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Monday, January 28, 2013

A Reading on Reading

Sometimes it's necessary to think about how you do what you do. It's good to have a look at what your strengths and weaknesses are ~ or as the business world puts it, strengths and opportunities lol. 

I saw this spread going around on Facebook (and I am so sorry but I can not remember the source ~ I'm bad sometimes!) and thought it might be worth a try ~ it's about looking at what you as a reader do well, what you need a bit of work on and what internal and external resources are available to you. It's a nice spread. You just need to put your five cards in a straight line after you've shuffled and bombs away! I used my beloved Druidcraft Tarot for this reading. 

Card 1 ~ What you do well ~ 4 of Swords
I encourage people to go within and find their own power and inspiration, as I feel that is what readers should do ~ not tell people what to do but encourage and empower them. I help people after they have been or are going through a difficult time, give them space to retreat and reconnect, and give a hint every now and then on some spiritual sign posts on the way. I also bring a bit of calm and healing every now and then. 

Card 2 ~ What I don't do so well ~ Queen of Swords
I get defensive if I feel I'm being scrutinized or objectified by who I am reading for, build walls which inhibit flow and don't always trust the messages I cam receiving. I can be a bit of a hardarse and sometimes can be a bit too honest. 

Card 3 ~ External resources to improve ~ 3 of Pentacles
I need to learn to be comfortable putting my work out there, particularly where others in my field to look at. I also need to look at putting myself out there in effective ways, be open to support and encouragement and build on my skillz. I also need to devote more time to my craft. 

Card 4 ~ Internal approaches for improving ~ 2 of Cups
I need to be comfortable creating union and balance in all aspects of my life rather then keeping everything in little boxes. Time to fulfil some purpose rather then dribble about it. 

Card 5 ~ Overall advice ~ 5 of Swords
I'm either in or I'm out. Nothing can be halfarsed, no more dreams unfulfilled or promises made that won't be kept by myself to myself. Time to stop wasting time and talent, stop being jealous of others in my field and just get down and funky with my self and get on with it. 

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  1. Love your interpretations. Clear and concise. Straight to the point.