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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 ~ Year of the Chariot

Chariot ~ Deck Unknown

Another new year, another bout of introspection ~ how did I spend 2013? What can I change in 2014? As I’ve grown older (not quite sure if I’ve grown wiser though) I’ve decided new years resolutions are bullshit, but I’m not adverse to having a look at how the year could be shaping up using my beloved Tarot. Something I like to do is have a general look at the year ahead by looking at the energy for the year. This year it’s time for the Chariot, as 2014 breaks down to 7. Take that mathemagicians!

2013 was the year of the Lovers, a year in which you would have examined a lot of aspects in your life and the relationships you have with people, places and things (put succinctly) A lot of decisions would have been made regarding several important parts of your life; your relationship to Self, your significant other, family, friends, your relationship to your work and your relationship to your health and your body would have been among the more important “stuff” that came up for you in 2013. And now, with 2014 being the Year of the Chariot, you will find yourself much more able to move forwards with some of the decisions you made.
The Chariot year is the year to focus on your goals, harness your energy and make significant progress forward with your life. No more standing still and waiting for “fate” to make things happen for you ~ you are the driver in this here Chariot and you decide where to go.

Chariot Morgan Greer Tarot
The Chariot is number 7 in the Major Arcana, and this is the number of magic and initiation. This year is the year to take your abilities to the next level! No more plateaus, no more acceptance of “this is where I am and that's cool”, it's time to step it up. Of course, it won’t always be smooth sailing ~ I always see initiation as a difficult but incredibly enlightening and rewarding time. When you’re undertaking an initiation, taking yourself and your abilities to the next level of anything, it is challenging. You have to challenge your perceptions of yourself and what you can and can’t do ~ stretch your limits and go to places you didn’t think you could. You could be pleasantly surprised! When we embark on true initiation and change, our lives are altered and challenged, and different aspects of our lives come into focus and often contend with one another. One of the foundations of Chariot energy is the ability to harness conflicting or contesting areas of life and bring them together to create a cohesive direction.

In a Chariot year, true mastery of Self starts with working on self-control and self-discipline, so expect issues around same to crop up for you and test you. You’ll find that giving your instincts and emotions free reign isn’t doing you any favours in the long run, merely just temporary satisfaction(and let's be honest, sometimes a good vent feels pretty spectacular) It can lead to you eventually having some kind of breakdown or accident ~ which is not so good.

If you give yourself a goal/s and have a definite direction in which to move, you will find your Chariot year has a lot of meaning. I feel the need to say here that while direction and focus are valuable and necessary in a Chariot year, do be prepared to be adaptable while following your path. Chariot is ruled by Cancer, a water sign, and is often depicted in decks as having moons on his shoulders. Water is an element that flows with the rhythms of life but maintains a steady direction (water that stays still goes stagnant, and it’s both impractical to your growth and really gross) and the Moon is an entity that is always in our sky, but ever changing.
The Chariot year is also about creating and asserting your identity in the world. Branch out, be your funky self with no shame and let the world know you are fantastic. You can’t expect to be noticed if you’re blending into the background. Do beware of riding the Ego Train to the last station of Arrogant Arsehole though.

Chariot - Mystic Dreamer Tarot
As you start moving into the fabulosity that is you, you may find that some fundamental things about your appearance change ~ you may start wearing clothes that more reflect your ambitions or the direction in which your life is headed (for example, you may start wearing expensive suits to the office to show you’re keen to move up the management chain, or you may start wearing a lot more tye dye to reflect your new hippie lifestyle) While these kinds of changes reflect who you are they can also be a suit of armour to hide behind ~ be wary of the latter. Don't allow the outer to protect the inner to the point where you're cold and aloof to those around you, or you become a caricature of what you're working hard to achieve.

Quite often, travel and moving is heralded by the Chariot, so be on the lookout for more travel opportunities and the possibility of moving. Travel doesn’t always mean huge overseas trips either, you may be taking more weekends away or doing more domestic interstate travelling. Travel is a really good way to broaden your horizons and experience new things so don’t be afraid to embrace these kinds of opportunities.
A Chariot year is challenging and moving and pretty transformational. It will see you moving both literally and figuratively, and you should start seeing more of your awesome self come to realisation. Decide who you are and where you're going and be sure to enjoy yourself ~ it's going to be quite a ride!


  1. Thanks Tara. Loved this article. Chariot energy feels perfect to me at the moment and your article spoke to exactly where I am at. So thank you and have an awesome year. Blessings Kelli

    1. It is going to be a brilliant year. Much love to you sistahhhhhhh

  2. Fabulous Tara, this really spoke to me and was quite synchronistic to my own thoughts :) blessings beautiful xo Natasha

  3. Right kind of tarot analysis of the year...so clear n motivating thank you.