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Buy a Reading from Moi

Buy A Reading from Moi

Tarot is a fabulous tool for clarification, confirmation, self development & self awareness, and just plain taking a peek at what is around and ahead for you. 

Got a question? Want to take a deep look into the awesomeness of you? Curious about what's in store?

Book a Tarot reading with me and let's see where the cards fall... 

I am based on the north side of Brisbane, QLD, and while I don't have a home office or permanent retail space, I happily read at various cafes around town (hot chocolate and Tarot are a pretty brilliant combination I can tell you) 

Readings are booked at least one week in advance by emailing me at tarafullmoontarot@gmail.com

I have a full time muggle job so in-person readings are done on weekends:
Saturday - 10am-6pm
Sunday - 11am - 6pm

How to have a great experience from an in-person reading:
  • Have a question or situation in mind ~ general readings will most often only deliver general answers 
  • Bring a notebook or recording device (Smartphones are great for this) I once read that we are capable of taking in 5-7 new pieces of information in new situations, and in Tarot readings you can certainly get a lot more then that coming at you, so recording your reading is a great way of making sure you don't miss anything and can always go back for clarification at a later date.
  • Be open and ready. That may bring on a "Duh" moment, but seriously ~ be open to whatever the Tarot has to say, especially if it is not what you want to hear. We may not mean to but sometimes we've already got an answer in our heads that we want validated rather then being open to whatever wisdom the Tarot may have to offer. 
I wholeheartedly encourage interactivity in my readings, so please ask questions when we're sitting together with the cards as I don't do follow up questions after the reading has been done. This is because I just can not physically retain all the details and all the readings I do, and most likely will not remember the reading, only the fabulous vibes we had. 

Rates and Length
Readings go for approximately an hour, and are $70 AUD


One Question: $30 AUD
Two Questions: $50 AUD

Email readings are a brilliant way to have your questions answered without having to leave the house! I actually really love doing email readings, and please note: cat hair divination is complimentary 

All you have to do is email your specific question/s to tarafullmoontarot@gmail.com
From there, I will find a spread that suits your particular question/s and send you a PDF of your reading with pics and text. Email readings are delivered to your inbox within 7 days of payment. 

Easy huh?!?!?!? 

Crone Stones
I have absolutely fallen in love with these beautiful creatures. They are gorgeous Goddess archetype stones that are less about fortune telling and more about spiritual journeys and lessons. 

I offer 3 stone Crone Stone readings for $15 AUD

Mixed Bag Reading
A mixed bag reading is one Tarot question and a Crone Stone reading and costs $40 AUD

What a brilliant and wonderful mix :) and they're my fav to do 


Prepayment is required for all email readings, and can be done via PayPal or Direct Deposit ~ we'll sort that out when you email me your request for a reading :) 

For in-person readings, pre-payment is required for all new clients. On the day payment is acceptable for regular clients. 

If for any reason you are unable to make our appointment, you must contact me at least 24 hours prior so that we can re-schedule. If you don't show up, not only will I be cranky, I won't read for you, EVER. My time, like yours, is valuable, and I think it is the height of rudeness to cancel on anyone with no reason given. And I don't read for rude people!

Please note: I do NOT offer refunds or "do-overs"

Tarot and Crone Stone readings are for entertainment purposes only. Any advice gleaned from readings does not replace the advice of any professional such as doctors, lawyers, counselors, financial adviser, etc. Tarot is not a substitute for professional advice, and I can not guarantee the outcomes of any readings. I can only guarantee that I will do my absolute best with the skills and tools at my disposal.