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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

30 Day Tarot Challenge ~ Days 7-9

Here are some juicy questions for the challenge :)

7. What is your favorite card (both in terms of artwork and divination meaning)

I don't have one, but two ~ I know, I'm gluttonous! 

I love the High Priestess and the Moon cards. I love the depth to both of them ~ I love the inner wisdom and knowing that comes with the High Priestess, but I also like the journey she represents ~ that first step into the unconscious world. It's like taking the red pill in the matrix ~ once you step in, there's no going back. That pull to feel your connection to the divine is almost addictive and you can lose yourself in it. I also love the madness of the Moon, when you're so open to receiving whatever the universe wants to channel through you that you almost feel like you're going to drown, but you never do. The artwork for both has to be wonderful for me to consider buying a new deck ~ I won't buy a deck, no matter how glorious otherwise, if I don't love the High Priestess and Moon cards. 
High Priestess ~ Druidcraft Tarot

The Moon ~ Legacy of the Divine Tarot

Sidenote to my wife ~ see honey, there is a limit to my tarot spending!

Temperance ~ Gilded Tarot

8. Which card do you dread pulling the most?

Oh my gravy, Temperance is one of the hardest cards of the deck for me! Interestingly, as I've mentioned before, it's my Shadow card, so really it should be no surprise. But every time Temperance comes up I cringe a little on the inside! I've just never sat well with it, and that's a shame because it is quite a revered card. It's just a card I constantly draw a bit of a blank on ~ I have to look at the surrounding cards first before I can get to the heart of the reason Temperance has shown up. 

9. What card do you pull the most often? Why do you think that is the case? 
That really depends on a lot of things ~ I've had times when I've been doing a drive by on my Facebook page and the 10 of Cups has come up over and over again. Recently, while reading at the Health, Harmony and Soul Expo, I had the High Priestess and/or Strength come up in nearly every reading I did. I think a lot depends on the group of people you're reading for, the energies going on at the time. I honestly believe that sometimes as well, the reader gets readings when they are reading for others ~ the cards that come up are always meant for the person getting the reading, but sometimes there's a message in a particular card for the reader there as well. 

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