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Saturday, December 7, 2013

30 Day Tarot Challenge ~ final day! Yay!

So here we are, at the end of a 30 Day challenge that took just a little longer then 30 Days...mwahahahaDon't judge me ~ these reality tv shows won't watch themselves you know! Let's get into it my loves...

26. Have you ever regretted a particular reading, either for yourself or another?I have regretted elements of some of my earlier readings. When I was first starting to read for people other then my teddy bears, I was incredibly anxious that I shouldn't give bad news and I shouldn't have people leave their time with me with anything other then a great feeling and positive outlook. Sometimes I would see something I knew the person I was reading for didn't want to hear, and would ignore it in the hope that it would go away. I began to realise I was shortchanging both the querant and myself and started to read everything I saw. I felt much better as a result and I think that has allowed me to grow and develop. I'm proud that I have the confidence to tell what I'm seeing and can work with the reading to give an empowering message to whomever I'm reading for. 

27. Do you have a special time and/or place that you use your Tarot? If so, do you reserve the deck specifically for that purpose?Shit no, I don't hold my decks on a pedestal. I take care of my decks, and I love and respect them as valued friends. I have a tarot reading table that I use and store my working decks on, but I'm not one of those readers that can only harness my intuition at certain times or needs certain conditions/set ups. You won't see me losing my mind if a customer comes a little early and I haven't set up my 50 crystals and candles on my table yet (I've seen it happen and it isn't pretty) One of my favorite places to read at is a pub in Southbank and a cafe down the road from me. My decks and I work together wherever we're needed. We're tight. 

28. Does anyone you know not agree with your Tarot practices?In terms of other tarot readers and students, I'm sure there are, and that's fine. If this wasn't the case I would be incredibly surprised. I think tarot and other divinatory arts are as individual and unique as we are so there will be people who think I am too crass, too honest, too "common", too something something something, and I can live with that. In terms of people in my life that don't agree, I know there are, and I keep that part of myself separate from them. The end of the world isn't any closer for my reading tarot against the preferences of people I know. 

29. Do you have a Tarot mentor? Who are they (in relation to you) and how do they inspire you?I don't have an active, in person mentor at the moment, but I do consider a lot of the people in the Tarot world whose blogs and Facebook pages I follow and whose books I love to be mentors of a sort. I am inspired by the people in the Tarot world who are unashamedly themselves and who actively look to be challenged by Tarot not to master it. Those whose curiosity leads them and those who follow into some amazing territory. 

30. Do you practice any other forms of divination? If so, what is it, and do you use them alongside the Tarot as to gain more information and insight or as something separate entirely?I have been looking at expanding my readings to include more modalities. I love studying alternative forms of divination because it is a world that fascinates me. I've started studying Lenormand, which is a form of French cartomancy that is incredibly direct, but I'm not mastering it as fast as I would like (I'm a Triple Leo with a Sagittarius rising...perfectionism is kinda my thing!) I have also started working with Witches Runes, and I find they are really good at complementing Tarot readings by answering questions that may not have been as well covered by the querant as they would have liked. These too are quite direct and I just love them. I have also started using Crone Stones, which are simply stunning. I am finding that they are particularly effective for spiritual readings. Witches Runes and Crone Stones are definitely a part of my "toolbox" now. I am hoping to add the Lenormand in time. 
BONUS: If you could create one card to add to your deck, what would it be called and what would the card’s meaning be?In a hint of what's to come in the next year for me, I would add the Barefoot Gypsy, a magickal soul who is a nomad of spirit treading lightly on the Earth. Someone who hears the call of her nature and isn't afraid to answer.Her life is on her terms, for better or for worse. 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

30 Day Tarot Challenge Days 21-25

Yeah, I know, I said I would get this done months ago....what can I say, I'm a hopeless procrastinator!

Thankfully I have a fabulous personality that allows my flaws to be groaned over, not begrudged :) I hope....

So let's get through the last few days of this. I've been going over some plans for this blog and it's re-invigoration and I'm hoping it will be as awesome as I am imagining. 

21. How do you feel when you do readings?
I don't go into a reading thinking I am the be all and end all, that I'm going to change the life of the person in front of me ~ not at all. I'll confess to something ~ before reading for someone, even my awesome friends, I get nervous while I'm laying the cards down and getting ready to have a look at what the cards have to say to me. And before I read at expos (which I do love) I always want to vomit the morning of. I even joke that that is how I know I am ready to go haha. 
Once the reading gets going and I get my first hit, it's like a drug ~ I'm hooked and I have to keep going. 

22. Do you charge money (or other ways of compensation) for your readings/services?
I do. I never used to; I never thought that what I did with the cards was worth charging money or exchanging anything for, and that was a mistake. I don't charge a gazillion dollars and I am still not always comfortable charging a lot, but I consider it a step in my growth that I recognise what I do is worth something. I love getting a bit of cash or a reiki treatment or exchange reading in return for a tarot reading. As egotistical as it sounds, it makes me feel validated. 

23. What question do you most often ask the deck (or, ask on behalf of another)?
Easy ~ I always ask "What do I need to know right now?"

24. How accurate do you believe your readings are (or, do they accurately convey messages from spirits/deity)?
I like to think I've got good accuracy. No one is ever going to be 100% (and anyone who claims to be is plain simply bullshitting you) but I think I'm pretty alright. 

25. What was the most dramatic/meaningful reading you ever did? (Not necessarily the most accurate.)
At the first festival I ever read for, I did a reading for a woman who was struggling to move on after the death of her son. That was really hard, and every now and then when I see the Knight of Pentacles I find myself wondering how she's going, and hoping that she moved through some of the issues she was going through at the time. 

I'll finish this challenge tomorrow (I promise!) then start getting on with the awesomeness I'm planning for this blog

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Spring Cleaning (read: finally finishing the 30 Day Tarot Challenge)

It's the first day of Spring here in Australia and the sun has really come out to say howdy ho. 

Every year I start getting itchy around Spring, I want to do a big inventory of everything I own ~ Tarot decks, dvds, clothes, books, music ~ and do a big clean out of anything I haven't used or no longer need. 

It's also a chance for me to dust off the cobwebs and start getting active again. Re-vising my workout regime and my diet, look at how much I'm reading and how active I am on Facebook and my blog and get moving on the aims I set for myself earlier in the year. One of those aims was to complete the 30 Day Tarot Challenge. I'm exactly halfway through it and just really want to finish it; it's thought provoking and makes me reflect on my own practice, which is important for tarot readers of any level of experience. 

So I'm setting myself the challenge of getting the remaining 15 questions done in three days. Like a boss. 

16. Do you ever use the Major Arcana without the Minor Arcana or vice versa?

When I do spiritual readings for myself I use the Major Arcana of the Wildwood Tarot on it's own, it's a wonderfully potent deck that has provided a lot of meaningful insights. 

I've never used the Minor Arcana on it's own though...an interesting thought though. Because the Minors are about the people, places and things in your life, it would make sense to use a Minor Arcana only approach to "here and now" type of spreads, solutions to immediate problems, that kind of thing. 

17. Do you do readings using reversals? Why/why not?

I am absolutely fine with reversals, I think they give more dimension to a card and sometimes reveal some really interesting symbols you might not have noticed in the upright image. If a reversed card comes up in a reading I'm happy to leave it there and read it the way it is supposed to be read. I don't put reversed cards into the deck on purpose while I'm shuffling though. I know some readers who do and that's fine, it's just not how I roll. 

Whatever cards need to come up will come up. 

18. Do you feel a connection to your cards?

Absolutely! The connection you feel with your chosen deck is something only you can experience. It's pretty fabulous, and it's like having a dependable, funny and smart friend who doesn't let you down. They do talk back though haha. 

I have a lot of decks, and my connection with each varies depending on how we interact together. But they're all special to me and each have a claim on my divining soul :)

19. Do you feel/think the cards “think” or have their own consciousness? What do you believe makes the cards “tick?” (Is it magic/outside influences or all in the mind?)

Shit yeah! They certainly have a consciousness they want to work with you and if you are genuine, they will be good to you (even when they're telling you something you don't want to hear!) My mother used to refer to my cards as "the death cards" and was always hounding me for a reading to find out when she was getting married again after her divorce from my father, and I tell you, they did not like her and had great pleasure in telling her she needed to learn to be independent and on her own. Which she ignored. 

The cards know when you're mocking them and they make life a little tough for you. However, when you approach them with an open mind, you will find they are generous, funny, smart and have a serious love affair with irony sometimes haha. I love interacting with them, and for me, each deck has it's own unique personality. For example, my WildWood Tarot deck is incredibly serious and devout whereas my Joie de Vivre deck is vivacious, loud and fun. 

20. Do you read for yourself and/or for others? Why or why not?

Are you kidding me, of course I read for myself, and for other people! And why? Because I fucking love it!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

30 Day Tarot Challenge - Days 13-15

Wow, time is slipping away so quickly this year ~ I need to keep going with this a lot more regularly, as well as many other things! I have a lot to do and wasting time won't achieve anything except a list of regrets.

13. Is there a card that continuously stumps you when it is drawn? Why do you believe this to be so?
Oh yes. Yes there. There isn't a tarot reader or student alive that doesn't have an answer to this one ~ and any who claim so is lying!!!
My "omfg not again" card is Temperance. Whenever it comes up in a reading, I get stumped. Mental blank followed by a temporary panic. I have found that the best way to cope is go back to basics with Temperance then explore the surrounding cards. Interestingly, Temperance is my shadow card! That's probably why I have the most trouble with it ~ because it's the shadow essence in my life. 
Bohemian Cats Tarot

14. For what purposes do you usually use the Tarot (self-reflection, guidance, advice, recreation, communing with spirits/dead, communication with deity, other)?
I primarily use Tarot to read for others and occasionally myself (though I am surrounded with brilliant friends who have wonderful talents and consider it a luxury and a privilege to be read for by them) but occasionally use Tarot to commune with the Divine ~ that's what all divination is in the end really, isn't it?
15. How much emphasis do you put on the text-book meanings for cards, and how much stress do you place on the “feeling” you get from cards through their artwork/symbolism/etc. (aka reading intuitively)? Do you do both, or one or the other?
The textbook meanings certainly have their place, especially when you are first learning to work with the cards. I still find them valuable. One of the things I love about receiving a new deck is reading the LWB (Little White Book) or handbook that comes with it ~ seeing the perspectives of the deck's creator on the cards always helps me to understand how that particular deck works. 
However, your intuition with the cards build the more you use them. Over time, even if you have a collection of decks, you will more then likely find yourself having a primary deck that you use for reading. The more you read, the better your relationship with those cards become ~ it's like a relationship, the more you give, the more you receive  Over time, you and the cards work together like a beautiful duo, and you begin to intuitively understand them in a way that isn't explained in the handbook. Often you will have meanings come up for certain cards that don't seem orthodox ~ but will somehow be the right meaning for that reading. Always go with that gut instinct.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

30 Day Tarot Challenge ~ Days 10-12

Wow, it's been a while...haven't I been tragically absent?? Oh well, the good news is I've forgiven myself so I'm sure you will too :oP

What card best represents you/your personality (or, is most often pulled to represent you in a spread)?
At the moment, I'm coming up in readings and see myself as the glorious Queen of Swords. I freaking adore her. She is a tough broad with a sharp tongue, quick wit and ever turning mind. She's intelligent, analytical, speaks her truth and understands spirituality as something that is unique to her rather then a set of dogma that is followed by a mass. Check out this Queen from the Druidcraft Tarot ~ she has a sword in front of her (most decks represent her this way) that acts like a protective keeping people away ~ this is something I do as well. I'll talk to a lot of people at work (I have to damnit) but in terms of making friendships, these are few and far between for me and that is how I like it. But, once you get past that sword, you'll find the Queen is not aloof, cool or pretentious (as she can be thought to be) but is actually warm, funny, smart and generous. 

What spread to you use most often/prefer and why?
I use the Celtic Cross spread as the base for my readings. I know, boring and traditional, but it's such a good spread that gives an amazing overview of the issue being explored. I love the depth you can go to with this spread. 

Have you ever created your own spread? If so, how effective is it? (Feel free to show the spread.)

I've added cards to the Celtic Cross spread that I use. They don't have specific positions, they honestly just get read where they get read ~ sometimes they're the past, sometimes they're the future or the present ~ I honestly just see them connecting to whatever cards they are going to connect to. Quite often each row will be read together ~ I have two rows of 4 cards on each side of the spread. I've found that they add a lot to readings and I kinda love just waiting to see where those cards are meant to go :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

30 Day Tarot Challenge ~ Days 7-9

Here are some juicy questions for the challenge :)

7. What is your favorite card (both in terms of artwork and divination meaning)

I don't have one, but two ~ I know, I'm gluttonous! 

I love the High Priestess and the Moon cards. I love the depth to both of them ~ I love the inner wisdom and knowing that comes with the High Priestess, but I also like the journey she represents ~ that first step into the unconscious world. It's like taking the red pill in the matrix ~ once you step in, there's no going back. That pull to feel your connection to the divine is almost addictive and you can lose yourself in it. I also love the madness of the Moon, when you're so open to receiving whatever the universe wants to channel through you that you almost feel like you're going to drown, but you never do. The artwork for both has to be wonderful for me to consider buying a new deck ~ I won't buy a deck, no matter how glorious otherwise, if I don't love the High Priestess and Moon cards. 
High Priestess ~ Druidcraft Tarot

The Moon ~ Legacy of the Divine Tarot

Sidenote to my wife ~ see honey, there is a limit to my tarot spending!

Temperance ~ Gilded Tarot

8. Which card do you dread pulling the most?

Oh my gravy, Temperance is one of the hardest cards of the deck for me! Interestingly, as I've mentioned before, it's my Shadow card, so really it should be no surprise. But every time Temperance comes up I cringe a little on the inside! I've just never sat well with it, and that's a shame because it is quite a revered card. It's just a card I constantly draw a bit of a blank on ~ I have to look at the surrounding cards first before I can get to the heart of the reason Temperance has shown up. 

9. What card do you pull the most often? Why do you think that is the case? 
That really depends on a lot of things ~ I've had times when I've been doing a drive by on my Facebook page and the 10 of Cups has come up over and over again. Recently, while reading at the Health, Harmony and Soul Expo, I had the High Priestess and/or Strength come up in nearly every reading I did. I think a lot depends on the group of people you're reading for, the energies going on at the time. I honestly believe that sometimes as well, the reader gets readings when they are reading for others ~ the cards that come up are always meant for the person getting the reading, but sometimes there's a message in a particular card for the reader there as well. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

30 Day Tarot Challenge ~ Days 4-6

Oh my lordy I've been slack ~ time to get back to it!

Day 4 ~ How long have you been reading the Tarot?

Since I was 17, so that would make it almost 16 years. Holy crap that's nearly half my life!

Day 5 ~  When and where did you give your first reading?

In a friend's bedroom when I was 17. I thought I was unraveling the mysteries of the universe. She just wanted to know if she would pass history. 

Day 6 ~ What was the first spread you learned?
The Celtic Cross, and I still use it today ~ I've just added a few Tara touches to it :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

30 Day Tarot Challenge ~ Day 3

Do you have more than one deck that you use, and, if so, do you have a favorite? Why do you like the deck you have chosen?
Much to my wife's chagrin, I have many decks and love pretty much every single one of them for one reason or another. In terms of using decks for readings, there are four decks that I use ~ the Druidcraft Tarot, the Vampyre Tarot, the Wildwood Tarot and the Joie de Vivre Tarot

To read with for others though, I use my beloved Druidcraft deck. I was at a Tarot meeting where we did readings for each other and one of the ladies read for me using the Druidcraft tarot and I instantly fell in love with the Queen of Wands. What a woman! I really flow quite well with this deck; being a Pagan I see a lot of my spiritual beliefs reflected in this deck, and the imagery & symbolism is simply breathtaking. Every reader has a deck that feels like an extension of them; the deck talks to them like a friend and you are always discovering new and wonderful things in each card ~ this is the Druidcraft deck for me. I made it my own by trimming the borders and later the titles ~ there is not much that will bring you closer to your deck then an experience like that! 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

30 Day Tarot Challenge ~ Day 2

Day 2 ~ What was your first deck and how/why did you get it?

I went with tradition for my first deck ~ the Rider-Waite/Smith deck. I'm sure anyone who has had any dealings with the tarot will be familiar with this deck. A lot of tarot decks out there are referred to as "Rider-Waite clones" because they follow such a similar system in their symbolism and meanings. It was originally published in 1909 and has been a favorite with readers ever since. There are many variations as well ~ there's the Traditional, Universal and Radiant Rider-Waite/Smith decks to name a few. My first deck was a traditional deck until I started reading with the Radiant which has much more vibrant co louring. 

I got this deck as a birthday present from the two friends I started exploring tarot with when I was 17 and treasured it ~ until one day I just couldn't stand to read with it anymore. That probably had a lot to do with the falling out I had with those friends.  

I did not keep the deck but instead gave it to a charity that does a lot of second hand book drives in the hope someone who needed it would come across it. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

30 Day Tarot Challenge ~ Day 1

I've seen this challenge making the round of various Tarot blogs of late and decided it might be a good idea. Basically, it's a question a day for 30 days on Tarot and why I'm so into it. Feel free to put your own answers into the comments section :)

Day 1 ~ What introduced you to / got you involved in Tarot?
When I was in my last year of high school we had an American student come on in to our school. He, another of my friends and I became quite close and turns out, he read Tarot cards. We would get together most weekends to hang out and often he would get his deck of cards out and read for the two of us. I was absolutely fascinated with them and set out on a quest to learn all I could. 16 years on I'm still learning haha

When did you guys first get exposed to Tarot?

A Reading on Reading

Sometimes it's necessary to think about how you do what you do. It's good to have a look at what your strengths and weaknesses are ~ or as the business world puts it, strengths and opportunities lol. 

I saw this spread going around on Facebook (and I am so sorry but I can not remember the source ~ I'm bad sometimes!) and thought it might be worth a try ~ it's about looking at what you as a reader do well, what you need a bit of work on and what internal and external resources are available to you. It's a nice spread. You just need to put your five cards in a straight line after you've shuffled and bombs away! I used my beloved Druidcraft Tarot for this reading. 

Card 1 ~ What you do well ~ 4 of Swords
I encourage people to go within and find their own power and inspiration, as I feel that is what readers should do ~ not tell people what to do but encourage and empower them. I help people after they have been or are going through a difficult time, give them space to retreat and reconnect, and give a hint every now and then on some spiritual sign posts on the way. I also bring a bit of calm and healing every now and then. 

Card 2 ~ What I don't do so well ~ Queen of Swords
I get defensive if I feel I'm being scrutinized or objectified by who I am reading for, build walls which inhibit flow and don't always trust the messages I cam receiving. I can be a bit of a hardarse and sometimes can be a bit too honest. 

Card 3 ~ External resources to improve ~ 3 of Pentacles
I need to learn to be comfortable putting my work out there, particularly where others in my field to look at. I also need to look at putting myself out there in effective ways, be open to support and encouragement and build on my skillz. I also need to devote more time to my craft. 

Card 4 ~ Internal approaches for improving ~ 2 of Cups
I need to be comfortable creating union and balance in all aspects of my life rather then keeping everything in little boxes. Time to fulfil some purpose rather then dribble about it. 

Card 5 ~ Overall advice ~ 5 of Swords
I'm either in or I'm out. Nothing can be halfarsed, no more dreams unfulfilled or promises made that won't be kept by myself to myself. Time to stop wasting time and talent, stop being jealous of others in my field and just get down and funky with my self and get on with it.