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Saturday, November 9, 2013

30 Day Tarot Challenge Days 21-25

Yeah, I know, I said I would get this done months ago....what can I say, I'm a hopeless procrastinator!

Thankfully I have a fabulous personality that allows my flaws to be groaned over, not begrudged :) I hope....

So let's get through the last few days of this. I've been going over some plans for this blog and it's re-invigoration and I'm hoping it will be as awesome as I am imagining. 

21. How do you feel when you do readings?
I don't go into a reading thinking I am the be all and end all, that I'm going to change the life of the person in front of me ~ not at all. I'll confess to something ~ before reading for someone, even my awesome friends, I get nervous while I'm laying the cards down and getting ready to have a look at what the cards have to say to me. And before I read at expos (which I do love) I always want to vomit the morning of. I even joke that that is how I know I am ready to go haha. 
Once the reading gets going and I get my first hit, it's like a drug ~ I'm hooked and I have to keep going. 

22. Do you charge money (or other ways of compensation) for your readings/services?
I do. I never used to; I never thought that what I did with the cards was worth charging money or exchanging anything for, and that was a mistake. I don't charge a gazillion dollars and I am still not always comfortable charging a lot, but I consider it a step in my growth that I recognise what I do is worth something. I love getting a bit of cash or a reiki treatment or exchange reading in return for a tarot reading. As egotistical as it sounds, it makes me feel validated. 

23. What question do you most often ask the deck (or, ask on behalf of another)?
Easy ~ I always ask "What do I need to know right now?"

24. How accurate do you believe your readings are (or, do they accurately convey messages from spirits/deity)?
I like to think I've got good accuracy. No one is ever going to be 100% (and anyone who claims to be is plain simply bullshitting you) but I think I'm pretty alright. 

25. What was the most dramatic/meaningful reading you ever did? (Not necessarily the most accurate.)
At the first festival I ever read for, I did a reading for a woman who was struggling to move on after the death of her son. That was really hard, and every now and then when I see the Knight of Pentacles I find myself wondering how she's going, and hoping that she moved through some of the issues she was going through at the time. 

I'll finish this challenge tomorrow (I promise!) then start getting on with the awesomeness I'm planning for this blog

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