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Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 - The Year of the Lion

Whenever a new year ticks over, I use it as an opportunity to take a peek at the energies that are coming up. 

The card for 2015 is Strength, the 8th card in the Major Arcana (2+0+1+5=8) For some, 8 represents Justice and Strength is card 11. The way I was taught and still use the Majors, I have Strength at 8 and Justice at 11. It's just the way I roll. 

I love it when Strength appears in a reading, it's such a powerful card. It's a fiery energy ruled by Leo, so you know it's about confidence, self awareness and figuring out how to be damn fabulous on the inside and outside. 

I always see the Strength card as one that denotes a coming into of Self, someone who is learning to stand in their own power and assert it without aggressiveness. Strength isn't a brutal energy; interestingly, it's actually quite innocent and compassionate. It's an energy that demands you learn to love yourself, have compassion for yourself and integrate with your shadow. Look at all that you are - your brilliant side, your dark side, your animal side - this is the year to acknowledge it and make them an active part of you. 

A Strength year is a year of shedding your skin to become who you really are. It's a transformative year that allows you to explore what inspires passion, creativity, excitement, lust for life and while we're at it, just plain old lust. Why not? 

There will be a lot of re-assessing who and what you're about. There will be no "shoulds" in a Strength year. None of this "I should be more this, less that, should do this, should wear that, should eat this, should be that" - that shit isn't going to fly this year. 

A Strength year is also a year that will see you learn to direct your inner strength and wildness and foster your own personal power. Again, this isn't an agressive show of power, it's more about confidence and assurity in yourself and being able to stand in that with conviction. It's a year where you will figure out how to live with passion while still being able to be at peace - passion doesn't always have to be chaotic. 

The Strength year is one in which there will be more power in the gentle touch then with rage and furious action. 

Have a fabulous Strength year in 2015 Full Mooners. 

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