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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dark and light tarot dance ~ Spring equinox

I love the arrival of Spring; the changes in the air that come with the rising power of the sun and the re-awakening of life bring incredible vitality.

I think often when we think about the changing of the seasons, we seem to believe that we need to start shaking things up in our behaviors and make dramatic shifts. The most dramatic of these comes at the Winter/Spring interchange ~ we spend winter in the dreamscape, in deep contemplation about the future lessons and directions we're taking with our life while we're allowing outdated structures to fall away from our lives. Then Spring comes along and we're expected to speed out of the winter cave and start dancing around a May Pole!

I've been thinking about this over the past few weeks while spring has been creeping in with a few days of solid protest from the dying winter. It's been a deep winter capped off with some big boundary lessons from the Blue Moon and I've been exhausted and withdrawn, even had a potent dream that I actually still remember (I have no talent for the dreamscape and have never been a prolific dreamer ~ but if that is something you're into, please do check out my dear friend Dream Walker) My Spring time is coming more slowly this year, and while that may have something to do with Black Moon Lilith moving from Taurus to Gemini recently, I'm welcoming the gradual process this year.

This year I seem to be more aware of the interplay of the Light and the Dark, and just how important both are in life. Both play necessary roles in the play that is Life (I can't decide if it's a comedy or a drama just yet haha) Rather then being mutually exclusive all the time, I'm starting to think that there are times in life when the two are like ribbons dancing in the wind, intertwining and playing together in some kind of bittersweet harmony. They feed each other when they need to, then go their seperate ways and play their respective parts. Winter – Spring is their time to dance (anyone who didn't have Kevin bacon's impassioned speech from Footloose in their heads at that line needs to rent the original movie immediately if not sooner)

It is also got me thinking that while I've always looked around and found or created a spread for myself for the new season, I've never done one that is about the transition from one season to another, particularly seasons as different as winter and spring. And I also thought, why not take it further and have a different deck represent each season? How fabulous would it be to combine two different decks in one reading? I firmly believe each and every deck has it's own special brand of wisdom to impart ~ why not use the wisdom of two decks that encapsulate the essence of winter and spring when asking about the transition of such? I know, freaking awesome!

So that's exactly what I've done. I've made a simple 6 card spread addressing the transition from winter to spring, using a darker deck, the Tarot of the Vampyre for winter and the gorgeous Joie de Vivre Tarot for Spring. Let's see what's in store...

9 of Grails ~ Vampyre Tarot
The seed that was planted ~ 9 of Grails
This is a sensual (code: hot!) card about finding natural happiness and blessings. This is a card about inner satisfaction, emotional fulfillment and finding our place ~ which is the journey I have started on, so that can definitely be interpreted as a seed being planted. This winter has seen me travel to a dark space to realise that this is what I need to be doing. Time to pay attention to the natural world (with which I have felt I am losing touch) as a quest for higher spiritual ideals is happening. Sometimes it's a good thing to question yourself and your ideals to give you more of a sense of your innate funky self rather then just going through the motions. The 9 of Grails also denotes gifts and success, which I can totally handle.

8 of Swords ~ Joie de Vivre tarot

The flower that will grow ~ 8 of Swords
In this position and context, I would see this card as denoting I will break through the mental blocks and agony I've been putting myself through. This is a card traditionally of self imposed restriction, but I also see vulnerability, release and freedom ~ but this only happens when inner power is discovered (or recovered) and acted upon. The mind has to be free of limiting ideas and beliefs ~ there's no room for new discovery or adventure in your life otherwise. So, looks like there'll be some growth and discovery happening as a result of getting my inner power groove on and spreading my wings / expanding my mind.

9 of Sceptors ~ Vampyre Tarot

The wisdom given in the abyss/winter cave ~ 9 of Sceptors
This 9 signifies tremendous inner strength, unshakable resolve and energy. It is about constant motion, and I can feel these things starting to emerge, this makes sense to me. The 9 of sceptors comes up when there has been a self realisation that gets rid of feelings of dread or weakness and replaces them with strength ~ this totally makes sense. This card talks about stability through transformation ~ an intriguing concept that makes sense with the steps forward I'm taking with my life now.

Queen of Swords ~ Joie de Vivre Tarot

How you incorporate this wisdom in your life ~ Queen of Swords
I love this Queen, and have a look at this majestic lady ~ she's facing you head on from the card, standing strong and tall; all indication of a strong, self assured woman. Nice! The Swords Queen is independent, tenacious and confident, but also quite guided by what I call “intellectual intuition” ~ she has a wonderful intuition but doesn't just follow it on a whim ~ her spirituality and work have to make sense to her, intellectually speaking ~ the heart and mind need to be work in unison. She uses the power of her mind to strengthen her heart and spirit, and achieves her objectives. Her experiences give her wisdom; I like the idea of blossoming into this woman!

8 of Grails ~ Vampyre Tarot

Structures falling away ~ 8 of Grails
The 8 of Grails is a situation that is confining, makes you feel bound ~ interestingly, it corresponds directly to the 8 of Swords I've got up there, and this card in this position reinforces that message of freedom from confinement. When the 8 of Grails makes an appearance, an intense journey of reflection has been happening (yeah huh). Previous binding attitudes and beliefs that no longer serve are falling away, endings are inevitable. Old needs to be wiped away to be replaced with the new.

4 of Coins ~ Joie de Vivre Tarot

What is going to be built in it's place? 4 of Coins
For me, this has always been a card of security, success and prosperity but with a little bit of stubborn thrown in. I think it's still a good omen here in this position. It suggests to me that good things are coming, but I do need to beware of missing out on anything on this new journey for fear I might lose what I already have. I guess the “better the devil you know” saying makes a bit of sense here. Making good choices will ensure a nice flow of energy that will attract prosperity and balance. It seems to be about letting go and not hanging on to crap for fear of having nothing and making good decisions.


  1. Wow! I was searching for the Tarot of Vampyres (because it's on the way to me in the mail) and I found your photo. It pulled me in immediately because I have been using Joie de Vivre nonstop for two weeks now. It reads so naturally for me.

    I found it crazy somebody else decided to use them side by side, even if it was a random choice. I just LOVE seeing photos of the cards in use.

    Love love love! ♡♡

    1. Both are wonderful decks and you know, they really got along very nicely, they complemented each other so well in the reading. I'm really looking forward to doing that again with them. The Vampyre Tarot is phenomenal, the book is one of the best companion books I've ever read ~ it will blow your mind with it's dark sensuality, beauty and accuracy. I find them both to be decks that respond very much to your intuition. I hope you have a brilliant time with them Monica!