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About Me

Tarot and Me

I discovered Tarot as a bright eyed 17 year old who had always loved crystals and new age "stuff" During my last year at high school I became great friends with someone who was a reader and was instantly fascinated. My first deck was the Rider-Waite/Smith deck and I read for anyone and everyone who would have me! 

20 years on, I am still fascinated. I love the Tarot and honestly feel that it has the power to have a beautiful influence in life. 

I believe...
That fate is not fixed. We have this wonderful tool called Free Will, and if you don't like something you see in the cards, the power is in your hands to change the direction you're heading in to avoid that. One of the best readings I ever had was one that didn't come true ~ it was full of all sorts of things, deep depression, and some not great stuff ~ and because I decided I didn't want to end up where the cards were indicating I would if I kept on that path, I made changes, and ended up in a better place. You can do that too. Easily. We're the architects of our lives. 

That Tarot shows us what is around, behind and in front of us, but never tells us what to do or who to be. I think of the deck as 78 friends giving me advice. Some of those friends are lovely and caring, others are a little more harsh! Tarot is like Hecate's torch ~ they show the way but you have to walk the path. You have to do the work, the Tarot won't do it for you. 

I will...
Treat you with respect, regardless of age, sexuality, gender, race, religion. A Tarot reading is a sacred space, and in that space you and the question/issue you have entrusted me with will be treated with respect.

Give you a reading with honesty and integrity, and a wee touch of tough love if necessary. You should leave a reading feeling better or more clear then when you started. 

Come to the Tarot space ready to read like a boss. I'm there for you, not to have a coffee and gossip. 

I will not...
Predict lotto, find lost things or solve mysteries. That stuff just ain't my bag baby. 

Spam you. Once I have your email or even your phone number, you won't be getting annoyed by me or urged to book further appointments ~ I truly believe that if you want a reading from me, you'll come and get one, I don't have to annoy you into submission! 

Read for anyone under the age of 18 without a parent present or without written consent. 

Read for anyone that I consider is becoming addicted to Tarot. I don't encourage psychic addiction and if I see it, I will put you on a Tarot Diet! If you are needing repeated readings on the same subject without giving the situation time to work or doing anything to change/help the situation, I won't read for you. 

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