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Saturday, January 7, 2017

2017 - Wheel of Fortune Year

We've emerged from the cocoon of the Hermit year, and now it's time to come out and get involved with the cycles of life again in a Wheel of Fortune year. 

Did you see what happened when we all did our Hermit dance? Some nasty little surprises came at the end of the year to shock us into conscious thinking and bring us back to life...

So here we are, on the precipice of a new year full of all the optimism and  promise this time typically brings. 2017 is a Wheel of Fortune year. Some are saying it's a Magician year because 10 breaks down further to 1, and that's cool for them. I'm more of a full majors kinda gal so here we are. 

What kind of energy does a Wheel of Fortune year have? Pretty groovy on the whole. Lots of opportunities for expansion (it is ruled by Jupiter after all) and new horizons being presented to you. 

I think globally 2017 could be a tipping point for a lot of future growth and movement ~ the seeds of new direction will be sowed, principally because we have seen what complacence can lead to (Donald Trump election anyone???) Contrary forces are being set in motion ~ the rise and popularity of harmful leaders and their ideologies is leading to the protest movement, and conscious awakening, against it. Think also of the Standing Rock situation ~ good old fashioned colonial capitalism taken down by the power of spiritually aware people (I know that's simplifying the situation, but you know what I mean) Be involved, be awake, move, just remember not to bring baggage and burdens with you. 

Movement and growth are also big themes in a Wheel of Fortune year. It's likely there'll be changes of job, residence, relationship status in a 10 Tarot card year ~ being Wheel of Fortune energy, even if the changes are shitty at first, the end result will take you to something better. 

New opportunities and options will also become available to you ~ woo hoo! Started some projects in the last couple of years that never really got moving? The Wheel will turn this year to get some major traction on these with some pretty groovy results, and it's also a great time to start new stuff too. There's also some recognition for your awesomeness coming this year too, and it will probably be more public then private so be comfy with that. You may find yourself flying high and wide this year. Soar you magnificent creature! 

2017 will also be a fabbo year for educational pursuits to expend your mind and broaden your horizons. Get learning! 

You may find a lot of things, physically, mentally, emotionally and karmic-ally, will be coming back into your life this year as a result of processes that started long ago. 

A Wheel of Fortune year is generally a fortunate one with growth and opportunity arising from both the shit and the sugar that life has to offer. Opportunities, new horizons, they keep life interesting. It's the soul's nature to want to evolve from time to time, so follow that. New directions are possible with this expansion and the new knowledge you'll be gaining from all your wide and varied experiences this year. If you pay attention of course ~ gather experiences from all areas of life and mold them into future prospects. This is the kind of stuff that keeps life interesting. Change and new perspectives are hallmarks of a Wheel of Fortune year. 

No ruts this year please ~ avoid that shit, it just keeps you stuck and you're better then that. Avoid getting bogged down, especially if you feel the walls closing in on you. The world doesn't stop turning and you shouldn't either. This year is a great chance to do things differently then you normally would, break free of old patterns because new ones can be so brilliant, especially in a Wheel of Fortune year. 

A Wheel of Fortune year is not a year to be critical or inflexible. Stretch those life experience muscles! Be open to taking more risks, trying new things, actually taking the opportunities that come your way, being flexible, abundance...all that good shit. 

Happy New Year Full Mooners. 

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