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Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 - Year of the Hermit

In numerology, 2016 is a 9 year, and in the Tarot, that means 2016 is the year of the Hermit. 

The sterotypical image of a Hermit is someone binging on Netflix and pizza surrounded by 36 cats. Not so with the Tarot's Hermit. It's not a card of loneliness, it's a card of wholeness, of the maturity to be alone and comfortable in that space, to find fullfilment with yourSelf rather the depend on external validation. And after the energy we've just had with the Strength year, Netflix and chill doesn't sound like a bad idea. 

A Hermit year is a year of introspection, recharging, withdrawing from much of the world for a purpose but extending invitations to those close in your circle to stay with you, a year of reflection and completing of cycles, finding the freedom to draw outside the lines, getting close to nature and getting jiggy with the shaman within. 

Study and learning is also a big part of a Hermit year, and most likely the study will be either on your own or with a single teacher/mentor/guide, be it in person, through books or online. Watch and learn from examples not talk; someone walking the walk is much more authentic and important then a glitzy talker. 

You'll find this year that cycles will require completing - 9 is the last of the root numbers so any projects or cycles you've had going for the last couple of years need to be wrapped up in this Hermit year to avoid having unnecessary baggage follow you into your Hanged Man year. It's time this year to reconnect with long term goals.

Over the course of this Hermit year you may find yourself craving solitude, or feeling isolated. It might prove to be a pain in the arse to get together with friends and family, everyone's going to be busy, or moving, or working, or something that prevents get togethers. But you'll also find that you quite enjoy your "me" time. Alternatively this may be the year that sees your exploring your world on your own, being quite content to just get on a bus or train and become a tourist in your own city, or taking holidays on your own and hanging out with your awesome self. Go to a movie on your own and laugh out loud at everything you find funny - it's oddly liberating. 

Hermit is ruled by Virgo, so this year will see you working hard to prepare for the future - just don't forget that prudence can become over-cautiousness, persistence can become obstinacy and wisdom can become sanctimoniousness. 

There will be quite a lot of introspection over this Hermit year, reflecting on where you've been, the lessons you've learned, where you're going. The Hermit's lamp has been interpreted by Tarot peeps over the years as either the light of your own soul/heart or the light from the Star in the 17th Major Arcana card, the Star, and whichever it is, you're using it to light your way - what's illuminating your path? You are moving towards the light, to what your soul needs. You're lighting your own path and choosing a future direction based on past learnings. You're choosing what you will and will not allow in and work with. Embrace the energy of the Hermit in 2016 by lighting your lamp and walking your path - look into the dark corners and alleyways and see what's waiting to be illummated. 

Do the work. Be brilliant. 

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