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Saturday, February 28, 2015

So you want to date a Court Card...

I'm not normally a fan of Valentine's Day, but it got me thinking this year - what would dating in the Tarot world look like? Then of course, my one track mind went to the question of What would making sweet sweet love look like in the Tarot world? 

I know, burning questions that haunt us all. Fear not, Full Mooners, I have pondered this, and maybe fantasised a little, and come up with a theory on how to take any of the Kings or Queens from the Tarot Court on a date and a little more...

Grab a glass of wine, some choccies and be prepared to get comfy with the Courts...

The King of Cups
This is the man of romantic gestures. He likes to send lots of "Just want you to know I'm thinking of you" texts, maybe even write a poem or two. He's a sweet, dreamy romantic guy, and can be a bit of a brooder too. The King of Cups can be emotionally intense, so if you rebuff him, he can get sooky but if you're into each other, he will pamper you for hours on end, simply because he wants to see you enjoy yourself. On your date, expect star gazing, soul searching talks, lots of 'soulmate connections' made early on. If ever there was a court card who would propose Dharma and Greg style, it would be the King of Cups. 
This King views sex as a spiritual connection, so expect lots of foreplay and a slow glorious session of love making in a conventional setting like a warm fluffy bed, followed by lots of loving, clean pillow talk afterwards. 
Literary equivalents: Mr Bingley (Pride and Prejudice), Noah (The Notebook), Sir Lancelot, Dawson Keary (Dawson's Creek) Aidan Shaw (Sex and the City) Lloyd Dobler (Say Anything), Romeo Montague

The King of Pentacles 
This is the King who will take you to a lovely, cosy, expensive restaurant, buy you exotic flowers from a rare flower shop and gift you a small box of luxurious chocolates. You will be spoiled. This is a man who works hard, earns lots of money and loves material things - and needs to see these things valued and appreciated. So please do fawn over all he's doing for you if you want a second date. 
In the bedroom, the King of Pentacles is conventional but will take command. He'll rent a cabin in the woods, set a fire, make love on the bearskin rug then wake you up with a champagne breakfast. He doesn't mind taking a few risks and doing a few out there things but they have to be sensual and not completely "out there"  - feathers, food, but nothing too outrageous. 
Literary equivalents: Mr Darcy (Pride and Prejudice), Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby), George Tucker (Hart of Dixie), Mr Big (Sex and the City), Edward Lewis (Pretty Woman), Logan Echolls (Veronica Mars) 

The King of Wands 
This man is a showboat - he loves making grand gestures, but only in public and only for the attention he gets. The King of Wands is a risk taker, an adventurer who loves surprising his date, so expect a dawn wake up call telling you to get dressed because you're about to go bungee jumping or sky diving. 
In the bedroom, this King needs razzle dazzle and big sparks - he needs excitement and even a bit of a challenge. Play hard to get, then blow his mind with your wild imagination (think toys, karma sutra and role play) and you will have a brilliant time. 
Literary equivalents: Han Solo (Star Wars), Rhett Butler (Gone with the Wind), Don Draper (Mad Men), Tristian Ludlow (Legends of the Fall), Pacey Witter (Dawson's Creek), Wade Kinsella (Hart of Dixie) 

The King of Swords 
Oh this guy. It's all about 2 things for the King of Swords - conquest and domination. He is intelligent, cunning and quite masculine. You won't get any mushy romantic gestures with this guy, but you will get a man of stunning intellect & humour who will expand your world through new cultural experiences, stimulating debate and some high class wowery. 
In bed it will be all about him - this is the guy with mirrors on the ceiling. The King of Swords will be the dominant partner, and he won't be alone. He will have a range of toys and equipment, his own little Red Room, all to enhance the experience for both of you. You'll get yours but he will also get his. 
Literary equivalents: Dorian Gray, Don Juan, Dickie Greenleaf (The Talented Mr Ripley), Christian Grey, Eric Northman (True Blood) 

The Queen of Cups 
This woman is the epitome of femininity - beautiful, emotional, receptive, gentile. She's easy going when she she's happy - so as long as you're making a fuss of her and provide a fantasy date for her where she's the Queen, she will be content and a second date will be yours. This Queen prizes beauty and emotional fulfilment from her partner, but she also loves the intuitive, dreamy side of life, so getting a reading or going to a new age event or retreat as one of your date activitys would be something she'd be into. 
Sex wise, this Queen needs to be the focus of your undivided attention, and her pleasure your only objective. She needs to feel beautiful and important. She loves gentle foreplay, silk sheets and tenderness. A sappy movie or poem will help. 
Literary equivalents: Jane Bennett (Pride and Prejudice), Adrian Pennino (Rocky), Amelie (Amelie), Clementine Kruczynski (Eternal Sunhine of the Spotless Mind) 

The Queen of Pentacles 
This Queen is a real Earth Mumma, and a woman who loves her surroundings, and that manifests in 1 of 2 ways - she's either a full blown hippie living in a yurt off the grid or she's a lady of the house who has made the most of what she has by creating a loving and beautiful home. Either environment is one she has created out of love and one in which you instantly feel grounded and content. Rather then go out, she would prefer to cook you a scrumptious meal surrounded by candles and incense. This Queen uses food and comfort to show her love. 
On the intimate side of things, the Queen of Pentacles is sensual, open but likes to take her time and doesn't share with just anyone. Because she's so earthy, an outdoor picnic leading to shenanigans is a big possibility. Most likely to get her going will be a nice, slow massage with fragrant oils - it takes her a while to warm up but once she gets going it's a sleepless night ahead. 
Literary examples: Marmee March (Little Women), Dorethea Brook (Middlemarch), Mary Poppins

The Queen of Wands 
This is a lady full of charm and fire - others follow her because she's so damn charismatic and awesome to be around. She's a headstrong woman who knows what she likes - but you'll be so smitten with this Queen you'll want what she wants, her enthusiasm is infectious. This Queen loves celebrations so make your first date something to treasure - go somewhere and do an activity that will mean something. Make a fuss, go out somewhere fancy and lovely, hire a limo, drink champers. Be spectacular and interesting and a little quirky to keep her attention. 
The Queen of Wands has a very healthy libido and a lot of energy, so don't slack off. She isn't shy about what she wants and loves spice and variety so don't be surprised if a costume or some kinky toys make an appearance. She is very adventurous and not easily shocked - you won't be bored with a Queen of Wands in your bed, 
Literary equivalents: Lizzie Bennett (Pride and Prejudice), Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables), Princess Leia (Star Wars), Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones), Beatrice (Mich Ado About Nothing) 

The Queen of Swords 
This woman is intelligent, cultured and refined, and has a brilliant bullshit detector - you will have to be genuinely interesting and on the same level as her to keep her interest. You will win her through her mind first - she's not into cheesy romance. Take her to a play, an art or museum exhibit, or a philosophy lecture, than have a brilliant conversation about it while having a nice meal out. 
In the bedroom, this lady is the Boss and don't you forget it! She's the leather and chains kind of lady, she loves taking a walk on the wild side. Dirty talk gets her in the mood and she is anything but conventional in bed. Follow her lead...she'll probably give you one. 
Literary equivalents: Elphaba (Wicked), Lisbeth Salander (Girl with the Dragon Tattooo), Karen Blixen (Out of Africa), Ollivia Pope (Scandal) 

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