot. 

And here we go...

  1. A time of reflection. Fears and blocks. What is holding you back from creating the life you want? What blocks your desires?
Card drawn ~ 7 of Grails
This card is about taking hold of dreams, exploring fantasy, imagination and the unconscious. This card encourages you to reach for your dreams and let go of control and rationality. The 7 of Grails urges diversion from the safe path, the exploration of new experiences, stimulation of the senses. This card actively encourages you to push beyond your boundaries and setting out on new adventures. This makes complete sense ~ I have been thinking a lot about taking my tarot reading to a professional level and my fear of pushing past my comfort zone has created a frozen flight pattern. All of what is described in this card ~ pushing past boundaries, reaching for dreams and taking hold of them ~ are issues I am struggling with. I am terrified of failure and am paralysed by the fear of not being as good as other readers that i admire so deeply. This is obviously holding me back and it is no surprise that this card has come up in this position. Perhaps I need to learn to trust that it is ok to go with the flow and allow myself to be taken on the tarot journey that is waiting for me. 

2. Card 2 ~ Acceptance. Who or what do you need to accept? What can not be changed?

Card drawn ~ The Lovers
The merging of opposites is the underlining theme of The Lovers. Two opposing forces need to be reconciled, a path needs to be committed to. the Lovers can also be concerned with inner completeness, reconciling with our spiritual source, overcoming our fear and loving ourselves. In this position that would reinforce the message of the 7 of Grails. I have to look at all the opposing factors in my life, primarily the mundane and the spiritual. I need to accept that a path needs to be chosen, I have to decided where I am taking myself, where I am taking tarot.. Time to open myself to a deeper spiritual understanding during the Winter Dreamtime. 

3. Card 3 ~ Release & let go. What is no longer useful? What habits, relatinships and thought patterns are worn out?
Card Drawn ~ 6 of Grails

This is one of the most positive cards in the deck ~ it's about pleasure, harmony that comes with immersing in the flow of life, seeing good in others. Innocence is also a theme of the 6 of Grails ~ the innocence of purity of being, natural creativity of the heart, freedom from ulterior motives. this is also a card of childhood memories, times passed. Another card that talks about taking a risk, seeking a renewel of faith ~ faith in oneself, in me, I would think. This card in this position is urging me to rid myself of old childhood patterns of low self esteem and lack of belief in myself in order to move into the next phase of my life ~ considering that there were 3 out of 6 cards that were Major Arcana in the spread, a new journey is coming. 

4. Card 4 ~ Keep, nurture, protect. What talent, skills and abilities do you need to keep and nurture?
Card Drawn ~ The Emperor

The skills of the Emperor come in handy when you are feeling lost or overwhelmed (both of which directly apply to me) to bring yourself to a place of harmony. The Emperor is forthright, looking at situations with logic and reason rather then emotion. He takes a firm stand, sets boundaries and takes control. The Emperor is the fighting spirit I need to nurture, the acceptance of limits I need to master. It’s time to draw on my fabulous energy and overflow with confidence. The Emperor is encouraging me to take control, weigh the facts with a clear, focused mind then take action. This is about making intelligent plans, so perhaps I need to put some logic and boundaries into the equation ~ stop wallowing in hopelessness and useless emotions that do nothing but paralyse me and use that fiery Triple Leo (oh yes, my wife ended up with a Triple Leo ~ isn’t she lucky??) nature of mine to start making solid plans and going forth and living my life and truth a lot more purposefully. I’ve lost my way a little and just need to get my groove back.

Card 5 ~ Crone’s wisdom. What is your intuition telling you? What can you learn from the situation?
Card drawn ~ Temperance

Temperance is about combining opposites and creating something new ~ this process dissolves old thoughts and beliefs. There is a beautiful gateway symbolising the connection of the spiritual and Earthly realms. The Crone’s lesson here is that before we can transform our negative ego-driven behaviour and thoughts must die ~ also a message of the winter dreaming, also the season of the Crone.

Card 6 ~ Cauldron of Rebirth awaiting the new. What future are you building as a result of reflecting, accepting, releasing and nurturing?

Card drawn ~ 9 of Sceptors
This card represents strength gained through uniting conscious and unconscious energies. This card shows the woman being fluid and ethereal, connected to the Moon ~ I have been missing my connection with Her lately so this is definitely something I need to work with. This card is an omen to proceed with care and be flexible. Use the skills learned from the past to strengthen resolve and anything can be achieved. My full potential is unfolding (nice!) from a source of inner strength. I need to continually press onwards no matter the obstacles ~ so no giving in to negative bs. The 9 of Sceptors also refers to a connection of masculine and feminine, which flows on perfectly from both the Lovers and the Temperance cards messages of creation through duality. The Divine Masculine flame of the 9 of Sceptors impregnates the Divine Feminine, pushing deep into the realm of intuition to be reunited with ir’s original source ~ the process of assimulating Will with the unconscious, creative power grounded in the deep mysteries of the Moon.

I think the message is pretty clear ~ I’ve got to release the fear of imperfection and failure that is holding me back, and accept myself and my abilities for what they are. I also need to take emotion out of the question when it comes to looking forward and making plans for the future and make plans based on the facts.

I also have a few issues with internal balance that I need to sort out, along with getting rid of long outdated modes of thinking and ways of looking at this situation. To get creative and achieve my potential, I have to get down and dirty with the duality that lives within.  

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